Yantian Service Team: held the sixth regular meeting of 2019-2020

On June 4, 2020, the sixth regular meeting of Yantian Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was held in the conference room osixthlyf Shenzhen Hongtai Co., LTD in Yantian District. Sheregular翻译nzhen Lions Club finance director Peng Daojian, Board of Supervisors secretary Tan Fei, Advisor Lin Yanju, Yantimeeting的音标an Serviregular什么意思ce t盐田疫情eam captain Zhang Hanning, last captaiservicebion Ding盐田 Hongzhe, first vice captain Xue Weirong, second vice captain Wang Xiaoliang, former captain Li Kanrong, Zoregularizationu Ruitmeeting的音标ang, secretarsixth音标y Wu Peiqing,盐田港 Finance Peng Jinchuan, general affairs Ymeetingsi Lihua, picket Luo Jinrservice的名词ong, Captain team members Liu Yumin,teamo Xie Jianlan, Ma Chao and other more than 20 people attended the meeting. Zheng Jianhai, the captain of the long tesixth翻译rm service team, and Qiang Qiuxia, the former captain of the overseas Chines岩田聪e Town service team, were preservice怎么读sent at the meeting. The meeti盐田虾ng was chaired by Mr Xue Wai-rong and Ms Yi Lihua.sixthly


Yi Lihua, the chairman of the conference, gave a speech, thanking almeeting怎么读英语l participants for their support. At thregular是什么意思英语e meeting, The second vice presixth的基数词sident-designate Peng Daojian conveyed the spirit of the district Council anregular反义词d expressed his pesixth的基数词rsonal mission. Mr Tam Fei, Deputy Commissioner-designate, shared his joy and respheld中文onsibility.

Captain Zhang Hanning summarizedregularization recenregularityt activities. Senior Manager Lin Yanju introduced thservice怎么读e preliminregular翻译ary arrangesixth怎么读ments of the preparatory work fservice是什么意思or the change of the Yantiansixth怎么读 Service Teameetingyou是什么意思m.

Finally, lion friends shot a video to congratulate busan EXPO on the complete success of the change of the lions Club. Due to the impact of the epidemic, lmeeting是什么中文意思ion friends will not go to Busan, South Korea tmeeting翻译o visit andmeeting翻译 exchange.                                      

After the meeting, lion friendteamss moved tsixthirtyo the seafood street happy dinner, feel the warmth of yantian service team family. Cherish can have, charity road Tregularizationhanksgivsixth是什么意思ing you have me!


Article/photo & have spent Yantian Service Team

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