Targeted assistance to the disabled Shen Lion again to donate masks to help resume work and production

Targeted assistance to the disabled Shen Lion again to donate masks to help resume work and production


On April 29, 2020, in order to promote the order深空彼岸ly resumptidonateon of work and production of organizations for the disadisabled电脑启动项bled during the epidemic and celebrate the 30th National Daydonate用法搭配 for helpdonate的固定短语搭配ing the disabled, The Lions Club of Shenzhen held a donation ceremony for masks for targeted Assistance serhelpfulvhelpices in the Conagain怎么读ference room of The Disabled people’s Federationlions in Zhongmin Times Squaretargeted, Luohu District. 30,000 masks were donated to organizations for the disabled with a service fund of 51,000 yuan.


Cao Tingguo, first-level researcher, Luo Qiwei, dedisabled是开启还是关闭puty Director, Lai Zhuoni, Group publicity Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Shenzhen Lionstargeted翻译 Club 2019-2020 President Weng Hua, Secretary General Du Hengkun, General Affairs Director Liao Ronghui, Chairman of the Committee for Poverty Alleviation and Assistance to the Disabled Su Jianhua adonate形容词nd representatives of the disabled attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Law. Deputy Director Lu沈阳疫情o Yiwei annouassistance的动词形式nced the beginning of the donation ceremony and introduced the l圣墟eaders and guests attending the ceremony.


WengHua President said in his speech, shenzhen lion has always insisted that “based on local, community service” social service oriented, “precise assistive”maskshop119 as one of thehelpless five major service project this year, this group of shenzhen support activities thromasksughout the year, many times durhelp是什么意思英文翻译ing the outbreak epidedisabled造句简单mic prevention materials donated for the disabled and institutions. The main purpose of the event was to donate 30,000 masks to help organizatlion的中文意思ions for the disabled to resume work and p神秘复苏roduction, so that the disabled couldonated feel the care and warmth of the society during the epidemic.assistance可数吗 So far, Lions Club shenzhen has raidonate用法搭配sed moremasks怎么读 than 5.94 million yuan for epidemic prevention and cagainmylifeontromask是什么意思英语l, 2.76 million yuan for hubei province, 2.06 million yuan for Shenzhen and 960,000 yuan for other places.


Cao Tingguo, a first-level researcher, said that since the outbreak of Chelp的用法OVID-19, Lions Club shenzhen hashelping respondedassistance怎么读 prompdonate的固定短语搭配tly and provided assistance to dihelp outsabled people imask是什么意思英语n Shenzhen many times and in batches, demonstrating its responsibility and high sense of social responsibility. He expressed gratitude to Lions Club Shenzhen on behalf of the disabassistance动词led organizations that received masks. He samaskshop119id he would distribute and use the donated goods well, convey the lhelp怎么读ovelions英语怎么读 of shenzhen Lions Club to them and expand tdisabled翻译he influence of shenzhen Lions Club.


The epidemic will pass, and spring is still beamasks怎么读utiful. We firmly believhelpful是什么意思e that with our firm condisabled电脑viction and strength, we will unite and help each other to win the final victory against the epideagainst的反义词mic.


【 Text 】 Huang Xinran

[Photo] Su Zhuangbin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP; hin

[Issued] Shenzhenhelp的用法 Lions Club Office

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