Passing on Love — The 2014-2015 Lions Club Of Shenzhen Lions Council Lions Seminar was held successfully


The transmission of love
— — The lions Club of Shenzhen held a lions scounciloreminar forlove 2014-2015

         seminar英文解释   On May 20,passenger造句 2014, tpassing怎么读he lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 annual appointed council lion affairs seminar was successfully held in Shenzhen Silver Lake Kunji Food City. The seminar was attendelove直直播appd by more thseminar怎么读an 50 people, including all the 2014-2015 elected board members, former directors, memberspassengers中文意思 of the board of Supervisors, mentors and lecturers.
&club是什么意思npassenger造句bsp;           Zhang Guojun, executive Vice Presicouncilmandent of Domestic Lions Club and formerlions是什么意思 president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Huang Chunbin, representative of Domestic Lions Club in Shenzhen and vice presishenzhendent of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Xiao Xingpinclub是什么意思g, financial director of Domestic Lions Club a深圳nd former president of Shenzhen Lions Clovelylub wereclub invited tocouncil attend thecouncil词根 cerempassingoseminaryny.
        Lin Tao, president of the conference and first Vice Presiseminary是什么意思dent designate, first debypassinglivered the welcome speech. She said tpassenger造句hat she hoped that through this seminar, the new leaders will learn and undelove最新版官方下载rstand the work objectives and plans of this yeaseminar什么意思中文r, be famililions英语怎么读ar with the job recouncil词根sponsibilities of each positiopassengers中文意思n, learn, communicate and discuss together, and enhance the friendship of lipassingon friends.
&nbcouncilman小体sp;     &深圳大学nbsp;     President-elect Lin Ziyu bpassengerriefed on the 2014-2015 work plashenzhenn at the meeting. In 2014-2councilman015, the Lions Club of Shenzhen will be organized under the b深圳天气anner of &passing怎么读 LDquo; Palovely什么意思ssing on love ” With the theme “ Sustainable development, happy service, standardized managseminar教学模式ement, spread lclub是什么意思ove & RDquo; For thelovealarm slogan, focus on the realization of the following four objectives: on深圳大学e is to do a good job of member development, andpassenger怎么读英语 strive to achieve the goal; Second,council词根 inheriting brand projects and improving service level; Third, promote system construction and standardize lion management; Fourth, spread lion culture and promote exchanges and fellowship. In order to achieve the above goals, President-深圳天气elect Lin Ziyshenzhenu read tseminar什么意思中文he specilovealarmfic work mlove直播破解版easures to the participants, hoping that through the joint efforts of all lions club members, the work of Shenzhen Lions Club will深圳风险等级 reach a new leve深圳l.
            Nominatepassing怎么读d by Lin Ziyu, the president-elect, and approved by all the members of the council, yu Qian,lion是什么意思 Chief financial Officer forlions翻译 2014-love直直播app2015, Zhou Ting, Tian Wangxing, chief inspector, alove is gone英文翻译nd Gao Zhou, executive deputy secretary-general. Lin Ziyu, the president-designatcouncilse, also announced the positions and divlovely翻译ision of responsibilclubmed官网预订ities of all the memlionsgatebers of the district Council for 2014-2015, hopingclubmed官网预订 to lead the lions to fulfill their responsibseminar教学模式ilities and make joilovelynt efforts to promote the healthy and stable development of Lions Club shenzhen.
        At the seminar, Lin Talions读音o, the first vice prescouncil和committee的区别ident designate, and Shi Jianyong, the second vice president designate, respectively introduced the job responsibilities of the council members, the list of this year’s candidates and the outline of the annuseminars什么意思al activities. Yu Qian, the cfocouncil词根 desigshenzhenna深圳疫情最新动态te, reported on the collection of membership dues and fees for activities of directors andlovely committees inclub翻译 2014-2015. In the free discussion session, participants enthusiaseminar教学模式stically spoke, pooled their ideas, and made suggestions for the lion work of the New Year.
      &nbsplove直直播app;     Wu Xiaominglions的音标, 2013-2014 President, has full expectatcouncil怎么读ions for the new leadership and believes that they will continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Shenzhen Lions Club. In his speech, Huang Chunbin, vice chairman of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, afficouncilrmed the achievements of Shenzhen Lions Club in recent years, and put forwardcouncilman小体 some guiding opinions on the construction of lion af深圳疫情最新消息fairs, establishseminars什么意思ing integrity and sustainable development of Shenzhen Lions Club. In his speech, Zhang Guojun, executive vice president of the Domestic Lion Association, combined with the focus of the work of tseminar怎么读he domestic lion Association in the coming year, and the leaderlions是什么意思s of the lion friends who attended the meeting carried on an in深圳大学-depth exchange, and pseminar教学模式ut forward opinions and suggestions for the work of the Shenzhseminar怎么读en Lion Club in the next year. Shenzhen Model & RDquo; Contiseminarnue to lead the nation in working together.


The text/Li Xiao

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