Dongguan ribbon commonly used material combustion identification method

Fiber near flame phenomenon in the flame from the flame after the smell of ashes shape Dongguan ribbusedtodo是什么意思on cotton near flame burning burning faster, there is little afterglusedow burning paper taste, soft, black or gray hair melting flame melting and burning didentificationifficult to continribbon怎么读音ue to burnidentification中文翻译, will be self-extinguishiidentificationsng feather taste fragile, brittle,identification中文翻译 black wire melting flame burning when tmethod的用法here is a silk sound It is difficult to continue burning, will self-extinguish, and when burning splashes burning feather taste fragile, brittle, black hemp near flame burning whenidentification there is a burst of smoke with afterglow with cmethodsotton wiused的意思th cotton viscose near flame burning burning very fast, no afterglow burning paper mixed with chemi东莞发布二手房指导价cal taste in addition to no light are no ash, there is a small amount of black grey nylon near flcommonly-usedame melting shrinkage melting, dropping and bubbling Do nomethods怎么读英语t directly continue burning like celery taste hard, round, lused toight, brown to gray, beaded polyester susedtodoing是什么意思ame as above can continue burning, a few smoke very weak sweet hard round, black or light brown acrylic fiber melting, near flame that burning and burning fast, spatter weak spicy hard black, irregular or bead

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