Ribbon factory order production process

Order production medium – merchandiser
The existence of an enterprise, the survival and development of an enterprise, are based on the ordorderser line, as the follow-up of the oproduction什么意思rder, the woprocessing编程语言rk of the merchandiser/production management staff across eribbon怎么读very link of anfactory怎么读 enterprise operation system. Receiving orders – placing orders for production – following orders – packing and warehousing – shipping and so on.
With the diversification of commodity market, small batch quantity aprocession是什么意思nd the aorderingcceleration of pace, the qfactoryreset翻译中文uality of the work of the mercproductionshandiser directly affproductionsects the company’s service qualitprocessy and corporate image.orders Merchanorder的用法总结diser work isorder a very “comprehensive” and “marginal” discipline: external to have the quality of salesman, internal to have the ability of production management.
As a window of receiving orders, tracking orders and shipping of an enterprisorderede, it is hard toorderby索引 imagine that the merchandiser does not understand the operation of the factory’s prodprocessionuction links. From theorders production arrangemprocession是什么意思ent of the orderorders, the executor is the production department, and the merfactory怎么读chandiser is responsible for the customer and the delivery rate pursued is almost “in the hands of” the production department. Therefore, communication,procession是什么意思 following and other skills are particularly difficult, which is the cribbons怎么读hallenge of the work of the merchandiser.
Order delivery produorderingction process
The orders will be arranged by the merchandiserorders是什么意思中文 acproduction可数吗cording to the lengthribbon和feign区别 of the delivery period and sentfactoryreset翻译中文 to the weaving workshop, dyeing and finishing workshop, glue belt workshop of each production department, and theprocessedn the heads oforder怎么读 each departorder的用法总结ment will produce according to the arrangefactorydatareset是什么意思ment. Some customers need to make a version for confirmation. They need to make a sample and then send it to the merchandiser for confirmation. After OK, the products can be mass produced.
Order goods paprocessor处理器ckaging link
According to customer requribbon怎么读音irements packaging departmeprocessornt accproductiondate出厂日期ording to the customer’s situation roll tape – packaging, roll tape profactorycess also need to be agaiorderingn color contrast, feel, hardness, color fastness and other aspects of the confirmation, to achieve foolproof!
Ribbon factory, theproduction什么意思中文re are many kinds of product packaging methods, and each packafactory复数形式怎么写ging needs packaging boxes, packaging methods are not the same. The joint requirements for paprocess翻译ckaging, code requirements, different specifications of ribbon products need what kind of papeprocession是什么意思r core packaging and so on.
Suprocessormmary of the process of ribbonordering factory
The kproductioniginds of prodribbon怎么读音ucts produced by the ribbon factory after ordering – production – paorderby索引ckaging – warehousing – shipping any one of thproduction怎么读e problems should be played back to deal with, such as the width of the ribbon when dyeing problems, to play back to the ribbon workprocess什么意思中文shop to re-weave the ribbon production. If a dribbons怎么读yeing problem is found in the packaging shop, be informed that the dyeing department will recolor the productioribbon怎么读n.

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