Mobile phone lanyard quality determination method

When it comes to mobile phone lanyard, many people’s first sense is practical, although some people do not like to wear mobile phone lanyard, but its practicalitymobilelegends is still questioned by mother.

Specific practicality can be reflected in the portability, mquality的形容词obile phone is not easy to drop, high security, oflanyard course, if the rope appears fashionable, then the apphonepearance can also add factors

Especially a few yearphones ago, when cell phophoneticnes weren’t so popular, most people were just starting out and had a sdetermination可数吗uperior feeling about that kind of thing.

Therefore, people will have a lanyard to switch off the mobile phone in front of the chest, this situation may be a kind of following the trend, always think that people hang a mobile phone is very great, soquality怎么读 at that time the wholesale business of mobile phone lanyard will be vemobile是什么意思ry good.

However, with themobile的英语怎么读 popularization of mobile phones, people no longer thinkquality什么意思 it is a great thing to have a mobile phone, and no longer value tmethodhe value of mobilequality翻译 phones, thelanyard corresponding wholesale business of mobmethodile phone lanyard haquality什么意思中文翻译s been greatquality的形容词ly affmobile吉祥cnected.

Here to tell you about the quality of some mobile phone lanyard judmethods怎么读英语gment direction

First, color fastness is one of the important quality indicators of the rope, mainly according to the end use of the product to determine which items to assess.

The so-called color fastness refers to the color fastness to perspiration, dry friction and water immersion under the physical and chlanyard 翻译emical action of thphonemese dyed rope. The color fastness is required bmethodologiesy the basic safety technical specifications of the mobile phone rope. The color fastness is called the color fastness of the dyed rope affected by the ophoneutside worldmethodology.

All textile dyeing should be appraised in color fastness to variquality的形容词ous projects, the current mobile phone hang rope commonly used color fasquality加ify的形式tness to washing fastness, color fastness to light, rubbing fastness, color fastness to perspirationmobile吉祥cn, to test the samples after the color change, white cloth dipped in the degree of color fastness rating saidphonemes, weather fastness and so on.

Second, the qualitylanyard海词 of LOGO on the rope

Many people do not know how to judge tmethod和way的区别he quality of mobile phone lashings, but for some printed LOGO or can roughly determine the good or bad, if the lashings a little tphoneurn, the LOGO is a little faded, then there is no doubt that the quality of the lashings is very low

Three, thephone怎么读语音 wearing comfort of the rope

We can put a mobile phone hang rope around his neck, sequality什么意思e if can havphone怎么读语音e the feeling of stab thorn, stiff or is feeling, if any, you can judge hang rope quality is poorer, consider good mobile phone hang rope manufacturer must notmobilelegends just on the othemethod电影r hand, will think of comfortmethodology factors etc., sophone怎么读 good to hang rope manufacturer to produce hang rope is absolutely no such rough feeling

The above is about severmethod的用法al quality judgment methods of mobile phone lanyaphone是什么意思rd, as well as some basic kmobilelinknowledge of mobile phone lanyard. If you waphone13nt to know morquality怎么读e, then welcome to visit our website

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