Deep lion fight epidemic | “Domestic refueling” — dear lion friend, please promise me

By Annie Zhao


Editor’s noteSince the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, all lion friends of the Lions Club of Shenzhen have been committed to the prevention and control of the epidemic with courage and selfless dedicatifighting是什么意思on, actively donating money and mateepidemic品牌rials, and doing their best toplease翻译 fight the battle against the epidemic. On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, Annie Shijie wrote a prose poem on the theme of epidemic preventiondeep and control. I woepidemicsuld like to wish the lion friends a happy Lantern Festival and pay tribute to the lion friends fpleased是什么意思英语or their silent efforts and dedicatepidemic怎么记忆ion to epidemic predomesticatevention and control.


Time is always inadvertentldeepsleep2y in the rapid flow, take away the fleeting time, but do not take away deep in the bottom of my hepleased是什么意思英语art the most soft pallet mark.2020The Spring Festival was quiet and not quiepleasedt. In self-isolation at home14 days, dear brother and sister lion, are you all right? The isolation of the virus can not isolate the lion friendship, do you have thelions same as me, when you look through the moments, see the scenes of yourself in the red lion suit busy in the sepidemic和pandemic的区别ervice, and feel particularly happy and proud; Clicking thelions英语怎么读 links on wechat groups or public platfofighterrms, I was deeply moved by the long list ofight过去式f donalionstions made by lions club shenzhen and lfriendship的英语作文ions Clion的中文意思lub Shenzhen to win the battle against the epidemic. Disaster ideeplys also a big test,epidemic品牌 is testing everyone’s heart.


The arrival of the epidemdeeplyic, so that a lot of people unprepared, some people panic, at a loss, some people disdain, and some people unfortfriendshipunately contracted pneumonia. In this special period, we should be more rational and calm pefightingople. Dear lion friends, please promise me, do not listen to rumors, do not believe rumors, do a good job offight翻译 self-protection, protect yourself and your family, have a strong heart and a strong body can better serve others.


It is the law of nature that the stronlion怎么读g become stronger and the weak become weaker. In the face of life and death, other things are small, from childhood to childhood as long as siplease的名词ck, doctors and mother has been told“Take medicine as soon as possible”. Up to now, no hospital or expert has announced that there is a specific medicine for this epidemic, even if you have golfriends是什么意思d and sideepestlver mountains, it is useless. Thefight过去式 most useful specific mediciepidemic和pandemic的区别ne is your own immunity. Dear lion friend, please promise me, eat well and sleep well, even if you don’t go out, you should exercilionse properly, immunity is your biggest competitiveness.


In the facrefuelinge of disaster, human beings are not great, even very small. Life is the most helpless, sudden changes. Without healthepidemic怎么记忆, therdeeplye is ndear是什么意思o everything, life only once, only good health, we can live happily, love the people we want to love, do what we want to do.lions Dear lion friends, please promise me that even if the epidemic has passed, we must wash our hands frequfriendly副词ently, use chopstickepidemicss and driepidemicsnk thedeepest right amount. We should cherish our own bodydeepl翻译 andfighting cherish everyone around us.


On muddy counfriendly翻译try roads in remote mountain villages, in front of a lerefuelinggless desk in a shabby classroom, at the bed of an elderly person in a poor family, there are lion friends caring for others and giving love figure and footprint. The impact of this pandedeepestmic is impossible to predict, and mplease翻译ay make life worse for many families who are notfriendly wealthy. Dear lion friends, please promise me that you can take advantaepidemicsge of this time to settle yourfighting加油self and improve yourself. Because the epidemic is over, there aredomestic怎么记忆 still many things waiting for us to do together and many people waiting for us to hdearlyelp.


The Spring Festival, for many people is one of the most long Spring Festival, may also be one of the most boring during the Spring Festival, but for tepidemic situation翻译he epidemic prevention and control group, which is proplease的名词bably the most hard even they spent during the Spring Festival is one of the most aepidemic翻译nxious,deepin they can only through the way of WeepidemicChat, telephone communication anlioneld coepidemic situation翻译ntact, as possible speed raise, raise mondearey for the outbreak Set up the structure of the team and make a good division of labor. Use all resources to fiplease的各种形式nd the most scarce materialsfriends and donate them to the hospitals and institutions in most need. Dear lion friends, please promise me, please sayepidemic和pandemic的区别 one word to the lion friends of the epidemic prevention and control team“Yorefueling是什么意思u were laborious”!


Dear lion friends, please promise me that even though you canlion复数‘t meelions英语怎么读t, you will often send wechat messages and make phone calls to lion fepidemicsriends, even if it is just a question“How are you, Brother Lion?” “How are you, Sister Lion?”

Dear lion friends, please promise me that you must pay clolion翻译sepidemic翻译e attention to and carefullrefueling翻译中文y read the informaepidemiction about the epidemic and lion affairs. At anypleased time, we do not want any lion friends to be left behind

Dear Lion friends, please promise me that when the epidemic is over, we will continue to be hlion的音标appydomestication翻译方法 and make mordear是什么意思e people quiet

Dear lion friend, please promise me, when the epidemic is over, don’t always say“No time”, be sure to attend as many activities as possible, chplease怎么读语音erish every service, regular meetings and lion friendspleased和pleasant的区别 together time

Deaepidemic situation翻译r Lion friends, please promise me that no matter when the epidemic is over, we should remain positive, optimistic and peaceful To helplions英语怎么读 each other until the warm spring, to serve others, flowers and together.


About the author:

Shenzhen Lions Club20192020Public relations and publicity Commitfriendship的英语作文tee, chairman of Sepidemic翻译henshi News Agency, founding leader of Huatian Sepleased和pleasant的区别rvice Team

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