Shenzhen Lions Club recognition list for 2015-2016

Shenzhen Lions Club recognition list for 2015-2016

1. “Walking with Dreams” Outstanding Service Pr深圳疫情最新消息oject Award:

SAN On Street no. 3 (HKMC Service Team)

Special School (Mileage Service Team)

Sunshine Education Scheme (Datong Service Team)

Ruilin Ophthalmic Clinical Assistance (Yrecognition可数吗itian Serv深圳疫情最新消息iclisten的ing形式e Team)

“Care for Children with Special Nelisten的现在分词eds” ulions翻译中文nder the Blue Sky (Beacon Hill Servi深圳疫情ce Team)

Dipovera Fuel Action Project (Honey Lake Service Team)

Chunfeng Library (Sandwell Service T深圳疫情最新动态erecognition和recognization的区别a深圳风险等级m)

Sprrecognition是什么意思ing Multimedia Clalions是什么意思ssroom (Hong Lai Service Team)

Caring for needy Families in Communities (Pengcheng Service Team)

Silent love (Mangrove Bay Service Team)

Ii. Annual Outstalist啥意思ndinclub用英语怎么说g Service Project Award of “Waclubmanlking with Dreams” :

Supportive Employment for People with Mental Disabilities (Waring Servilions读音ce)

Lrecognition翻译ion Love Home comfort Centre (Departure Service Team)

Ti深证指数en Yau Yiclub怎么读m (Tien Tak Service)

Tree of Happiness (Futian Srecognition和recognization的区别ervice Team)

Awaken Lorecognition翻译ve into The Campus (BlionsUSINESS Knoclubmedwledge Unilion是什么意思on Service Team)

Shanli Overseas Student Traclub翻译vel (Elite Service Team)

Kao Yuen Hung (Mastin Service Team)

Lion Love Lunch (Riverside Servi深圳地铁线路图ce Team)

Care for Veterans (Spark Service)

Nursery Series Activities (Pengzheng Service Team)

Iii. Annual Innovation Service Project Award of “Walking with Dreams” :

Blue Sky Environmental Protection Tour (Tai ‘an深圳地铁线路图 Service Team)

Bright Eyes Operation (Upstep Service Team)

Small hands holding small hands (Chun Hulionsgatea Service Team)

Teaching Assistant (Happiness Service Team)

Jinggangshan Narecognition动词形式tive Pclubmed官网预订ig Education (Tailai Service Team)

Spinal Care for Younglist啥意思 People (Nature Service)

Parent-child Bonding (Dragon City Service Team)

Anti-drug Caravan (Dragonrecognition动词形式 Teng Se深圳疫情最新动态rvicrecognition和recognizatione Team)

Olive Tree FoD Incubation Base (Earth Service Team)

Shenzhen Starlight Kindergarten Activities for Autistic Children (Qianhai Service Team)

Iv. Annual Special Contribution Awalistened怎么读rd fclubsor “Walking with Dreams” :

Shenshi News Agency

Lion Enterprise Services Coclub翻译mmittee

Public Welfare Culture Research Center


Guclubide the lion regiment

Brand Serviclubmedce Committee

District Annual Conference Committee

Shenzhen Lions Club Officerecognition和recognization的区别

Five, “Walking with Dreams” annual Ten Outstanding Awards:

Hong Lai Service Team

Mission Hills

High-tech service team

Step up service teamrecognition怎么读

Masuda Service Team

Land King servi深圳疫情ce team

Pen Raclub是什么意思ck Hill Service Team

Lam Mau Service Team

Main crecognition的动词onference seclubsrvicclube team

Mileage service team

Viclub是什么酒. Annual Excellence Award of “Warecognition是什么意思lking with Dreams”

Silver Lake Service Team

Joint service team

Tiancheng Service Team

Mangrove Bay Service Team

West Townslistenhip Service Team

New Security Service

Fuai Service Team

Manhole Service team

Waring Selist啥意思rvice

Oriental Rose Service Team

Vii. “Walking with Dreams” Annual Best Public Welfare Partner Award:

Ping an bank

Shenlions翻译中文zhen Ruilin Pharmaceutical Colist背单词. LTD

Shenzhen Shengxiang Technology Development Co., LTD

Shlist背单词anghai P深证指数udong Development Bank (Shenzhenlisten翻译 Branch)

Shenzhen Qiaoyun Electronics Co., LTD

Beijing Deheng (Shenzhen) Law Firm

Shenzhen Tianquan Environmental Protection Technology Co. LTD

Shenzhen Centralcon Investment Holding Colisten的过去式., Ltd

Viii. Annual Support Award of “Walking with Dreams” :

Ji深圳天气anwen Xie, Xiaomlist翻译ing Wu, Zeran Su, Degang Zheng, Xingping Xiao, Guojun Zhang, Weixian Zhang, Yun Suclub翻译n, Haiyu Sha, Tongxin Dai

Ix. “Walking with Dreams” Annual Plistresident Compaclubman是什么牌子车nion Award:

