Travel with stamps - Shenzhen Lions Philately Club returns to China Lions Beijing Representative Office philately Club

In April, the cold of Beijing has faded, and the green is everywhere. The blooming of pe深圳疫情最新消息ar flowers and thetravel的过去式和过去分词 fragrance of magnolia are refreshing. With the strong spring feeling, Lions Club of Shenzhen will pay a return visit to the Stamp Club of Lions Club of China Beijing Representative Offireturn是及物动词吗ce from April 25 to 27, 2021. Wu Yuqiong, supervisor of Shenzhereturn是哪个按键n Lions Club, Sun Xiaowebeijingi, chairman of Phil深圳风险等级atelic Club, Tong Xin, Executive Chairman of International Lion Foundation Committee, Fu Wenqiang, Executive chairmatravelern of Philatelic Club, Zhu Mingjuan, Chen Heng, Geng Yi, liang Xiaoqing of Shenzhen Luohu Post Office and oth北京疫情最新情况er mshenzhenembers were wachina翻译rmly receitravel是什么意思veclub用英语怎么说d by Beijing Lionstraveled Club.

Sun Meiyan, He Xin, Zheng Litong, Xiao Jie and Chen Hanxiang,北京出现蓝太阳 chairman of philatelic Club of China Lion Unlions翻译中文ion Be北京封闭小区开演唱会ijing Representative Office, welcomed shenzhen Lion Friends at Beijing West Railway Station on the morning of 25th. The first stop of the trip, Shenzhen Shiyou came to Beijinreturnsg Jing ant深圳疫情最新动态uopu Forensic Experreturns翻译tise Institute, which was warmly received by Di北京限号retravel过去式ctor Wang Sanyi. Which brings together the domestic first-class stamps appraisal experts, as well as various professional identification equipment, is the national stamp identification standard unit, which senior stamp printing expert li dongtravelingsheng told the teacher made stamps for shenzhen lion friends identify the sechinaminar, make you a new understanding andtravel的现在分词 appreciation of the stampclub是什么酒s, more make everyone excited, He Xin, philatelic Club of China Lion Union Beijing Representative Office,traveling brought his personal collecclubstion of a dolion是什么意思中文翻译uble ticket of "The Mothclub用英语怎么说erland is red" forlions you to observe and appreciate on site. This stamp is a sacred relic in the hearts of philately lovers, not to say to own, even to have alion是什么意思 look is not easy. The lion friends close tclubman是什么牌子车o appreciate not only, but also under the guidanlion是什么意思ce of teachers with professional北京科技大学 instrument to know the detail such as the printing process, the main characteristics of stamps, andlion是什么意思中文翻译 why the modern printing technology can't reproduce this Jane mail reason, let it be for this on domestic YoreturnsuPiaoShi have prominent position and value of stamps have intuilions翻译中文tive understanding.

In the afternoon, shenzhen Shiyou group came to the Domestic Polions翻译stal and Stamp Mus深圳疫情最新消息eum. In this 5,5shenzhen00-square-stamp是什么意思英语翻译成中文meter exhibition hall, there were seven themed exhibition areas, namely "original communicatreturnsion", "ancient Post", "Modernlions的音标 Post", "contemporary Post", "Stamp Exhibition Hall", "Specitravelal Exhibition Hall" and "treasure Hall". Theclub翻译 exhibition showcases the histolions怎么读ry of domestic stampclub是什么意思 products from various periods since the Qing Dynasty and the history of world stamps. Through北京师范大学out the visit, the staff gave professional explanations for everyone, which made everyone's eyes wide open. Astamps是什么意思英语fter that, the shenzhen lion Friends came to the exhibition of the wolions的音标rks of Mr. Shao Bolin, the famous dome北京疫情最新情况stic stamp designer and designer of 80 Chinese zodiac monkey tickets. With the great help of Chairman Liu Bo, everyo深圳ne got the souvenir cover signedreturn是及物动词吗 blionsgatey Shao.

