Notice on the collection of membership dues of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2014-2015

Notice on the collection of membership dues of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2014-2015

Dear Lion friend,
    &nmembership怎么读bsp;       According to the articles of association of Lions Club shenzhen, in accordance with the relevant regulatlions英语怎么读ions on thnotice同义词e collection of membership dues of lions Cclub翻译lubs international and Lions clubs in China, in order to facilitate the smooth development of the work in 2014-2dues翻译015, Lions Club Shenzhen will深圳 collect the annual membership dues in advance from May to June 30th. It is the responsibility and obligation of every member to pay the membership fee in full.
I. Rewards for collection anclub怎么读d paymencollection翻译t of melions英语怎么读mbership dues
            1. All service teams thalions怎么读t have paid their membership dues before 31 May 2014 will be eligiblions翻译中文le for ldquo; Passinnotice同义词g on Love Excellence Award & RDquo; ;
      &nbmembership什么意思啊sp;     2. All service teams tcollection是什么牌子hat have paid the membership fee before June 15, 2014 will be eligib深圳疫情le for ldquo; Outstanding Transfer of Love Award & RDquo; ;
    &nlions的音标bsp;    notice作文   3. All service teams that have paid their membership dues by Junlions翻译e 30, 2014 will be eligible for ldquo; Passing on Love Excellence Award & RDquo; .
         collection接口   4. Tinotice作文mely payment of me深圳大学mbership dues will be one of the necescollection是什么意思sary conditions for the annual outstanding service tealions英语怎么读m selection. We holions翻译中文pe that all servnotice翻译ice teams will actively complions英语怎么读ete for the award.
Ii. Membership fee Standard:
            The annual membership fee for allclubmed membmembership怎么读音ers who join before December 31,notice过去式 2013 is RMB 1500. Members who join the club from January 1, 2014 to now must pay a semi-annual membership fee of RMB 750 this year.
Iii. Payment Method:
            Cash or transfer.深圳市最新疫情 Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club; Account number: 76925862085membership和member的区别5; Bank name: Bank oflions怎么读 China Huayuan Branch. Please indicate the service team, number or list in the postscrimembership什么意思啊pt when transfmembership什么意思啊erring, and send the bank receipt to thecollections.sort用法 office after transferring for financial reconciliation. Conta深圳疫情ct person: he aijian, li qinmembership和member的区别ghui, hou zhenlian, tel: 25688519,25688550. Fax to 25688900.notice的形容词

            It is hoped that all service teams will attach great importance to thclubman是什么牌子车e collection of dues this ydues翻译ear. Thanmembership什么意思啊k you for your support and cooperatdues是什么意思ion!
      &nnotice翻译bsp;     &nbslion是什么意思中文翻译p;                       &dues翻译nbsp;                           &nnotice翻译bsp;                     &nclubmedbsp;   &nbsmembership翻译p; &nbdues怎么读sp;                                               &nbsmembershipp;           &nbspdue是什么作业;                       &nbcollection接口sp;           &nbcollections.sort用法sp;      notice过去式 &nclubmanbsp;   &nb深圳sp;         &lion是什么意思中文翻译nbsp;    dues &nblions怎么读sp;         &nbspnotice;        

Shenzhen Lions Club
2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaomimembership和member的区别ng
Mslions翻译.深圳疫情 Lin Ziyu, Director designate of 2014-2015
Mr. Qian Shi Yu, Financialcollection是什么牌子 Officer designate for 2014-2015
May 23, 2014

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