Shenzhen Lion friends participated in the training of the Major disaster Assistance Committee of the Domestic Lion Association

Shenzhen Lion friends participated in the training of the Major disaster Assistance Committee of the Domestic Lion Association

From April 17 to 20, 2019, the National work Codisaster怎么读nference and training of the Major Disaster Assistance Commifriends美剧ttee of the National Lion Association (hereinafter referfriendship可数还是不可数名词red to as “LION Associdisaster英语ation”) was held in Chengdu. Lion friends from all representative offices and units gathered in Chengdu. Li Ying, chairman of the 2018-201disaster的最高级9 Emergency Rescueparticipated怎么读 Education Center of Shefriends用英语怎么说nzhen Liondisaster什么意思s Club, led the lion friends Fan Zehua, Lai Cuiping and Guo Yahui to participate in the meeting and complete all the coursefriends怎么读s and practical exercises.

On the evening of May 17, Mo Jianbo, Chairman of the Major Disaster Assistance Committee of the FEDERAcommittee和commissionTION presided over the opelion复数ning ceremony. At 8 o ‘clock on the morning of 18th, the trained lion frienassistanceds gathered and went to dujiangyan Huaxcommitteesi Fdisasters怎么读语音arm training base. At noon, they arrived at the camp and divided into groups, and carried out outdoor fire cooking skills traininfriends什么意思中文g. 2 PM, junzi training, outdoor debr深圳is flow, flood disassistanceaster determination and prevention lecture; 8 p.m., learn clim深圳大学bingmajors rescue climbing andfriends怎么读 falling knots and the use of various tools and uses; Two emergency rallies were held at 24:00. At 8 o ‘clock on the morning of the 19th, learn the fast defriends翻译scentcommittee和council and climb of the wild rock climbincommittee中文意思g rescue and practical operation; At 2:00 PM, we learned the pracassistancetical operation of rassistanceescue workers carrying injured people down, the establishment of three-point proassistance是什么意思tection station in the field and crossing system, and all thassistance的用法e team memajoredmbers completed the practicdisaster的形容词al operation drill; 7pm, campsite setup, tent setup,friends用英语怎么说 dinner barbecue for all team memajor是什么意思mbers. &nparticipate的用法bsp; At noon on theassistance怎么读 2disasters怎么读语音0ttraining衣服品牌h, we learned the handling and transfer of the wounded in the field, and the self-rescue of individuals in the field.

Tfriends是什么意思hrough four days of intense learning and training, the participants learned the spirit of the federation’s major disaster assistance work, mastered the skills of fiecommittee怎么读ld survival and resc深圳疫情ue, improved the ability andparticipate读音 level of emergeassistance的动词形式ncy rescue, and laid a good foundation forassistance dealing with emergencies in the future.

By Li Ying

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