Rubber root process knowledge and operation method

2. Prepare corresponding paper tubes, calibrated platform scales and scissors
3. Prepare the tape to be rolled, and be familiar with the weight range of the Specification “Comparison Table of Length and Weight of Rubber Belt class
1.. Turn on the power of the reel
2. Cover the paper tube used for the corresponding specification belt on the reel and press the lock
3. Tie the tape to be wound on the paper tube, step on the foot switch with the right foot, contcatastropherol the tension of the tape with the left hand, cocovermarkntrol the swing of the tape with the right hand, make the tape winding evenly;
4. In the proccover什么意思ess of machine operation, if there is waste tape, it should be stoppedgeed and cut off;
5. Roll the belt on the machine, and when it is estimated to be within the weight range, open the lock, take off the paper tube, and carefully put it on the placlass是什么意思tform scale. According to the “Comparison Table of Length and Weight of Rubber Belt Class”, observe whether thebelting唱法 weight value is within the weight range. Cut the tape, pull the lead tight, press itcomparison怎么读 into the tape, and place it, continue to roll the next roll.
Work before the end of operation
1. Power off the tape coiler
2. Clean the machine and the surrounding environment.
Matters needcovermarking attention:
1. Put the belt into the platform scale and handle it carefully;
2. Do not drop the belt on the ground, so as not to dirty;
3. The cut waste tape c从姑获鸟开始an only becomparison什么意思中文翻译 placed in the designated place.
Information source: Donggeightuan Imkgift Ribbon Co., LTDclassmates是什么意思. (http://www阿莫西林胶囊.mk.ayxvip.comcomparison的搭配用法)

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