“Brother team” grow together, “sister team” tie the knot

  “ Brother team & throughout; Grow together.   “ Sister team & throughout; Tie the knot
— — Remember the grand occasion of the 2010-2011 annual summaryknotty人与猪 and csister怎么读英语单词ommendation, changing of the leadership of shenzhen Lions Club hua Lin and Hua Xiang Segrow是什么意思rvice Team, and the happy marriage with The Prince lions Club of 303 District, Hong Kong and Macao

  “ Shenyang & throughout; , & other China hunan & throughout; Brother like hand and foot, joint summary commendation change

             June 26th afternoon, silvteammateer lake kunming food hall dressed up as solemn generous and gorgeous and colorful, as the director of shenzhen lion team: the director XiaoXingPing, incoming governors Zheng Degang lion lion sister elder brother, the first deputy director Su Zbrothers游戏eran elect lions, brother,sister的中文意思 t铁甲小宝he second deputy directobrothers游戏r wu xm elect lisister怎么读ons, brother, former director of wsister的对应词ear with xin lions, brother five leadership. Shenzhen Lions Club executive dirbrother1819ector designate: Financial o铁皮石斛fficer Lin Ziyu Shijie, picket ogrow过去式fficer Yu Qian Shijie. Directoteampror designate: Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Tong,brother District chairman: Mr. Lai Xiteam什么意思nyoubrother1819, Mr. Zhuang Xufeng, Mr. Zheng Yuqiang, Mr. Zhang Zhihe. Chairman of shenzhenbrother1819 Lions Club committee: Lu Zhiqianknots换算g, Yi Dongsheng, Zhang Hong, Xia Yunpingbrother1819, Wang Cheng, Huang Yiqun, Liu Ming, Xu Shaohua, He Xinrgrowthu and other friends and two teams of new and old lion friends (future lion friends) arrived at the venue in high spirit铁甲小宝s, with theirsister怎么读英语单词 liontogetherbnb costumes neatly and lion badges flashing, presenting a grand occasion oftogetherbnb gathering together. As the auspicious hour clock points to 14:铁甲小宝28, the chairman of the conference zhang Hongxiang Hu铁根a Lin chuanghui chairman representative & LDquo; Brotogether什么意思英语thers & throughout; The two teams rang the bell for the meeting. At this time, under the call oteamprof the host Lu Bangyou and Lu Qiong, all the lion fritogether什么意思英语ends stoogrow翻译d up and sang the national anthem anknottingd the lion Club song in front of the national flag and the lion Club flag. The singing was like a call, which immediatelteamy brought everyone into the serious annual summary, recogni贴贴tion and change of term.


            It can be seen from the confideknottednt summary speech of Chen Xinya, president of Hualin and Zhang Baowei, tsister怎么读英语单词hat in the past year, the lion brothers and lion sisters of the two teamtogether什么意思英语s are so uniknots换算ted and harmonious, conscientious, smiling service and harvest a lot. From the various commendations of the lion brother lionknots sister propo铁锈战争rtion of the number of pbrother的色带和国产eople can be seen, in the past year, the two teams of liogrow过去式n brother lion sister hard work, selfless dedknottingicatsister用英语怎么说ion, love; From the inaugural speeches of the two new presidents (Yu Wei ‘an and Li Jin) full of sense of responsibility and confidence, we can understand the two teams of Huayin and Huayang Liosisterhoodn Brothers asister是什么意思nd Lion Sisters associattieion in the new & LDquo; The locomotive & throughout; Under the guidance of, will usher in more brilliant ttogetherbnb游戏下载安卓ime, and more rapid progress!
   brother的中文意思         Director Xiao Xingping shi Jie, director dbrother打印机怎么换墨粉清零esignate Zheng Degang Shi Jie and guest representative Of Futian Service Team president Liu Ming Shi Jie made important speeches respectively. Leaders at all le贴贴vels and the guests’ heartfelt words, nobrother打印机怎么换墨粉清零t only highly affirmed and praised the past achievemsister组合成员ents of Hualin and Hbrothers翻译unan, but also encouraged everyone to make further progrbrothers游戏ess and take a new step.
          &nbsknottingp; Friends and the lion was determined under the gains made in the moist, which under the new horn of mobilization, in light of the leaders, especially in shenyang and will grow Zhang Hongxiang lion friend resitogetherbnb攻略gned not heart back, do not force back, do not retreat model figure of love), were determined not to let the great hope, never slack, spiritteams手机版, confidence one hundred timsister怎么读英语单词es to meet new test! Tteamproheteam什么意思 first deputy director designate of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr.brother是什么意思 Su Zeran, has jteamprooined the club with a num铁血战士bsisterhooder of new lions, which will surely add luster to the team and draw a new chapter!

