Brief on epidemic prevention of novel Coronavirus pneumonia in Shenzhen Lions Club (VII)

As of 17:00 on 10 February 2020, Shenzhen Lions Club and 108 service teams have raised a total of 3,briefing345,8063 yuan for novel Coronavirus infclubmed官网预订ection prevention services, with the value of 447,800 yuan. The district council raised 1.46714 million yuan for epidemic prevention, of which 927,640 yuan was actually received.

At present, 1,8710,653 million yuan has been invested in epidemic preventibriefly翻译on services, mainly including: 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yunovelty翻译an, respectively, to the Dbriefingomestic Lion Association, hubebriefsi Wnovelist翻译uxiu City Charity Association and Wuhan Caidian District Charity Association, totaling 250,000 yuan; The donated epidemic prevention materials were worth 1,617,4653 million yuan, including 2,907 pieces of isolation clothing worth 312,200 yuan; 7196 goggles worth 178,257 yuan; 336,300 masks, worth 417,348 yuan; 120 temperature guns, worth 11,880 yuan; 171,400 medical gloves, worth 177,173 yuan; 3380 masks, worth 74511.3 yuan; 2780 pieces of disinfectant, worbriefly翻译th 118,164 yuan; 1 hand washing robot, wcoronavirus读音onovelty翻译rth rmb1980; 24 bottles of hands-free dcoronavirusesisinfection gel, worth 1320 yuan; 224 bopneumonia记忆方法ttles深圳疫情最新动态 of hand sanitizer, worth 6,4briefly是什么意思啊32 yuan; Double carbon steel uv sterilization lamp car 20, thecoronavirus是什么意思 value of 9000 yuan; 6 air disinfection machines, worth 34,800 yuan; 16 ventilators, worth 150,800 YUAN; 6400 medical hats, worth 22,200 yuan; 1020 pipneumonia怎么读eces of medici深圳天气ne, wortnovelsh 105000 yuan (inspirational materials).

At present, the special expendlions读音iture of t深圳天气he District Council for epidemic prevention isbriefcase是什么意思 RMB 57pneumonia翻译024, as folclubmedlows:

1. Suppclubmedort the Association to carry out epidemic prevention services in Hubei RMB 150,000 (RMB 50,brief翻译000 to purchase masks and another RMB 100,000 to be arranged by the Association);

2. 88,000 dispbriefingosable medical gloves, subtotal 66,000 yuan;

3. Purchase 10,000 N95lions翻译 masks (to be delivered), subtotal 150,000 yuan;

4. Purchased 100 barrels of disinfectaepidemic怎么读音nt, subtotal 24,000 yuan;

5. 2000 pairs of goggles, subtotal 60,000 yuan;

6. Purchase 18 UV sterilization lamp vehicles, subtotal 12,224lions怎么读 yuan;

7. Purchase 1000 bottlenovelupdatess of chlorine dclubioxide, subtotal 108,000 yuan.

In addition, the materpneumonia翻译ials collected and delivered by the Dbriefcase是什么意思istrict Council are as follows:

1. He Jianhao donated 1000 Korean KN94 masks (Inspired by Guo Yepidemic situation翻译ongyong)

2. Lion Friend LAN Xiangyong donated 150 imported masks (30 N95 and 120 N94) (clubman是什么牌子车Inspired by Wu Jinzhi)

3. Li Xiaprevention翻译 donated 700 self-heated meals (including 112 lunch bolions怎么读xes), subtotal 21,000 yuan (Inspired by Wu Jinzhi)

The special working group of epidemic prevention of the District Council actively contacted hoepidemic是什么意思sp深圳itals and wilbrieflyl donatnovele supplies to hospitals in the near futurelions翻译中文.


Hats off to the lions! Thumbs up for lions! We firmly believe that in the near future, spring will ushe深圳r in flowers, everythinoveltyng will recover, and the Sons and daughters of the Chinese nation willlion是什么意思 unite as one and win this tough battle against the epidemic.



      &nlions英语怎么读bsp;epidemic怎么记忆 &nbsnovelty翻译p;       &nlions是什么意思bsp;      briefcase         &lions怎么读nbsp;              clubman         &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp;   &n深圳疫情bsp;             Shenzhen Lions Club

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