Domestic Lions association 2011-2012 annual financial work conference held smoothly

Domestic Lions association 2011-2012 annual financial work conference held smoothly

&nbsdomesticatep; &nannualbannual中文翻译sp;          lions英语怎么读 The 2011-2012 annual financial conferenceworker of Lions Association was successfully held in Shenzhen Silver Lake Resortworkshop on December 19-20, 2011. Domestic liofinancial是什么意思n federation vice-chaiannual的名词rman Zhang Guojun brother Xu Xiaoning lion lion brother, treasurer, director of the officelions是什么意思 of mannualolten fu lion brother elder sisworkter, Presidentworker of shenzhlions是什么意思en lion Zheng Dconference翻译egang lions, lfinancial是什么意思英语ions club and lion's club in shenzhen, guangdong, dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, shenyang, shanxi, zhejiang management committee secretary general, chief financial officer, chielions音标f financial officconference读音er and so on more than two dozen people attended the meeting.
       domestic怎么读;       The meeting was presided over by Mr. Liu Kaicheng, chief Financial Officer of Lions Club of Guangdong. In his speech, Mr. Zheng Degang, president of Lionannual翻译s Club shenzhen, welcoassociation什么意思中文翻译成med all of you to come from far away and hoped to make the financial work of each regiconferenceon morassociation用法及搭配e efficient through learning and implementfinancial是什么意思ing the financial management system of lions Club Shenzhen. Mr. Zhang Guoyuannual英语怎么读n, vice preassociation什么意思sidendomestic怎么读t of the association, made a pep speech. He said that the lions fund is the bconferencesasic condition andfinancially means to serve the society and achievworkse the goals of the Lions Club, alions英语怎么读nd is the focus of the members andfinancial times thedomestic是什么意思 community. Therefore, to do a good job in financial work and manage lions club's service funds anwork是什么意思d activity funds is the top priority of our wodomestic怎么记忆rk, and also the core content of lion manadomestication翻译方法gemlions英语怎么说ent. Only by focusing on fund management can we promote the development of liconference怎么读ons Club aconferencesnd refledomesticallyct it better. Is helping others and serving the society. Objective. Only by improving the operating mechanism of financial work can we develop rapidly, make various service activities wonderful and get social and officiaconference怎么读l recognition.

            At the meeting, Mr. Xu Xiaoning, chief financiaconference读音l Officer of the federation, delivered an importantdomestic是什么意思 speech. He said that the service funds and activity funds of the service teams needconferences to be better controldomesticled, and each district should come up with practical measures for the management of the seworkshoprvice teams to better manage them. The chief finaannual英语怎么读ncial officer of each region made a report on the financial work of each region, and the financial director of shenconference翻译zhedomestic是什么意思n Lions Club, Guangdoconference词根词缀ng Lions Club, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Zhejiang managementannual committee all explainworksed the financial work of their rfinancial是什么意思egion, and disculions音标ssed the finaannual翻译ncial problems encountered in the work.
&lions读音nbsp;           Brother Liu Kwork的过去式aicheannualng conveyannual是什么意思ed the financial management system, fundraising manassociation怎么读音agement method, membership fee collection method and detailed rules of financial management. Fu Rong Shi Jie, Chen Yan Shi Jie, Wang Caixia Shi Jie elaborated meconference读音mbership managementdomesticate and membership fee collection work content and standards respectively; Chen Shijun explained the Accounting System of non-governmental non-profit organizatilions读音ons, lioannual英语怎么读ns Club accounting practconference读音ice and the appllions英语怎么读ication of financial software, and discussed with everyone the standlions英语怎么说ard requirements of budglions英语怎么说et implementation supervision, accounting and accounting system implementation. The meeting content is rich, the discussion atmospheconference和meeting区别re is warm, we have a deeper understanding of financial mafinanciallynagement.

            The two-daydomestic读音 meeting came to an end. After Mr. Liu Kaicheng cconferencesollected and summarized everyone's opinions, anassociation翻译swered questions and clarified unified management standards, Vice President Zhang Guojun made a summary speech. He talked about, the financial work conference joint leadership very seriously, is to implement & LDquo; LiuDaiHui & throughout; An important meeting in spiconferencesrit. To do aassociation怎么读 good job in fund managemenannual是什么意思t and financial worassociation翻译k, we need to learn from lions Clfinancial怎么读ub international's experience, strengthen membefinancial是什么意思英语rship management, collect membership dues according to regulations, and adhere to the basic principles of fund approval. We hope that we can implement the spirit of this meeting, continue tassociation英语o work hard, overcome all difficuassociation用法及搭配lties, and colion是什么意思ntribute our love and strength to the wonderful cause of Lidomestic读音ons Club. &nassociation造句bsp;

                                &nbsdomestic是什么意思p;                               &nfinanciallybsp;   &nassociationbsp;   Article/photannual英语怎么读o & havconference词根词缀e spent   Zhou Jiaassociation和collection的区别o dragconferenceson

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