Service into Community lion Love warm hearts - Shenzhen Lions Club community service activities into Liantang community

On December 22, 2021, the second event of shenzhen Lions Club service into community series was held at Suibao Square, Liantservicemanang Community, Luohu District. Wang Jianping, Secretary oflions读音 the Party Committee of Liantang Community, Tan Fei, General Manager of 2021-2022, Zhao Hui, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Xiaofeng,service是什么意思 Chairman of the Third Zone, Jin Qian, Chairman of the 14th Zone, Wei Xinxin, Chlove直播手机版app下载airman of the Community Service Committee, Sun Mingxia, Executive Chaiheartshot中文翻译rman, He Yajun, Chen Xinhong, Shi Xiaoping, Yi Tcommunity翻译ian Service team clionsaptain Li Xingyi, Bright Pupil service team captcommunity造句ain Luo Jun, Eastern Rose Service team captain Gao Lili, Shande service team captain Liu Minna, Zhengdao Service teamwarm翻译 captain Zhang Aiming, Huangglions的音标ang service team captain Yang Boyuan, Shen Wei, director of market operation dwarm是什么意思eservice的名词partment of Shenzhen Sports Center, Lu Chunhua, manager of Marketing Department of Shenzhen Shuibao Chain Business Development Co., LTD., ophthacommunity复数lmologist of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, chairman of various specialized working organizations of Shenzhen Lions Club, representatives of service team and villaglion翻译ers of Liantang communitylions翻译 were about 300 people to participate in the activity. The activity was chaired by Wei Xinlion是什么意思xin and gao Chenhan, the host of SHENZHEN GUANlionGdian Group.


Thecommunity英语 event was directed by Shenzhen Care Office and Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federaticommunity serviceon, hosted by Shenzhen Lions Club and organized by Shenzhen Xinxi Tea Culture Co., LTD. Yitheartshot战队ian, bright pupil, Oriental rose, the good Germanservicebio, the path, wally, mission hills,heartshot英文怎么读 wong, tianclove最新版官方下载heng, Mr Fukuda, with smallwarmer, before the charity collection, sea, fairy lake, checkpoint, hand in hand, redlions英语怎么读 li, is good at English, goodcommunity college, happy, happy, hua han, bagua ling service, such as the lotus po深圳疫情nd is communitycommunity怎么读音 service center, shenzhen swarminghirble between chain business development co., LTD., a joint support.


Brother Luo Juwarm翻译nshi intrservice的名词oduced the guestswarm是什么意思 and Sister Li Xingyi gave a welcome speech, thankilove直播软件安卓下载ng all the residents for their support and participation in the activity.


Chairman Sun mingxilion怎么读a深圳疫情最新消息 said that the prosperity and stability of the community is the foundation of national dlovelyevelocommunitypment and social harmony. The Community Service Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to serve the society with charity and love.


On behalf of Shenzhen Sh深圳风险等级uibao Chain Business Development Co., LTD., Manager Lu Chunhua welcomed lions cservicemanlub to carry out pulovealarmblic welfare activities and hoped that there would be mowarmerre opportunities to jointly hold such service activities in the fcommunity serviceuture to serve the comminto1超话社区unity.

Thank shirble Tan Fei thank community, dean of general affair department to provide convenient conditions for public service, as promoters of public welfaservice怎么读re undertakings,lions的音标 shenzhen lion will be leading the lion friendly service activelwarm的名词y, selfless dedication to do more things, you can reach better serve the community resiwarm翻译dents, enlarge the influence of shenzhen lions, big bay area of public spirit.


This year's community service activities have strong support from the service, event, Tan Fei dean of general affshenzhenair, the deputy secretary-general of kevinlion翻译bales, Wei Xin new chairman for the participation in service witlion是什么意思中文翻译h a community service flag, recoheartstringgniz深圳地铁线路图es the selfless dedication of the service to the community service work and actively participate in, will be "based on local, community service"深圳 as the service core, social service, Continue to open ulions读音p a broad sky in the深圳天气 field of public welfare and深圳市最新疫情 charityintonation.


Health has always been our unremitting pursulionsit, but health is not only rintolerableefers to the absence of disease in the body, but also includes mecommunity复数ntal health and social adaptability. The event also invited tshenzhenhe minister of sports center olions英语怎么读f shenzhen market operations, the sports health lecture hall of shenzhen shen wei, director of tcommunity怎么读音he teacher, introduced the movement for the friends of the residents and the lion the importance of healshenzhenth and mental health, through reasoncommunity英语able planning work and rest, exercise time, balance the printolerableessure release power, in order to gain a better quality of life.


Shenzhen lions positivheartsicke response shenzlove直直播apphen official's emphasis on the elderly and the related meainto怎么读sures, carry out community eldcommunity英语erly vision as the core of community service, this activity specially invited the third people's hospital of shenzhen ophthalmic professional tewarm翻译am support, hope that through community service for old people to provide the most professional eyelions英语怎么读 exam, giving readings suitable reading glasses, Promote social concern about vision problems in the eldlionkkerly.


Picture 1. The PNG

Under the guidance of lion frieintonationnds, the majority of communheartshapedity residents have completed the vision examinationlions读音, fundus examination, and received suitable glasses.

In awarm是什么意思ddition to giving reading glasses as gifts, brother Su Yi wang Shi from yishan Service team was also invited to prointo是什么意思vlovealarmide free consultation on blood pressure, blood sugar and diabetes related knowledge for the elderly. A series of activities, such as distributing cards for epidemic prevention and disinfection and donating blood without compensation in the "Red Action", were actively participated by residentcommunity怎么读s, and the scene was crlion是什么意思owded with people.

This event was the second public benefit activity for Shenzhen Lions Club to serve the community. More than 500 pairs of presbyopic glasses owarm怎么读语音f variheartshot英文怎么读ous typecommunity是什么意思s were distributed on site, morelions than 600 residents were served, and more than 2community是什么意思0,000 ml of blood donation was highly recognized by residents and the community. The Community Service Committee of Lions Cluintob of Shenzhen will also update the service content constantintonationly, so that more service projects clheartshot战队osely related to the communi深圳市最新疫情ty residents can be settled in the cservice是什么故障灯ommunity.


[Text] Wei Xinxin

[Photo] Wei Xinxin

[Editor] Ma Huijuawarmthn and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du深圳疫情最新消息 Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Liointons Club Office

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