Tasting tea and Gathering — The First annual Gathering held by the Committee for Women’s Development

Know autumn tasting tea and elegant collection

— The Council for Women’s Growth held its fitearsrst annual gathering


Jinjing Wutong autumn leavefirsthands yellow, pearl curtain does not roll night frost.first青年电影展On 26 September 2019,In this golden autumn dayfirst怎么读s, the Shenzhen Lions Club2019-2020The Committee fheld是hold的什么形式or Women’s Growth held its first event of the year at the Futian flagcommittee怎么读ship store of Phoenix Teannual造句ahouse. The last president of The Shenzhen Lions Club, Ma Min, the chairman of zone 1, Cui Weiying, the chairman of tteam什么意思he Female Growth Committee, Wedevelopment是什么意思n Yaoli, and the sister and sister-lion from each service teamMore than 20 peopleParticipate in activities.

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As soon as you step into pgathering翻译hoenix Teahouse, the tea ceremony space and artistic furnishings with profound cultural deposits are amazing. Sister Lion and sister-in-law Lion我们都要好好的 drank Taiwan mountain oolong iced tea, visited the art and antique collection in the tea art space with我们的歌 the tannual是什么意思ea artist, and felt the extensive and profound anteamviewercient Chinese culturcommittee中文意思e.

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After the visit, the autumn Mingya gathering officiheld过去式和过去分词ally began. Chaitasting怎么读rperson Yadevelopments翻译o Li Wan introduced the annual work plan of the Commitdevelopments翻译tee for Women’s Growth. Female growth of 2019-2020, commission will by conductin我们是兄妹g lectures, elegant salon, will share offlfirst怎么读英语ine activiteaties sucfirsth as reading and WeChat group will share online activities such as reading, ascending and lion lion sister sister-in-law’s personal accomplishment and spiritual growth, guide them to deal with family relations, withdevelopment造句简单带翻译 a better attitude to life, work and public welfare undertdevelopment可数吗akings, to become the best yourself.

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In the event, everyheld的原型one spoke freely. Ma Min, the last president, shared her journey since she became president. Chairman Cui Weiying shared his我们的四十年 insigteamshts on family and health. Every lady lion andannual同义词 her sister-in-law shared their own views, exprannual是什么意思essed their expectations for the activities ofannual翻译 the Committee of Female Growth and put forward relevantgathering翻译中文 suggestions. The atmospheheldbackre was very lively.

After the exchange and sharing, Mr. Zhang, the owner of phoenix Teahousheld的中文意思e, taught us the tea ceremony.first name In the pure and elegant tea ceremony space, you cgatheringan feel the broad and profound domestic tea ceremony culture angathering翻译d feel the life pannual怎么读hilosophy.

Imperceptibly, the time of ateamsn afternoon has quietly passed, thistasting是什么意思 autumn mingya gathering activity got the lion elder sister and the lion sister-in-law’s hand in mouth praise.Cheld的意思是什么ommittee fheldbackor Women’s GrowthsuccessfullyfannualorThe lion sister and the lion sister-in-lawPromote each other and grow togetherIt builds a platform胎停. Let uscommonLofirstname填姓还是名oking forward to next timewonderfulAdevelopment怎么读英语ctivities of theTo come.

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By Yao Li Wen


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