The 2021 New Year Charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club was held

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On the evening of March 28, 2021, the 2021 New Year Charity party of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held in Bao 'an District, Shenznew balancehen. The party raised 1,069was是什么意思 "Huashi Awaryearcon是什么牌子的ds" with an amount onew是什么意思英语f 5.345 million yuan; Raised 131 "Lion awards", the amount of 655,year怎么读000 yuan; Raised 119 "new是什么意思英语Maowen Bell Award", the amount o深圳疫情最新动态f 773,000 yuan; The auction raised 3.89 million yuan, brand project directed donation 2.348,388 millwas怎么读ion yuan, the party titlcharity-mindede sponsorship 150,000 yuan, otnew的反义词her sponsorship 83,000 yuan, a total of 13,244,388 million yuan. All funds raised wilions的音标ll be used fnew怎么读or thecharity next year's public service activities of Lions Club shenzhen.

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Dong Xyear翻译iu, party secretary and chairman candidate of Shenzhenclubman是什么牌子车 Disabled Pelions翻译rsons' Federation; Yin Kui, member ofclub是什么酒 the Party memb深圳疫情最新动态ers' Group and vice chairman of Shenzhlion是什么意思en Disabled Personnews' Federation; Li Lun, member of the Party members' Grcharity怎么读oup and vice chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation; Cao Tingguo, first-level researcher of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federatiyearlyon; li Weihua, representative of The Domes深圳tic Lions association in Shenzhen and first Secretary of the Party Branch of Sheyear怎么读nzhen L深圳天气ions Clgala选手ub; Song Rui, former vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation; Zhu Shaoming, former vice president of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation; Huang Fake, office Director of Shenzhen Disablecharity和love区别d Persons' Federationgala是什么意思; Luo Qiwei, decharity-mindedputy Direwasctor of publicity and Rights Protection Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federatyear函数ion; Zhang Guojun, Director of Lions Club International; Lin Ziyu, supervisor of Domestic Lions Association; Zgalaxyheng Degang, Vice president; Su Zeran, forclubmed官网预订mer supervisnew是什么意思英语or; Shenzhen lions club President zhi-qiang lu from 2020 to 2021, the last President WengHua, first deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, President, and director jian-wenewgroundsn xie, party branch secyearbookretary and former President of tian wang, a former President of ShiJianYong, Lin Tao, wu xm, jin-galaxy是什么牌子liang wang, sunclubman aggregates, sand, wear with xin, deput深圳大学y snewecretary-gala选手general Tan Fei long, secretanew balancery-gewasn'tneral Lai Zhuoni, Former secretary General Du Hengkun, former Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officer Nie Xiangdong, Chief Affairs Officer Denyearcon是什么牌子的g Yi, chief picket officer Zhang Jian and other council members, members of the bcharity音标oard of Supervisorswassup, chairmwassupen of specialized working institutions, representatives of the service teams, more than 600 people attended the party. This evening party is sponsored exclusively by Shenzhen Rui Language Education Co., LTD. The pcharity音标arty by Guo Yongyong as the chairman of the conference, Nie Xiangdong as the gewasteneral manager, CAI Min, Zhao Hui as the deputy general manager, Du Peng, Li Li as the executive chairmannew是什么意思英语 of the conference, chaired by Meng Chun, Fang Shilei, Li Jun, Zhao Weixin, Duan Xinru.

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President of the conference Chounieclubmed官网预订 Xiangdong intr深圳风险等级oduced the gue深证指数sts and extended a warm welcome to all of them.

Nie Xiangdong introduced the guests

Guo Yongyong, president of the conference, delivered a welcome speech to all the leaders, gcharity音标uests and lion friends who came to theyear函数 party to express heartfelt thanks and sincere greetwash怎么读ings. He thanked all the lion friendsyearn on stage and be深圳大学hind the scenes for their efforts for the party, and thanked all the lion friendcharity翻译s who pledged to donate the Merven Zhongshgalakui Award, The Chinese Lion Awwash怎么读ard and thlions读音e Chinese Lion Award. He looked forward to the lion friends in the charity party for love, love to everyoneyear函数 in need of help hands, to bring warmth to the society.

Guo Yongyong rang the bell for a meeting (2).jpg

Prclub翻译esident Lu Zhiqiang delivered a splionseech, thanking leaders and friends from all walks of life for their care and support. Outbreak of 2020, he says, is "big test" of the special years, the lion friends before the outbreak haze spread and the world under the background of the economic downturn, still choose to shenzhen lions contcharity怎么读ribution wisdom and strength, the lions club meeting in shenzhen, service, financial management, publicity and training, lions, business communication, friends and the lion, the lion com深圳疫情最新动态pany care,深圳疫情 etc. He called on the lions club members to旮旯怎么读 keep the original dedication to the public welfare cause, live up to their youth, stride forward and develop in stride, and continue to shouldwaser the responsibility of the developmcharity是什么意思ent of lions Club in 2021 to create a better tomorrow for Shnews可数吗enzhen Lions Club!

Lu Zhiqiang's speech

Zhang Guojun, direclions是什么意思tor of Lions Club 2019-2021, delivcharity宽容的爱ered a speech, congra深圳市最新疫情tulatinyear是什么意思g shyearnenzhen Lions Clubgalaxy是什么牌子 2021 New Year Charity Gala on behalf of the international President. In the past year, under the guidance of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and under the leadership of Preswashedident Lu Zhiqiangalaxyg, shenzhen Lions Club has made brilliant achievements through the joint efforts of all lclubsions friends. He said that as a social organizationnew balance in the new era, it should improve its position, become an example of social service, financial fairness and law-abiding social organization, be the creator and displayyear造句 of a better life in the new era, implement the concepgalakut of "diversity, harmony and service to society" advocated by the International General Chcharity翻译airman, and continue to create brilliant.

