Lion love chenglin good road far Thanksgiving have you all the way

Lion love chenglin good road far Thanksgiving have you all the way
Opening Ceremony owaywardf Domestic Lion Forest and Lion Love Into Forest & Bull; The third Shenzhen Lion Walk was heldroadcam行车记录仪 smoothly in 2014

         farm怎么读   Colorful flags flutter in the morning of May 28, 2014 at Fenghuangshan Forest Park in Shenzhen. Opening Ceremony of Lion Forest and Lion Love Into Forest & Bull; The 3rd Shenzway翻译hen Lion Walk was held here in 2014. Wang Naikun, vice chairman of the Presidifar是什么意思um of China Disabl程灵素ed Persons’ Federation and president of China Lions Association;roadcam下载 Zhang Guoyun, former Executive Vice President of China Lions Association; Su Zeran, Vice President of China Liofartherns Association; Chen Ya ‘an, Secretary-general; Fu Rong, Depuway是什么意思ty Secretary-general; Huang Chunbin, Vice President of Shenzhen Disfarmabled Persons’ Federation; Wu Xi程凌高aoming, 2013-2014 director; Lin Ziyu发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆, 2014-2far是什么意思015 director designate; More than 400 people particiroadsterpated in the activity, including leaders from ba成林香o ‘athanksgivingn district governfarmerment, Bao ‘an District Green Committee Office, Bao ‘an Distlove最新版官方下载rict Urban Management Bureau andgoods other relevant units, lion guides and lion frielion翻译nds from Shenzhen Lions Club and dalian, Beijing, Shenyang and Sichuan Member ma蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松nagement Committee.
 thanksgiving怎么读 &nbgoodleplay商店sp; &nbswayp瓦窑堡;       At the opelions英语怎么读ning ceremony, Mr. Yu Qian, executive chairman of The Lion Forest project team warmly welcomlion翻译ed the leaders, gu成林香是什么意思和征兆ests and lion friends from afar. Mr. Zhang Zhihe, executive Chairman of Shilinlilove直直播appn Project Team, iroadcam行车记录仪ntroduced slions英语怎么读hilinllion复数in project. Lion Forest project is sponsored by the Domestic Lion Association and Bao ‘athanksgivingn District Urban Management Bureau, undertaken by shenzhen Llove直播手机版app下载ions Club, and co-organized bygoodle member management organizagoodlucktions and ser成林香vice teams around the countrfarmery. Shilin project covers a total area of 200 mu, the first phase of land use of 40 mu, investment construction of more than 1.3goodbye million yuan. The plannroadsing and construction of the park is mainly dlovely翻译iroad怎么读vided into four parts: one is the Lion Culture square, whi程琳第一代网红chlion是什么意思 introduces the lion club culture; The second is the程琳第一代网红 bike path that connects the attract蛙泳ions or sculptures in the park. — Lion Road and Lion Station; Three isfarm the lion forest leisure chair. — The lion chair; Fourth, a largeroadster bodhi tree agoods the corlions英语怎么读e, to convey a peaceful atmosphere, assist with ginkgo, osmanthus, camphor trees composed of the lion forest. Lion Grove project is not only an important service activity for lion法人s club in the field of environmental protection, but also a front for lions club to promote pos程灵素itive energy, which plays a posit发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆ive role in promoting the development of Lions Club, and is also a beautgood的比较级iful scenery for lions Club in Clovelyhina. As a long-term service project of lions Club, Shenzhlovealarmen Lions Club will continue to raise funds to improve the relevant facilities of Lion Forest, so th法人at lion Forest will become the hope of national liogoodleplay商店n friends and a good place for发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆 shenzhen citizens to relax.
            Ma Min, executive chairroadcam下载man of The Lioroadn Forest project group, initiated the fundraising initiative, hoping ththanksgiving是几月几日at the lion friends and enterprises throughout the country will continue to support tlion的音标he construction of lion Forest, and also accelionpt donations from other caring people from all walks oflions life. &ldqway是什么意思uo; Small love domain, big love bfarmoundless; Lion love chenlove直播破解版g Lin, thank you! ” This is not only the slogan shouted by Wang Jilove直播软件安卓下载nsong, president of the OVERSEAS Chinese Town Service Team, leadinroad翻译g the 43 service tthanksgiving day翻译eam prelionkksidents before the acroad翻译tivity, but also the asroadx轮胎pirations oflove直播破解版 all lion friends.
        &nbsgood的比较级p;   Mrfar. Wang Nalove直直播appikugoodn, pres瓦窑堡会议identlion是什么意思 of lions Association of China, Mr. Huang Chunbin, Vice President of Shenlovezhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, Droadblockirector of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2013-201farm怎么读4, and otherlion的音标 leaders delivethanksgiving怎么读英语red speeches at the opening ceremony. Lion Lin & throughout; Unveiling of the memorial stone.
&nbsplove直播软件安卓下载;   &nbspways;       After the grand and warm opening ceremony, the 2014 3road是什么意思rd Lion Walk Competition blove直播手机版app下载eganthanksgiving, with & LDquo; Walking + Charfarity ” Advocate the concept of green environmental protection, call for care for left-behind children, publicity of social poway怎么读sitive efarthernergy.
  &thanksgiving怎么读英语nbsp;      thanksgiving   This activity by oct, master, red libo, mooring, Lin, datong, love, xixiang,roadblock bagua ling, Wen Jin, tiande, is located in mangrove bay, the east rose, peace, the inscription nonyl, high-tech, xinan, th法人e earth, wally, rainbow, silver lake程灵素, liuzhou, a pretty, checkpoint, stakes, sail, relevant, peng is, NSW, mileage, lonroadcam下载ghua, dahuang, hand in hand, the south China sea, nameplatthanksgiving day翻译es, good蛙泳 product, small companies It was jointlygoodnotes undertaken by 43 selove直播软件安卓下载rviclionse teams, including Baihe, Jinpai, Mission Hills, Bao ‘an, Bijia Mountain, Caitian and Nature. Shenzhen Red Bull Industrial Co., LTD., Guangdong Joint Construction Law firm, Shenzhen Liyue Food Co., LTD.瓦窑堡会议, Shgoodleplay商店enzhen Meizun Light Steel Housing Co., LTD., and Fenghuang Mountain Forest Park Managemloveent offway怎么读ice provided spfarm是什么意思onsorship and supportgoodluck for this activity.

By Zhang Zhihe & NBSP; Li Chunchang & have sp程琳第一代网红ent Photo/Lin Zeyun


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