Silk screen printing ribbon wide ribbon technology and process

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Silk screen ribbon, silk screen is a professional term in the industry, silk screeribbon什么意思n is used for packaginscreenshot是什么意思g, gift packaging ribbon, print different patterns, people, flowers, cartoon images and so on. It’s colloquially called “printing.”
Printscreentogifing issilk完整版百度云盘 by means of the carrier function of the original paste, various dyes or pigments are printed on the fabric, so asprinting翻译 to obwidentain the colored pattern of the procsilkwormessingtechnology process. Printing, like dyscreensavereing, gives colour to thescreening fabric.
Silk screen ribbon dyeing procetechnology是可数名词吗ss
Buttechnology的形容词 in the dyeing procprinting是什么意思中文ess, the dye makes the fabric complete with colored patterns.printing Printing, like dwide怎么读yeing, gives colour to the fabric. But in the dyeing process, the dye gprinting processives the wholetechnology是什么意思 fabriribbons什么意思中文c a fulltechnology翻译 color, while printing only dyes certain parts of the fabric. In order to overcome the infiprinting怎么读ltration of the dye swidespreadolutiotechnology什么意思中文n toribbon怎么读 obtain a variety of clear patterns, printing, the dye and necessary chemical additives plus the original paste into color paste, and then printed on the fabric.
The so-called original paste is a thick fluid modulated with starch and other pastes. Bsilkwormecause of the exscreensaveristence of pastes, the dyeing process of dyes on fibers is more complicated than that of pastes such as powder. Fabric printinprinting翻译g first needs pattern design. According to the different printing equipment, drum prprintingdocument打印机错误提示inting and screen printing respectively for cylinder engraving and screen plascreentogifte making. Cylinder engraving is the patttechnology是可数名词吗ern engraved on the copper flower tube, tribbon怎么读音he pattern is sunken on the flower tube, concave linprintinges or dot are used to stechnology怎么读音tore the printing paste, printing, under the action of pressure, printing paste transferred to the fabric. Screen plate mascreenocr是什么软件king for lithographsilk是什么意思ic screen plate making and round screen pribbon怎么读late mscreen怎么读aking. The lithograpscreenx影厅是什么h screen adopts polyester silk or nylon silk, and the round screen adopts nickelsilkworm mesh to close the mesh of the non-pattern part and leavtechnology是什么意思英语e the mesh of thtechnology是什么意思e pattern part. When printing, thscreenocr是什么软件e color paste overflows from the mesh and prints onto thprinting是什么意思中文e fabric.
According to the different printing process, fabric printinsilk百度云资源链2021gwide has direct printing, anti-dyeing printing is printed after dyeing, and the printing paste contains anti-dysilklabo百度云2021eing agentechnologyt to prevent dyeing dye. Dip dyeing printing is dyeing, printing, printiprocessor处理器ng paste contains damage to the dye dip dye. Cotton fabric prinscreentogifting gtechnology和techniqueeneralwidespreadly adopts direct printing,
The main process flow is as fribbon和feign区别ollowwider是什么意思中文s: pattern desiprintingdocument是什么意思啊gn → cone carving (or screen masilkwormking) → color paste modulatprinting是什么意思中文ion → printing → drying → evaporation → flat washing → drying.
Fabric preprinting翻译treatment
1) Reactive dye direct printing: reactive dye direct printing method and two phase method. One-phase printing, the dye, theribbons什么意思中文 original paste, alkali and chemical additives into color paste, printing dryribbons什么意思中文ing after steam or bakingribbon怎么读 to make the dye and fiber reaction, and then waribbon什么意思shed soap. Two-phase printing does not add alkali in the printing pulp. Aftersilkroad暗网 drying, alkali is rolled and steamed to make thewidespread dye react with fiber, and then washed with water and soap to complete the pribbon什么意思rinting process.
2) Insolubleribbon怎么读 azo dye direct printing: color base printing method and color phenol printing method. The color base printing method is the most commonly used method in the factory at present. First, the fabricwide iscreenshot是什么意思s underlprocessing编程语言aid with chromophore solution, then the diazotized chromophore is made into pulp printing, and then the chromophore is washed away in the unprinted part.
3) Stable insoluble azo dye direct printing: dye, auxiliates, original paste and other color passilk完整版百度云盘te made of fabric printing drying, ctechnology是什么意思olor processing, and then washing, soaping, washing, that is, to cribbons什么意思中文omplete the printing process.
4) VAT dye direct printing: whole material prinscreenshotting and suspension printing method. The whole material printing method is to dye, reducing agent, auxiliariscreenx影厅是什么es and the oprintingpressriginal paste into color paste on the fabric printing, drying, reduction evaporation. Duringtechnology怎么读英语 evaporation, the dye isscreen怎么读 redwide软件uced to a cryptic dye, and tprocessing编程语言hen oxidized, soaping, washed, and dried to complete the printing process. Suspensiotechnology是可数名词吗n printing method is to make dye and original paste into color paste, after printing drying, dip rolling solution composed of redprocessing编程语言ucing agent and caustic soda, immedribbonsiately rapid evaporation, dye is reduced and dyed witwide是什么意思h fiberscreen是什么意思翻译, and then oxidation, soap boiling, water washinscreenocr是什么软件g, drying, that is to complete the printing process.
5) Direct printing of soluble VAT dyes: dye, sodium nitrite, additives, and the original pastprocesse are miscreen是什么意思翻译xed into colprintingpressor paprocessste and printed owide软件n the fabric. After drying, dprocessorilute sulfuric acid solution is dipped anribbon什么意思d rolled, cold water is washed after air permeabprinting读音ility, and then neutralized witprintingdocument是什么意思啊h light ascreeninglkali, and then soap boiling, watersilk系列的网盘有吗 washing and dryitechnology是什么意思ng.
6) coating direct printing: coating is insoluble in water colored substances, which itself can not be dyed fiber. Coating and adhesive, cross-chain agentsilk, emuribbon怎么读音lsified paste and other auxiliatesscreenx影厅是什么 are adjusted to make color paste, printed on the fabric, after drying, via baking and other post-processinsilk系列的网盘有吗g, adhesive is formed on the fabric of polymer film, coating mechanicallribbon怎么读y stuck on the fiber. Coaprinting outting printing process is simple, generally does not need to wash, suiwidentable for aprintingdocument是什么意思啊 variety of different fiber fabrprocessor处理器ic and blended fabric printing.
Fwideor more information on ribbon, ribbon packaging for giftscreen怎么读 boxes, ribbonsilk完整版百度云盘 weaving and professional ribbon weaving techniques, visit imkgift Ribbon http:processor处理器//

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