Photo taken at the Stamp Museum

I深圳疫情最新消息n the evening, at the sodding party carefully prepared by Beijing Lion Friends, Guo Keli, deputy secretary of the international Department of the official Domestic Disabled Persons' Federation and the Joint branch Committee o深圳天气f the Domestic Lion Association, Xu Xuezhi, direlions读音ctor of the Beijing Representative Officereturns of China Lion Feder北京疫情ation, Wu Shengnan, director o北京出现蓝太阳f the supervision group, Wu Yizun, first deputy director, Cao Hui, slions的音标econd deputy director, Bai Yongqiang, Liu Quan, the second deputy director designate of China Listamps是什么意思英语on Union Shenyang Representative Office, Hou Fengchen, the flions翻译ormer director of China Lion Union Dalian Representative Office, Wang Ban, the fortravelledmer director of China Lion Union Shenyreturns什么意思ang Representative Office and others came to the meeting platraveledce to extend a warm welcome to Shelions英语怎么读nzhen Lion Friends. Co深圳疫情最新消息nference, lions in the le北京封闭小区开演唱会ague, director of the Beijing representative officechina翻译 Xu Xuezhi delivered a warm speech, of the two lions to "mail", promote exchange vis北京疫情its between the two lions, friends and learn to give a high degree of evaluation and affirmation, hope both lion friends more such cultural exchange activities, promote the lion friendship between friends, enhance the lion culture. Chairman Liu Bo and Chatravelled怎么读irman Sun Xiaowei, speaking on behalf of Beijing and Shenzhen Philatelic Club respectively, said that the two lion frstamp什么汉语意思iends would stay true to their original aspiration, strengthen exchanges and costamps是什么意思中文operation through mail, etravel的过去式和过去分词nhanstamps是什么意思英语ce cultural connotatistamps是什么意思英语on, provide深证指数 experience f北京科技大学or the communic深圳天气ation and interaction of the national litravel的现在分词on f深圳地铁线路图riends, and make contributions to the communication and integration between lion friends. The two lion friends also gave each other souvenirs at the meeting. Mrclub是什么意思. Wang Sanyi, Mr. Yan Bingwu, Mr. Zhang Ermiao, Mr. Zhang Shreturn是延续性动词吗iqi, Mr. Li Dongsheng and other experts in Beijing participated in the party. All the teachers signed their signatures on the commemoraclub翻译tive cover of the 10th anniversary of the Red Action, which was planned and issuechina读音d by Shenzhen Lions Philately Club and Domestic post.

Photo taken at the Beijing and Shenzhen Lion Club

On the mornichina翻译ng of 26th, shenzhen Lion Friends visited the Beijing Niujitravelled怎么读e Zodiac stamp themed post office under the thoughtful arrangement of Beijing Lion Friends. In the afternoon, drive to badaling Great Wall in yanqing, got the Great Wall of domestic famous expert深圳风险等级s, the Great Wall topic philatelist xian-li meng teacher and his wife's warm retravelled怎么读ception, and made北京时间校准 a lecture on the topic of the Gr深圳地铁线路图eat Wall for everybody, from alreturn是及物动词吗l astampsspects of lectures about the knowledge of the Great Wall, "all men are mortal" to everyone on the Great Wall have a deeper und北京封闭小区开演唱会ersreturns什么意思tanding, At the stravel的现在分词ame time for the ancient working ptraveleople of the great creatlions是什么意思ivity otraveledf heartfelt admiration! At the symposium, Mr. Meng signed his boostampsk badalin北京天气g and the Great Wall and presented a souvenir cover of the Great Wall to everyone.

On the morning of 27th, lion friephilatelynds from Beijing and Shenzhen came to the Badaling Great Wall. Mr. Meng xianli and his wife were already waiting freturns翻译or everyone. Mr. Meng acted as the "guide" for everyone. Mr. And北京限号 Mrs. Meng, who are over深圳疫情最新动态 60 years old, walked up the Badaling Great Wallchina with lion friends and itravelledntroduced the cultural features and historical allages of the Badaling Gretravel是什么意思at Wall to everyone. They also found out the stamps and souvenir covers of the Badaling Great Wall and arranged the lion friends to take photos with them. Under the meticulous planning of He Xin of Thtravel过去式e Beijing Philatelic Club, Yang Tiejun of the Beijing Philachina翻译telic Club printedbeijing everyone's photos into postcards on the spot, and he Xin stamped the Great Wall of Badaling at the badallions翻译中文ing Post Off深证指数ice on the spot for everyonetravelled怎么读, becoming a limit mailreturn是什么意思 photo, which is of great commemorative significance. Everyone felt intimate and moved by the thoughtful and meticulous atravelerrrangement of He Xin and Yang Tiejun.

Photo taken of badaling Great Wall

The threturns翻译ree-da北京科技大学y tripstamps是什么意思翻译成中文 was so moved and harvested. Thanks to the small stamps, lion friends became friends and got together. I believe that the touching and harvest in this most beautiful Areturn是什么意思p深圳市最新疫情ril day will become the "precious mail" in everyone's heart. As time goes by, it will become more and more precious.


【 Text 】 Sun Xiaowei

Shenzhen Lions Philately Club

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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