The right Way Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting of 2017-2018

The right Way Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting of 2017-2018

On April 22, 2018, the 9th regular meeting of The 2017-2018 Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully heninth怎么读ld in Yicai Group, Futimeeting是什么意思中文翻译an District. More than 30 people attendright的反义词ed the meeting, including captain Li Xuegang, former captain Li Shuai, first vice captain Qiu Hongying, second vice captain Du Taozhe, third vice captain Chen Gang, former captain Xu Teninth英语怎么读gong, secretary Liu Guotservicemanai, finance Han Hoteamviewernghua and so on. Nature Service Captain Lservicemanee Chun-fung and other lion friends attright怎么读英语enderegularityd the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yang.

The list of new members was reviewed and approved by the lions. The team leader announced the establishment of the upright lionheldback Enterprise Group. Then, lininthon friends reported their recent work: Wang Mingying summarized guizhou student activities; Miss Yau hung ying shared her experience of participating in the Hua Shi Festival and The Red Campaign; Li Xuegang repheldenorted the election results of the 16th Member Congress and the work of fund raising, member development, lion friends' care and edurighteouscation. Han Honghua report march financial report. At tteamworkhe same time, lion friends discussed the hunan and Qingyuan student aid program, the service tregulaream change ceremony program and the "Share the worheld的意思是什么ries oninth还是nineth区别f world mothers, postpartum urinary incontinence" and other public welfare projects.

Participants discussed the content of the meeting and made suggestions for relevanright的意思中文t work.

Li Xuegang made a concluding speech, thanking theway lion friends for their support to the remeeting是什么意思中文翻译gular meeting. He hoped that the lion friends would stay trueregular是什么意思英语 to their original aspiration, stick to their efforts on the road of public welfare, and promote the healthy developmenmeetingt of the service team.

After the meeting, the Right Way Service team and Riseng Health Manageninth英语怎么读meheld过去式和过去分词nt Center held a public walkinright函数g activity in shenzhen Tmeetingtencentcomalent Park to publicize the knowledge of breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention. Under the leadership of Zhang Aiming, the lion friends, their familheld的中文意思ies and caring people completemeeting翻译d theheld的意思是什么 3.5-kilometer walk together, and wmeetingson the bracelet and the walking certificate. They also learned and publicized the knowledge of women's cancer prevention durinmeeting是什么中文意思g the walk.

Thanks to Zhang Aiming and Zhang Yang foheld的中文意思r making full preparations for theteampro meeting andway翻译 the walking activity. On the way of love, you are more wondheld的中文意思erful!


Article/phheld中文oto contributed by The Right Way Service Team

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