            The annual summaryteam什么意思 of the commendsister怎么读ation and change of the leadershitogetherbnbp, the whole process is full of unity, harmony, excitement, heroic and upward pride, it will always be recordknotteded in the history of Hua Lin, Hua Xiang bbrotherlyrothgrow翻译ers will grow up side by side; It will always be remembered in the hearts of lion friends; It will always carrknotty人与猪y forward ttogetherhe broad, inspiring, fresh.

Bysister怎么读 Lubangyu Lknot是什么意思uqiong & NBSP;     Photo/Mengbrother怎么读 Fanyi dong Xiuling
&nbsknotty人与猪p;                          铁根   &nbssister翻译p;    grow怎么读语音       &nsister的对应词bsp;                               July 7, 2011growing


  “ Sisters & throughout; Tie the knot ateambitionnd lion friendship lasts forever

&nbknot是什么意思sp;      togetherbnb艾米莉双人互动     As hua Lin, Hua Xiang & LDquo; The brothers & throughout; Thgrow翻译e succsister是什么意思essful conclusion of the joint annual summary, commendation and changing ofgrow怎么读 the leadership was also welcomed by the exciting shenzhen Lions Club Hutogethera Ltogetherin, Hua Xiang Service Team and the Hong Kong Prince Lions Club in 303 District Hong Kong & LDquo; Sisters & throughout; The arrival obrothers翻译f happy event. Indeed it is: “ Brothers & throughout; “ Sister & thbrother1819robrothers翻译ughout; All predestined relatiteamonship, connected xi!

   brother   &nbsgrowp;     Silver Lake is full of stars at night, and the lion’s love in the food city is warm as spring. At 6:58 in the evening, the cotogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动untdow铁岭清河钢厂事件n was getting closer and clknotsoser to the auspicious day when shenzhen Hualin andsister的中文意思 Hua Xiang teams and Hong Kong Prince Lions Club would tie the knot. At this time, in addition to the two teams, the directors of Shenzhen Lions Club and moretogether than 100 guests, And of the lions club international director of Hong Kong and Macao 303 district team, taizi friendly lion lion as well as mgrowany guests friends albrothers游戏most 50 lion guests poure铁血战士d into the hall, the whole event hall crowded, crowded with thbrothers游戏e lteams手机版ion elder siste贴贴r, brother although goodknot是什么意思 friends of lion is first megrow过去式t, but because they have a common pursuit, the lion friendship and love of the situation of a lion to connect together, Some of them wavebrother怎么读d to greet each other, some bowed, some handed over their business cards, and some hugged each other affectionately, which shows the silent charm of lion love lion friendshiteam是什么意思翻译p!
 sister用英语怎么说           At 6:58 a.m., Ms. Lai Yantong, the chairman of the Lions Club ogrow翻译fsister Hongteamwork Kong, dresseknotty人与猪d in a cheongsam, strode up to the poknotdium and rang the bell witogetherbnb怎么绅士th abrother1819 smart gesture to announce the start of the confere铁甲小宝nce. Under the guidance of the call of the hobrother1819st in the activity, the whole marriage activity was orderly and happy, especially with the executive chairma铁甲小宝n of the conference, the founding president of Hong Kotogetherbnb娜娜两人互动ng Prince Lio铁锈战争ns Club Wu Zhigang Stogetherhi Brother announced loudly throughout & LDquo; Abi铁岭清河钢厂事件de by the charter, enhance friendship, strengthenknotty人与猪 cooperation, mutual support, implementagrow怎么读tion & LDquo; Outeam是什么意思翻译t & throughout; Positive good, tie together forever, linking past and future, friebrother怎么读ndship forever ” The knot anbrother的中文意思d sisters will agreement and signed by both the current Presidentgrowth, agreed to and swap the knot sisters will accord with text, domestic lion takasu, chairman of the federation vice-chairman Zhang Guojun lteamoion brothers and partition lion brothers from the United States sent a telegrknotty人与猪am to a general meeting, the meeting broke into thunderous applause to congrsister音标atulate, true is: applause,贴贴 laughter, take guns, sound the ear; Fate affection lion I sha铁甲小宝re, share sincere!

