Shenzhen Lions Club held its first joint meeting in zone 5 of 2019-2020

On September 6, 2019, the first joint meeting of The Fifth Zone of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was held in Domestic Economic and Trade Building of Futian Dizone状态striczone是什么品牌手机t. Shenzhelions怎么读n Lions Club 2019-2020 President Weng Hua, seconzone怎么读d Vice Presidentzone翻译 Guo Yongyong, General Affits和it’s的区别airs Director Liao Ronghui, Chief Inspector Du Peng, Chairman Ru Chunxu of Zone 5, Chairman Zuo Hongyi of Zone 17, Chairjoint effortman Chen Dongmei oclubmedf Zone 18, Chairman Deng Meixin of Zone 19, Chairman Liu Qihai of Zone 20, Sup深圳大学ervisor Mr Tanmeeting怎么读英语g Ho-chi, team captains and tejoint ventuream representatives fro深圳天气m Region 5 attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ru Chunxu and Presided over by Zuo Hongyi.

President Ru Czone是什么意思中文hunxu dits翻译elivered a recent work report. This year, the fifth section positive respoclub用英语怎么说nse WengHua President “a persistence, threclubmede key, five class service” of the overall planning, closely around the “asc深圳大学ension lion friends love of lion and cognitive, optimizing the brand project, strclub用英语怎么说engthen theldbackhe joi深圳疫情最新消息nt services, and promote the fifth zone lion friends friends and friendship, enhance the lion team pride,” the annual work center of gravity, on the lionzone service work, Organize lion friendsjointly in zone 5 to participate in various large-scale activities, hold a joint training in zone 5, and hold 1 ~ 2 joint meetings; On service activities, the organization’sfirst fifth zone lion friends take an active part in the five service projects and “the team will lion”, as a whole the drug control mission, pen and ink, winter jasmine, diabetes propaganda and education, save in your side, free clinimeeting是什么中文意思cs, public art, reading for the disabled and other service projects, and according to the actual situation of th深圳市最新疫情e service activities held 1 ~ 2 times zone joint service activities.

Ru Chunxu, President

President Ru chunxu expressed hihelds gratitude to the lion friends for their enthusiastic participatiojointedn in the recent lion friends training, inauguratlionsgateion ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club and joint training of Zone 5. He hoped that the lion friends would support and coopclub是什么意思erate with the work plan of Zone 5 this year and do a good jobzone是什么意思中文 in the lion work as always.

Division annual work report link. Chairman Zuo Hongyi said that t深圳天气his year, the 17th Zzone什么意思车上的什么按钮one will flions是什么意思ully support and cooperate with the 5th zone’s annual wozone状态rk plan, strictly implement all kinds of work, and organize the service team to actively carry out all kinds of service activities, focusing on the anti-drug propaganda and eduzone是什么意思中文cation service of the Classic Service team. President Chen Donjoint是什么意思gmei saizone是什么意思中文d that they would organize a joint meeti深圳ng of the service teams in the 18th district to select two service projects from the f深圳天气ive major projects for jointlions怎么读 service, actively advocate and encourage the annits翻译ual servijointedce fund of the service team to reach 10,000 yuan, and encourage the lioitsmn friends to donate the Lfirst青年电影展ion Award; Chairman Deng Meixin said that she would focus on improving深圳疫情 the omeeting的音标rganizational structure of each service team in the 19jointheclub是谁th Distrits翻译ict, standardize the regular meeting process and service activity process of each service team, actively carry out joint services, do a good job in caring for lion friends, andlions读音 strive to build an excellent servimeetingtencentcomce team. Chairmmeeting是什么意思中文翻译an Liu qihai said that this year, the 20th District will advocate the service team to “lead the weak with the strong”, do a good job in various lion work,held中文 in the aspect of service activities with diabetes education as the key service projzoneturfects, and actively organize the service team to carry out joint activities.

Joint Services Initiative, Tai, shenyang, huaitsming, classic, flat land, traders know, son, depart, liuzhjointlyou, ovaltine, alex, shenzhou, jiangshan, moits和it’s的区别oring, peng bo love charity collection, elitfirstname填姓还是名e, punch, macro Yang, care, sail, jin yue, splendid, tzone怎么读he path and hua han, dream, Jin Ming service captain and service representatives respectiveclub是什么酒ly introduces the major brand service projects in service, And the initiative has the intention of the service team to jointlclub用英语怎么说y carry out service activities.

Guo Yongyon深圳疫情g, the second vice President of theld的意思是什么he Board, affirmed the joint meeting held by the fifth Zone and praised the team leaders for their enthusiasm and pragmatic style. He hoped that the leaders of each service team would be serious and responsible during theijoint是什么意思r tenure, shoulder the responsibility of the healthy development of the service team, and do a good job in various lion work under the leaders深圳市最新疫情hip of the regional and regional chairmen.


President Weng hua said he was glad to szone是什么品牌手机ee that President Ru Chunxu, dits翻译istrict chairmen and service team leaders have fully stepped intitsyou是什么意思o their roles and actively engaged in lion work. He thanked everyone for their support to the anfirst是什么意思nual work plan of Lions Club shenzhen. At the same time, he gave a detailed explanation of the “Hundred Liofirst青年电影展ns club” project,joint effort hoping that by actively participating in the “Hundred Lions Club” project, we could gatherlions英语怎么读 a group of like-minded lions friends to jointly enhanclions是什么意思e theheldback influence of Shenzhmeeting是什么意思en Lions Club and promote the sustainable development of public welfare undertakings.


[Text] Zhou Wenguangclub怎么读

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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