Nine to one lion dream come true

 Ninety-nine in one. The lion dream come true
The ninth National Member Congress of the Domestic Lions Association was held smoothly

 lions      From May 23 to 25, 2014, the ninth National Member Congress of Lions Association was held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centrue翻译ter. Wang Naikun, vice chairman of ttrue是0还是1he Presidium onine的序数词f China Disabled Persocome过去分词ns’ Federation, president of China Lions Association; Zhang Guojun, executicome过去分词ve Vice pcomedianresident of China Lions Association; Liu Guopucomeback, superviscome的过去式or; Huang Changwei, Dalion复数i Jianming, Zhao Dong, vice president liu Xiaogang, former vice president of Ctrue和falsehina Lions Associatiotrue的副词n; And more than 800 member representatives from shenzhen, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijincometg, Zhcomedyejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Sidream图片chuan and other 10 regions adreamboat什么意思ttended this grand meetidream怎么读ng. A delegation of more than 90 people, including Wu Xiaoming, the 2013-2014 president of Shenzhen Lions Club, attendecomediand the conference in Guangzhou.
        The conference was presided onineonever by Huang Changwei, vice president ocome怎么读f the Domestic Lions Association. Zhang Yong ‘an, chairman of Guangdlion的中文意思ong Disabled Persons’ Federation, delivered the welcome speech. The meetnineka南卡蓝牙耳机ing reviewed the 2013-2014 work report andlion是什么意思 financial report of the Domestidream是什么意思c Lions Association, and revised the working rules. Zhang Guojunnine怎么读, executive vice president of the Domestic Lions Association, made a work report enttrue怎么读itled “reform and innovation, solidcomedy work, create a new situation of the cause of the Lions Assocninepercentiation with Domestic charlions英语怎么读acteristics”, Xiao Xingping, chief financial officer of the Association, madetrue是什么意思 a financial report for 2013-2014, Ldreamboatiu Guopucome怎么读, chief supertrue的副词visor, made a report entitled “strengthentrue的副词 self-construe是0还是1truction and earnestly fulfill their duties, In the work report of the Btrueoard of Supervisors, lei Jianwtrue和falseei, chairman of the committee of Laws and Regulations, explaindreamenine的序数词d the revision of the working rules of the Association. Representatives from different regidream图片ons held groupcomeon discussions on the work and fnineoneinancinineal reports and the revcomedianision oflion怎么读 theninepercent work rules of the Association, and put forward suggestions and opinions. The Congress examined and adoptlioneled the work report, financial work report and work report of the Board of Supervisors.
        From 2013 to 201truelove4, the developme你能不能不撩我nt layout of The Domestic Lions Association was basically formed, and the membership scale grew rapidly. The manadreamboat什么意思gement system is improving day by day, and the conference management is more sdream头像tandardized. Social servicetrue是什么意思中文翻译s have achievetrue的副词d remarkablenine怎么读 results, and social inflionelluence has steaddream头像ily increaselion的音标d; The core value system is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the foundation of organizational culture is more solid. There are two major tasks totrue的反义词 be done in 2014-2015. One is to organize a series of commemorative activities for the 10th anniversary of the Federation, and the other is to start the preparatory work for the Outline of the 13th Five-Year Development Rules of the Federation. At the same time, efforts should be made to do a gootrue和falsed job in five aspects: first, guidedcomes by the core value system, strengthen the building of the melion翻译mbership team; Second, consolidate the three-level organization system bnine的序数词y focusilionng on the construction of service teams; Third, improvedreamweaver the ability of slion怎么读ocial service with the China Lion Foundacomestion as the startinglions英语怎么读 point; Fourth, strengthen and improve the training work, improve the level of conference management; Fdream怎么读ifth, the FEDERATION should strengthen its secomedianlf-improvement and strengthen its organization and leadership over the wcomeork of the plenary session.
        The assembly elects to produce a new director, supervisor and the leaderdreamboatship of each committee lion friends. The conference elected two new vice – presidents: Su Zeran and Lei Jianwei. Shenzhen lions wu x你能不能不撩我m, Lin Ziyu, Lin Tao, Zennine是什么意思g Shi have elected a new botrueloveard of directors, jin-liang wang was elected the new session of the board of supervisors supervininebotsors, Zhang Guojun as the 10th anniversary in the process of leading group leader, wu xm for peace poster contest organilion的音标zing committee chairman, Zheng Degang to cib laws and institutionsdream是什么意思, chairman of the committee, ShiJianYong to cib services comtruely和truly区别mittee vice chairman, Chan shi-jun is the vice – chairman of the finance Committee.
        Atnineone the meeting, Presidetrue的副词nt Wang Naikun denineonelivered an imptrue怎么读ortcome怎么读ant speecdream我的世界大逃杀h. Two changes should be paid attention to in the nenineteenw stage of development. In terlions英语怎么读ms of development and retentiocome的过去式n of members, retention is partdreamboaticularlion复数ly important and the quality of members should be improved. To serve the society, we should focus on the needdream我的世界s. It emphasized that the programs for helping the disabled shtrueloveould focus on finding jobs for the disabled, teach people to fish, and carry out various kinds of programtrue是什么意思s for hcome是什么意思elping the disabdream是什么意思led.
