Gratitude and Touching — Exclusive interview with Mr. Shi Jianyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017

Be thankful be thankful be touched

— Exclusive interview with Mr. Shi Jianyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2016-2017

He has been a mgratitude翻译ember of lions club for 11 years, fro深圳地铁线路图m ordinary member to president. He has suffered and tired, but he enjoys it and has no regrets. Buinterview什么意思sy figure, like song years, outline the wonderful ch慕容雪夜逸尘apter of his life. He i深圳疫情s Shijianyong, the 2016-2017 president of the Sgratitude的用法henzhen Lions Club.

2016-2017,茧蛹 shenzhen lions in ShiJianYong team unde梦入神机r the leadership of President and council, the powerful collaboration in all of the friends of the lion, aroungratitude造句d the “into the new lion ji” annual theme, harvest thepresident是什么意思 fruits, implements “the development of thousands of members, invested tens of millions of funds, to深证指数 carry out the one thousand spresident翻译ervice, influenjianyongce the fa深圳风险等级mily” the grand goal. From July 2016 to June 2017, Shenzhen Lions Club carried out 1,222 service activities, with a service fund of 38.58 million yuan. 11,090 members participated in the service, 196,900 benefited from the service, and the pergratitude capita service fund expenditure was about 7,gratitude造句220 yuan. Eighteen new service teams were created, 1051 new members were developed, with a net membership growtintervieweeh rate of 11.44% and a m世纪佳缘embership of 5324 lions Club Inte深圳疫情最新动态rnational.

From 2016 to 2017,touching翻译 shenzhen Lions Club, while based on the local area and inheriting brand service projects, in十二星座novatively carried out variinterview翻译ous service activities, actively prointerviewer怎么读moted the revisigratitude的用法on of articles of association and related systems, advocated saving and opposed extravagance and waste, built lion cooperation system, cared for the health of lion friends and othe识图r lion work. It has won a number of honors successively from Lions Club International, Lions Association of China and Shenzhen municipal government. It has been awarded “Top ten Public Welfare Organizations” and “Love Award” of Shenzhen Care Action. Setouching怎么读veral social service projects have been awarded “Top Ten Care Events”.
“Pengcheng Charity model prpresident前面加the吗oject”, “One hundred Good Citizen project” and other awards, won a wide range of social praise.

In sprintouching翻译g, no pains, no gains. On the occamrsion of the 2016-2017 annual tribute meeti梦入神机ng and 2017-2018 i慕容雪夜逸尘naugural ceremony, the reporter of Shenzhen Lion Ntouching和touched区别ews Agency specially interviewed Shi Jianyong.

Reporter:Could you talk about thepresident怎么读 achievements of our work in 2016-2017?

ShiJianY深圳地铁线路图ong:Thinking back to this time last year, it seems like only ye十二星座sterday. In the past year, the biggest achievement in lion work is to achi时代少年团eve the goal of “four thousand”. While I am happy and proud of it, I also fe鸣人的假期el梦入神机 that such achieveminterview什么意思ents are hard-won, and every bit of it embodies the梦入神机 great love and dedic鸣人的假期ation of lion friends. In order to realize the goal of “finding thousands of members”, lion friends warmly intouching翻译spired, fully demonstrated the charm of lion culture in lion service and s明日之后ervice activities, successfully recommended more than 1,000 lion friends tinterviewer怎么读o jo明日之后in the Lionspresident前面加the吗 Club, and created 18 new service teams; To “invested tens of millions of funds, to carry out tgratitude造句he one thousand service, influe深圳大学nce the family”, spare no effort to lion the friends, among more than 140 service, some se深圳天气rvice up to the 63 annuagratitude造句l service activities, activities to reach more than 20 field service also can be found everywhere, in community service, student aid, health care, affecting millions of families in poverinterview翻译ty alleviation and other a剑勇传说ctivities, He has created countless feelings and warmth, expandeinterviewer怎么读d thpresident和chairman区别e influence of Shenzhen Lions Club, and won many honors for Shenzhen Lions Club. The per capita service expenditure of Shenzhen Lions Club ranks first among allexclusive regions oexclusivef China Lions Club. In order to better standardize lion work antouchinghkd improve work efficiency, the “Lion Work Cooperation System” created this year will be launched soon. In order to continuously optimize thtouchinge operating interface of the system, the Information Technology Committeinterview的过去分词e has held nearly 30 working meetings, which has laid a solid informinterviewingation foundation for the development of Shenshizhen Lions Club. In the past year, I have gained a lot of feelings, but what moves me most is our lion friends, their silent support behind meinterviewee gives me motivation, and they are the real heroes of lions Club today!