  &nbsptogether翻译;         Applautogether怎么读se broke otogetherbnb攻略ut and the activity became more and more climactic. The most inspiring and inspiring event wastogether什么意思英语 the Lions Club of 303 Distrgrow怎么读语音ict, Hknots换算ong Kong and Macau. The current director of lions Club, Miss Tan Fengzhi, and the current director of Li铁血战士ons Club o铁岭清河钢厂事件f Shenzhen, Miss Xiao Xingping, gave a heartfelt speech on the sttogether翻译age. All the lion friendssister翻译 in Shenzhen and Hong Kong were greatly impressed! In particular, the current director of The Shenzhen Lions Club, Xiao Xingping, the lion sister, commented emotionally on the evensister的中文意思t, whknotty人与猪ich was wittienessed by eight current, incoming, director, deputy director and more thanbrother打印机怎么换墨粉清零 30 current and incoming president of the Shenzhen Lions Club. It is a particularsister的对应词ly meaningful event since the esttogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动ablishment of the Shenzhen Lions Club! No doubt to “ Shenyang & throughout; , & other China hunan & throughout; The service贴贴 team carriedsister的中文意思 out this activity asisterhoodnd added thick color!
  &sister用英语怎么说nbsp;         The party program was wonderful,brotherly unconsciously ushered in the attractive lottery activities. When the hoteam什么意思st announced that more than 120 gifts were donated by the lion friends for the lucky draw, the aknot怎么读udience again broke into proloknotting韩语什么意思nged applause. Especially as the lucky numbers of the four categories of third, second, ftogether什么意思英语irst and special prteamworkizes were drawn and announced by all the lucky guests, the whole venue was boiling! A 1.8-meter-high special display on the rostrubrother的中文意思m. Googrow是什么意思d Fortune Buddha &rd铁锈战争quo; After the two direc铁根tors join铁血战士tly drew out the sbrothers翻译pecial lucky prize number, a lucky lion from Team Hua Xiang won the pbrother打印机怎么换墨粉清零rize. The sound of congratulation, clink glasses and applause were integrated in the meeting place.
  All good things musgrowst come to an end. Two director team leaders together on the rostrum, facing the big screen, led the whole lion friends, with one voice, unittogetherbnb娜娜两人互动ed as a citogetherty singing & LDquo; Love gigrowingvteambitioning ” Thgrowthe song, voice suchsister怎么读 as surging springsister组合成员, singing such as chest voice, loud shock ears, around the whole venue, all inspiring, & LDquo; As long as everyone gives a little lgrowove, tbrothers翻译he world will be more beautiful! ”

    &together翻译nbsp;       The success of the event is due to the support of the lions and t贴组词he Hong Kong Friends Associatiobrothers翻译n. Special thanks to all liongrowth friends who sponsored the party: Xu Feng, president of Silver Lake Service Te铁血战士am! President zhang Zhihe of Poai Service Team! President zheng Yuqiang of Huanggang Service Team! President of charity Collection Service Team zhang Hong! President zhu Xueying ofsister翻译 Phoenix Service Team! Liu Ming, Xu Shaohua, president of Futian Service Team;grow过去式 Director: Huang Deqing, Chen Jianhui, Chitie Jiangnan Shi Jie! Huaxiang service team: Zhang Huowei, president, Li Jin, xu Youpintogether翻译g, first vice president, Huatogetherng Jianhui, director! Hualin Service Team: President Chen Jiandu, First Vice President Zhou Yangguang, Presidenknot翻译t-elect Yu Wei ‘an, third Vice President Meng Fanyteammatei, Director Li Dequan, Brother Tian Rongqiang, President Chen Xinya, President Zhang Hongxiang! Chairman Wong Y铁根游戏解说im Ming of the Pearl of the Orient Lions Club of Hong Kong, President Lai Yan Tong of prince Lions Club and 20 presidents of friends of Hong Kong! For the conference to provide a large number of sponsorsh贴贴ip raffle gifts worth mobrother打印机re than 100 million yuan, the conference all the preparatory committee staff thank you for your friendssister是什么意思hip and dedication, bless you lion yun Chang Long! Friendship forever!

                        &grow是什么意思nbsp;                     &ntogetherbnb补丁bsp;       By Lubangyu Luqiong & NBSP;   &grow过去式nbsp; Photo/team是什么意思翻译Meng Fanyi dong Xiuling
              &贴组词nbsp;                         &nbsbrother1819p;                       July 7, 2011


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