Shenzhen Lions Club universal Service team held the 2011-2012 annual changing ceremony

Shenzhen Lions Club universal Service team held the 2011-2012 annual changing ceremony

&club怎么读nbsp; &nbs深圳大学p;  club用英语怎么说       On September 4th, 2011, Shheld的中文意思enz深圳地铁线路图hen Lions Club universerviceablesal Service telions英语怎么说am he深圳风险等级ld thuniversal是什么意思英语e 2011-2012 annual change ceremony in the president club of science park. The participants included leaders of Lions Club of Shenzhen, lions sisters of the Universal Serviceservice是什么意思中文翻译 team, alumni of Jiaotong University and other invited guests.
            At 6 PM, the host announced that the change ceremony of shenzhen Lions' universal Serservicemanvice tservice的名词eam officially began. The executive chairman of the meeting, Ms. Lanling Shijie, rang the bell for the melions英语怎么说eting and all stood up to greet the lion flag, play the national anthem and sing the lion song together.

     held怎么读的    lionsgate   In thelionsgate evening, the guests included Director Zheng Degang, Firclub怎么读st Deputy深圳疫情最新消息 Director Su Zeran, second deputyuniversal是什么意思英语 Director Wu Xiaoming, Chief Finheld是hold的什么形式ancial Officer Lin Ziyu, Deputy secretary-gclubeneral Xu Fei and Tang Shifong, chairman gao Zhou oheldf The fifth District. Tu alumni Du Changxiservicebio and Shi Xianghclubmedong. Ms. Liu Jie, president of the conference, delivered a welcome speech on stuniversal翻译age.
      &nbuniversallysp;     Brother Sun Xue-wen, president of uheld怎么读的niversal Service 10-11, pbeheldresshenzhenented his work report on stage. Afterwards, the distinguished guests深圳地铁线路图 presented awards to the outstanding members of 2010-2011.
            Mr. Zheng Deganbeheldg, the first deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, witnessed the handover of sash and scepter, and Mr. Su Zeteambitionran, the first deputy director and Mr. Wu Xiaoming, the second depserviceableuty director oversaw the ceremony. Nie Qinyuan, the new president,lionsgate delclubman是什么牌子车ivered a speech and announced the list of new council members. The new council memberuphelds took a photo on the stage. Sun Xuewen, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen and Nie Qinyuan, Chairman of CCpit Xiamen gave gifts to each other.
&nteambitionbsp;           Mr. Wu Xiaoming, the second deputy governor, led the new meservice是什么意思中文翻译mbers to take the oath. Mr. Cheng Tek-kong, the governor,heldback and Mr. So Zak Ran, the first deputy goverteammatenor, took the oath and gave badges to the new meheld的意思是什么mbers. Mr. Zheng Degang, first Deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club,service delivered a congratulatory speech.

            Finally, the gauniversal的名词形式zelle chimes and adjourns. The 2011-2012 changing ceremony of Shenzhen Lionsclub Club universal Service was successfully concluded in a warm and grand atmosphere.

Article/photo & hservice翻译ave spent The universal Service team

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