Reporter:In the 12th National Member Congress of Lions Association, Shenzhen Lions Club has woshenzhenn many honors. What is your biggest feeling?

ShiJianYong深证指数:Shenzhen Lions club was honored to receive a lot of commendatio茧蛹ns during the nattouching和touched区别ional membership congress, but there was something missing in the excitement and pride. As a matter of fact, every honor is a result of a lot of lion friends’ efforts. I hope that more of these honors can be awarded to mem明日方舟bers who have made outstanding深圳疫情 contributions. We should be grateful for their dedication.

Reporter:You are busy every day. How do you balance your family, careerinterview的名词 and lions’ charity w茧蛹ork? Also, what are your plans after you steppresidential是什么意思 down as prespresident怎么读ident?

ShiJianYong:I have been really busy these years, especially in the past year as the president of shenzhen Lions Club, busy and busy has become a common occurrence. I am very grateful to my family for their silent support, which makes me gradually putpresidential dow剑拥明月n my own career and depresidentialvote myself to the pinterview什么意思ublic welfare cause of Lions Club. I will cherish the time with my family, we can get mutual understanding a明日方舟nd support in communication, I will also take the initiativeTo undertakeHo明日方舟usewpresident是什么意思中文ork, sinterviewpend as much ti简雍me as possible with your family and love them. I have been a Lions club member深圳天气 fgratitude造句or 11 years and I love it more atouching是什么意思nd more every da十方武圣y. It is what I have been willing to do all mtouching是什么意思y life. Over the years, I occasionally felt bitter and tired, but I always benefited from getting along witinterviewingh my lion friendshappyTo find their own value in busy service activities. I may be leaving office soon, butgratitude I still willAdhere to thePublic welfare, go on the road of love…

A year is short, and the inauguration of the chairman is short. I have减用英语怎么说 experi世界地图enced, learned, paid, moved,慕容雪夜逸尘 and grown深圳疫情最新动态 up. There are glory and regret, but I am willing to do all of the深圳风险等级m.” Shi Jianyong, president of the emotional ground said. Although he has retired, Brother Shih still participates in the activi明日方舟ties opresident是什么意思中文f the service team剑拥明月s every day, and interviews can only be conducted at 10 PM. In she十方武圣nzhen, a bustling and modern metropolis, Shi Jianyong was chatting sl世界地图owly with reporters from news aggratitude和grateful的区别encies in a quiet cafe. There was a lot of traffi深圳疫情最新消息c outside the window. The dim light in the cafe reflected Shi Jgratitude的用法ianyongtouching怎么读‘s tired face. Apresident翻译t this time, he spoke carefully and recalled the dribs and DRBS of this year. His words were full ofgratitude怎么读 gratitude and gratitude to hi简雍s family, l简雍ion friends and lion club… We have seen a loyal follower gradually develop into an outstanding pacesetter, lead shenzhen Lions Club to continue to grow and grow, and spresidentlowly precipitation into a remarkable and persistent follower, spreadingpresident怎么读 love on thetouching和touched区别 road otouchinghkf public welfare, like silent and spring breeze rain, endless!

The New Year is about to start. Let’s work together to enjoy the liinterview什么意思on’s love and serve the future.

[Text] Chen Meihong, reporter of Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Chen Meihongpresident是什么意思, reporter of Shenzhen News Agency

[Edit] Zhao Anni, reppresidentialorter of Sheinterviewednzhen Tongshe Society, And Ma Huijuan, office of Tang Ziligratitude和grateful的区别

[Issued] Shenzgratitude短语搭配hen Lions Club Office

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