        The award banquet held in the evenicome过去分词ng was warm and grand. The gala praised the member management organizations, servicnineonee teams and excellent lion friends who made outstanding contributions to the development of the Association in 2013-2014, and built a pleasant and harmonlion是什么意思ious communication platform for lion friends in the ten regionslion是什么意思 of China. Shenzhen Lionslionkk Club’s Lion Forest and Walking project and Spring Multi-media Electric Classroom projecttrue是0还是1 won the Award of Excellent Service Project. Five servininepercentcenineka南卡蓝牙耳机 teams, honglilionkk, Chlionelang, Tai ‘nineteenan, Gaotrue怎么读feng and Xiaotong, won the Award of Outstanding Service Team. Zhang Xiaowei, Li Yuehua, Fentrue翻译g Qijiang, tian wang xing, Chen Jundong, YuQian, Zhang Zhihe, mining-team wide, Ma Min, Cao Haihong, Chen Zhuzhan, Li Zanmei, lily, Tan Zhaolin, ShaJinTao, xiao-ping Chcomedianen, an-ping zhtrue是0还是1eng, kit, Mr. Zhang, junping, Ye Dtrue是0还是1ong, Wu Zewei, Liao Maohua, Li Hua, Huang Xuelan,comeback xiao-yang zhoulion and other 26 memnine是什么意思bers won the award of outninestanding members.
        At the dinner, lion frcomesiends fromdream头像 all over also performed a wonderful & LDquo; The mostlionkk beautiful team clothes show & RDquotrue是什么意思中文翻译; Singninepercent to the song. When the lions of Yitiancome是什么意思 Service teatrue的副词m of Shcomeonenzhen Lions Club came out in their uniforms, they won warmdream我的世界大逃杀 applause from the audience and won the second place in the competition of uniforms in each district. A song by Peng Peng shi Brothenine是什么意思r, deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club Art Troupe & LDquo; Dream of hlion是什么意思armony ” “, sang out the aspirations of all lion ftrue怎么读riends, won the resonance of all lion friends, set off the climax of the whole party.
        During the ninth Condreamboatgress, the Federation also held & LDquo; Our world, our future. Award Ceremony of the 2nd National Peace Poster Collection fordreamboat Chninebotildren & Teenagers The Lion dream setlions sainineonel ” China Lion Foundation Award Ceremony, Annual Summadream头像ry Meeting of Lectorship & LDquo; Lecturer’s Night ” Fellowship party, otrue和falserganize football, golf tournament, service team captain forum, and hold a series of activities such as lion merchant boutique, lion afninefairninebots report, badge exchange exhibition, photography exhibition, etc. Shenzhen Lions Club actively organized and participated in all the activities, and achieved fruitful results in these activiticomedianes. At the Pdreamweavereace Postetrue的反义词r Awards ceremony, the Shenzhen Lions Club won the award. Excellent Organization Award & RDQUO; , Fairy Lake, Spark and Mangrove Bay service teams won & LDQUO; Best Support & RDquo; , the works recommended by Shenzhen Lions Cltrue是0还是1ub won 1 second prize and 5 third prizes, and the advisor won & LDquo; Excellent Instructorlion怎么读 & RDquo; Award. At the Chdream我的世界ina Lions Foundation Awarcomeds Certrue是0还是1emony, Shenzhen Lionlion的中文意思s Club was awarded the 2012-201lion是什么意思3 awards. H你能不能不撩我onorcomedianable mention & throughout; , 201comes3-2014 & LDquo; Honorablelion复数 mention & throughout; , Tai ‘an, Yinhu and Lcome怎么读ianhuashdream头像an service teams won & LDquo; Outstandinnine是什么意思g Service Team Award & RDQUOdream是什么意思; , Su Zeran, Lin Zitrue怎么读yu, Lin Tao, Shi Jianyong, Gao Zhou, Yuan Shimin and othetrue是什么意思r membecometrs of China Lion Foundation were commended. Icomediann & other; Lecturer’s Nightdreaming ” At the banquet, shenzhen Lions club lecturers Zcome过去分词hao Xiuzhong, Liu Yilin and Jia Jing were honored & LDcomeonquo; Excellent Lecturer & RDquo; Xiao Xingping, Yi Dongsheng, Chen Shijun, Huang Yiqun, Ma Min won & LDquo; Training Support Contribution Award & RDQUO; , Huang Yiqun won & LDquo; Regionlion复数al Team Leader Award & RDQUO; . In the football match, the Strue的反义词henzhen Lions football team won the championship. China Lions Football League champion &dream我的世界 RDquo; . In the fricomedyendship Golf Tournament,lion的音标 Shenzhen Lions Club won thedreamweaver fellowship Championship and the first prize in total strokeninebots. At the forum of service team leaderdream我的世界s, Zhang Li, the leader of Hong Lai Service Team, delivered a speech entitled “How tlionelo do a good job as a service team leader” to exchange experience and ex你能不能不撩我perience with service team leaders from all over the country. In the photo exhibition, the work of Wdream是什么意思u Xiaoming, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, won the prize of ldQUtrue的副词O; Honorable mention & throughout; .
        Thdream是什么意思e litrue是什么意思on’s dream codream我的世界大逃杀mes true. The wonderful ninth gendreameration conferencedream我的世界大逃杀 came to a slow end, bringing endless nostalgia and memories to all participants. This is not an end, but another beginning. Under the guidantrue和falsece of the spirittrue是什么意思中文翻译 of the 9th Generation lions Club, shenzhen Lions Club wildreamboat什么意思l continue to explore the way of the development of the lions clubcomedy with domestic characteristics with more enthusicome是什么意思asm and contrdreamibute to the development of the lions cluninebotb icome的过去式n China!


1. List of council members of Lions Association of China 2014-2015
2. List of members of the Supervisory Board of Lions Association in 2014-2015
3. List of members of advisory Committee of Lions Association of China 2014-2015
4. List of 2014-2015 Special Working Committee of Lions Associatrue的副词tion inlionel China

By Ma Huijualion的中文意思n & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun


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