Shijie Lin Ziyu, Shijie Shi, Jianyong Shi, Qian Yu, Shiyang Zeng, Xinglisten的现在分词wang Tian, & NBSP;   Brother Tong Xlions英语怎么读in, Brother Lin Yanju, brother Li Wenqiu, brother Chen Shaohua, brother Lu Zhilion是什么意思中文翻译qiang

X. Annual Outstanding Contribution Award of “Walking with Dreams” :

Brother BI Yongtao, Brlist翻译other Ma Min, sistlisten的ing形式er Zhao Xiuzlisten翻译hong, Sister Chen Xiaoping, brother Wu Zewei, brother Lei Gaoqing, brother Liu Quanshi, brother Liu Yilin, brother Dlisten1手机版下载eng Yi, brother Zhang Yunyualion是什么意思n, blion是什么意思rother Li Jian, brother Feng Qijiang, brothe深圳大学r Tang Haozhi, sister Chen Shuhuan, sister Li Xiang

Xi. Annual Special Contributiolist啥意思n Award for “Walking with Dreams” :

Hu Xin, Li Chaoshi, Zheng Guoping, Lin Shaobin, Wen Shuxian, Yu Xiangjiang, Qiu Jiaclubman是什么牌子车nping, Zheng Xingwu, Han Jing, Culisten的现在分词i Weiying, Zhao Hua, Wen Jianx深圳疫情in, Li Hui, Peng Daojian

Xii. “Walking with Dreams” Annuallions的音标 Excellent Distlions英语怎么读rict Chairman Awarlions英语怎么读d:

Chairman Zhang Li, Chairman Lu Jinshang, Chairman Dai Jihong, Chairman Cao Haihong, Chlist翻译airman Zheng Yukuan, Chairman Shi Qiang, Chairman Chen Lu, Chairman Wu Jian, Chairman Zhang Jian, Chairman He Xinru, Chairmlisten的过去式an Luo Jinsong, Chairman Deng Qiupan

Xiii. “Walking深圳大学 with Dreams” Anclubsnual Excellent Committee Chairman Award:

Chairman Wei Demin, C深圳疫情最新动态ha深圳风险等级irman Kuang Hong, & NBSP; Chshenzhenairman Chen Jundong, Chairman Wang Shoujun, Chairman Lin Xiaohong, Chairman Chen Nelistened怎么读nclubsgting, Clions英语怎么读hairman Chen Weirecognition和recognizationhao, Chailisten1手机版下载rman Dong Shige, Chairman Lrecognition翻译iu Lebin, Chairman Wei Chengqingclubs,club是什么酒 Chairman Huang Shifeng, Ch深圳市最新疫情airman Zhao Guanlions读音gming, Chairman Gao Ling, Chairmrecognition和recognizationan Liao Yu

14. “Walkinclub用英语怎么说g with Dreams” Annual Outstanding Captain Awar深圳天气d:

Captain Chen Heng, Captain Chen Risong, cap深圳tain Li Hua, captain Qu Zhanglia深圳地铁线路图ng, captain Zeng Xiaolinlions是什么意思g, captain Huanglions翻译中文 Min, Captain Ning Chunxu, Captain Zhang Baojiao, captain Zheng Xingwu, Captain Wen Shuxian

Xv. Annual Outstanding Captain Award of “Walking with Dreams”

Lin Shaobin, Captain Weng Hua, captain Li Hui, Captain CAI Guofang, captain Liu Bo, captain Chen Zong, Captaclub用英语怎么说in Wang Chunsheng, captain Li Jun, Captain Wang Daoming, Captain Du Juan

16. “lions怎么读Walking with Dreams” Outstanding Service C深圳疫情最新消息orps Secclubmanretary o深圳疫情f the Year award:

Ma Huada Lion, Fanrecognition的动词 Zhengbin lion, Kong Zhihong Lion, Chen Ping lion, Che深圳风险等级n Jinming lion, Luo Jianwen lion, Li Lian Lion, Wu Tingting lion, Li Bingjie Lion, Ao Xingchun lion

17. “Walking with Dreams” Annual Outstanding Service Team Financial Award:

Sister Li Yangquan, Silisten翻译ster Yang Li, Sister Zhang Xuwen, Brother MAO Jianfang, brother Zheng Linyu, brother Liu Weijun, Sister Chen Hongqing, sister Liu Guangbin, sister Yang Xiaohong, Slist背单词ister Huang Meilian

Xviii. 2015-2016 Annual Award of Superv深圳isor:

Outstanding Supervisor award: Liclubmed官网预订u Guol深圳疫情最新动态iang, Chclub翻译en Shijun, Li Aijun

Outstanding Seclion是什么意思中文翻译retary General Award: Jiang Hua

Outstanding Supervisor award: Zhang Zhihe, Zheng Anping, Zhalisten的现在分词ng Cheng, Huang Zhiwenclubman是什么牌子车, Glisten的过去式uo Xiaolin

Shenzhen Lions Club

Aulions读音gust 1, 2016

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