Shenzhen Lions Club carries out the sixth phase of the “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education Program

On October 26, 2021, the sixth donation ceremony of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education Project of Shenzhen Lisunshine英语ons C深圳大学lub was successfully helshenzhend in the lecture hall of No. 18sixth的基数词 Middle School in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The activity donated 5,000 yuan of grants, thermosphase-down cups, schoolbags and other materials to 30 students of No. 18 Middle School of Guilin city, and organized students tophase什么意思 participate in psychological cooutfitunseling, wi深圳th 300,000 yuan of service funds.

This activity wasoutstanding sposunshine歌词nsored by the Lions Clsunshine歌曲英文歌词ub of Shenzhen, 3 service teams such as Diwang, undertaken by the 18th Hiphase-downgh School of Guoutrageilin city, 12 service teams such as Start Journelionsgatey, Xin Xing,lions翻译 Dream, and Bouclubman是什么牌子车gainvillea and Co-organized by the German And Chinese psychology, and receiphase outved strong support frooutragem the guilin city authorities and thsixthtonee Guilin City Education Bureau.

Guilin city bureau of education of party members xiao-song liu, the director hou her before shenzhen disaoutlookbledcarrie是什么意思啊 persons’ federation, student financial assistance manout什么意思agemphaser3117ent center directtalentsor Li Xiangyang in guilinsunshine翻译, anphaser3117d the first secre深圳天气tarout什么意思y of the party committalents怎么读tee, the principclub用英语怎么说al ZhanYi ShiBaZhong, guilin shenzhen lions stuclubman是什么牌子车dent services committee chairman Ren Guihua, each undertake tophase什么意思 financial service for friends, family members a深圳nd ShiBaZhong lphase什么意思earn aphase out total of morcarriese than 230 people participated in the activities between teachers aclubnd students. Liao Ronghui was the leader of the “Sunshisunshine英语ne Talents” student project team, and Wang Zuzhang was the general coordinator of this activity. The donation ceremony was chaired by CAI Qingsong and Meng Chun.

Meng Chun JPG.

Princlubmancipal Zhan Yi gave a深圳天气 welcome speech. He extended a warm welcome to all of you and tsunshine什么意思hanked shenzhen Lions club for their selflesssixth怎么读英语 efforts. He hoped that the sponsored students would be grateful for their achievements and glions翻译中文ive back to the society.

Principal Zhan Yi. JPG

CAI Qingsong, chairman of the conference, made a speech osixth是什么意思n tsunshine翻译he stage and introduced the deve深圳疫情lopment of the “Sunshinesunshine歌曲英文歌词 Talents” education program.talent什么时候可数 Studen深证指数t representative She Wendi made a speech on behalf of the assistelionsd stu深圳疫情dents, expressing her heartsunshine翻译中文felt thanks to the help and support of Shenzhen Lions Cltalents是什么意思英语ub. She said that she would live ulions读音p to the tlions翻译rust, stsixth怎么读udy hard, make achievements in the future, serve the country and the society, and pass on the love of lion friends.

Qing-song CAI. JPG

Land service t深圳风险等级eamoutbreak captain Liao Ronghui in the city bureau of educatiosixth是什么意思n, the first in guililion是什么意思n ShiBaZhong study strongly support the leadership of the “sunshine” of person of outstanding abilitout什么意思y thanks student project, thank you for supporting shenzhen lions student seclub怎么读rvices commilions怎么读ttee, he entcarriesrust aid-receiving students, tsixth怎么读英语o take practical action to return the lion friend a piece of love, good good study, to be a useful talents to the country and the society.

Liao Ronghui JPG.

Hclub是什么酒ou her former director thsixthanked the invited to participate in the educsunshineational activitiesphase音响上什么意思, she in shenzhen lions club held the “sunshine” of person of outstanding abiliclub翻译ty of student proout什么意思ject said sure, she introduces the origin oshenzhenf the lion and the rela深圳疫情ted situation, she said the student not only embodies the lions “our services” the spirit, but also to be th深圳天气e first ShiBaZhong learn “xiudcarriese, vosixth怎么读英语lunteers, relentlessly resourceful” tenet, She expects that with the joint efforts of both parties, the “Sunshine Talents” program will not only cultivate students with bothphase什么意思 moral integrity and ability, but also make the lion friends and teachers who participate incarries的意思 the activities become the most outslionstanding and lovely people for the susixth读音ccess and happiness of tlions的音标he students.

When the queen. JPG

Chairman Ren Guihua introduced the stalent是什么意思peciphase电机fic situation of the “Sunshine Talents” educational aid program. The “Sunshi深圳市最新疫情ne Talents” edutalentscational aid program is the brand educational aid program of Shtalents是什么意思中文enzhen Lionssixthly Club. Since ilions怎么读ts first launch in Guilin in 2016, there have been 6 sessions, 108 service teams participating in the program, with an investment of 1,116,100 yuan and 12sunshine什么意思2 students s深圳天气upported.

Ren Guihua JPG.

Xiao-song liu party members on behalf of the city education bureau of shenzhen lions extended a warm welcome you the arrival of the lion friends, he keep “sunshine” of person of outstanding ability of shenzhen lions to student projects ancarrie是什么意思啊d thank each of the fricarrie是什么意思啊ensixth怎么读英语ds of lion big lsunshine组合ove selfless, he hopes, studentalent showts should cherish the current chance, studious, return the motherland, repay societyphase out in the future.

Xiao-song liu. JPG

Then, Li Xiushan, deputy director of No. 18 Middle Schoocarriesl of Guilin, read out the list of the 6th “Sunshine Talents” students. The lions club of Shenzhsunshine微信名含义en donated a check to guilin No. 18 Middle School, and the studentssixth翻译 received the grant and donated maout什么意思terials on stage. In order to thank the lions Club of Shenzhen for its selflelionsgatess contlions的音标ribution to the “Sunshine Talents” educaticlubon program, guilin No. 18 Middle Sch深圳天气ool presentelionsd a pennant to thesixth音标 Lions Club of Shenzhen, and tclubmanhe lions Club of Shenzhen presented a pennant in return. “Sunshine Tatalent是什么意思lents” project team to undertake, co-orsixth读音ganizing service teams and caring enterprises, social caring personage issued a certtalents翻译ificate of appreciation.

Before the event, in order to understand the families of the students, the lion friends drove baccarriesk and forth hundreds of kilometers to visit each student’s family, talked with the parents of the students, and learned about the students’ learning andoutline living conditions. The successful completion of the “Sunshine Talents” donation ceremony is inseparable from the strong support and selfless dedication of th深圳疫情最新消息e liosunshinen friends, who are the brightestsixthly lisunshine什么意思ght on the road of public welfare.


[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

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[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenz深圳市最新疫情hen Lions Club Office

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