Zhang Guojun JPG.

Shenzhen disabled persons' fedegalaxyration, chairman of the party secretary, candidate Dong Xiu on behalf of the disabled persons' fedenew怎么读ration of shenzhen group, the highly sure shenzhclub是什么酒en lions, the council in 2020, ovegala选手rcclub翻译ome various difficwassupulties, actively planning and organizing a series of socinewgroundsal service activities of charity, has achieved fruitful results, for the spread of the lion culture, folk has made a positive contribution to the development of publgalaxyic welfare cgalaxyharity. In 2021, the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the beginning of the "14lion是什么意思th Five-深证指数Year Plan", Dong Xiu, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, sent a message to Shenzhen Lions Club: 1club怎么读. Carry out party history education activities, lead the lion friends party members to learn the history of understandinew balanceng, learning history to enhance credibility, learning history to worship morality, learning history to practice, and actively play the role of the Plions英语怎么读arty branch of Shenzhen Lions Club as a fortress and the vanclubmedguard andclub怎么读 exemplary role of party members; 2. Give full play to the expertise of lion friegalands professionals and carry out distinctive and highlights of service activitigalanz是什么牌子es; 3. Givwassupe full play to the lions club's advantage of connectcharity音标ing the woclubmed官网预订rld with the outside and communicating with the world, and tell the shenzhen stornew是什么意思y of helpgalaxying the weak and helping the poor and the disabled; Fourth, it is necessary to firmly establish and improve the corporate governance structure of Shcharity的内涵意义enzhen Lions Club, strengthen the team building and system building, and make due contributiyearnons to the co-construction, co-governance and sharing of socialist structure in Shenzhen. She said that in the Nlions是什么意思ew Year, the City disabled Persons' Federatiyearlyon will continue to care for angala是什么意思d support the work of the Lionscharity音标 She wished the gala a complete success.

Dong Xiu 1. JPG

Shenzhen rui yu educationshenzhen co., LTD., founder and President, shenzhen lions women and families grow cocharity的动词mmittee chairman Wencharity-mindedYaoLi speeches, lion, she introduced herselclubf ten yeacharity怎么读rs histogala乐队ry, thanks to shenzhen lions to rui yuyearn international trust and support of education, said it will lead the children to carry forwaclubmed官网预订rd深证指数 the spirit ocharity怎么读f service, efforts to build a harmonious society. Lu Zhiqiang, President ofgalaxy CCPIT Xiamen and Guo Yongyong, first Vice Presiwas怎么读dent of CCplionsgateigalanzt Xiamen presented MEDALS to shenzhen Rui Language Education Co., LTD., the name unit of the party.

WenYaoLi JPG.

During thelions的音标 awardingnew是什么意思 session of the gala, tian Wangxing, Zhou Ting, Weng Hua, Wu Zewei, Peng Daojian, Chen Shaohua, Chen Qingfeng, Zhong Yun, Li Wenqiu, Liao Maohua, thegalaxy什么意思 topcharity ten winners of the previous New Year charity gala of The Shenzhen Lions Club, were honored. Shenzhelion是什么意思n Lions Club New Yeaclub是什么意思r charity evening donations single item of the top 10 bidding guo Yongyong, Peng Kun, Lin Shangguan, represecharity-mindedntatives of the National Lions Association, Zhou Tigalaxy什么意思ng, Tian Wangxing, Peng Daojian, starting service team representatives, Lu Zhiqiang accepted the tribute. The gala algalaxy什么意思so featured individual pledges for the top ten lion friends of H深圳地铁线路图uashan Award, including Peng Daojian, Lu Zhiqiang, Guo Yongyolionsgateng, Lin Zinews可数吗yu, Weng Hua, Nie Xiangdong, Yu Xiaoping, Liu Chunfeng, Tan Fei, Fan Guangyu, Xu Qiubin, Zheng Guoping, Bi Yongtao and Zhao Hui. And huashi Award servicnew是什么意思英语e team donated the top ten yantian, Hcharity是什么意思appiness, Yitian, Gaoxin, Mingjia Shanpin, Shangbu, Huashang, Hongya, Centracharity的内涵意义l District, Xiangmihu and otgalanzher sernewsvice teams to award prizes; Awaclub翻译rded "Huashi Outstanding Servicnew是什么意思e Team" to servicharity怎么读ce teams of Yantian and Chinese Businnewessmen; Awarding "100% Huashi Award service Team" to Mingjgalaxyia Shanpin, Happiness and Beishan Service Team; Awarded "300% Huashi Award Service Team"深圳风险等级 to Yitian Service Team; Mingjia Good Product Service team won the "200% Lion Award Service team"; The upstep service team won the "400% Mervyn Chung Award Sernewvice Team".

Over the years, the person who gets the first ten. JPG

Top 10 donors over the years. JPG

Top 10 individuals pledged for huashi Award

Huashi Award pledge service team top ten. JPG

Huashi Award for Outstanding Service Team.jpg

100% Huashi Award service team.jpg

300% Huashi Award service team.jpg

400% Mervyn Chung Award service team.jpg

The highlight of the party-- The charity auctgala选手ion was full of high points.lionsgate Cao Yan, Liang Xnew是什么意思in hammer auction, lion friends, guests frequently raise cards. A total of 84 items, including calligraphy and painting works, ornaments, furniture, wine, tea and ornament深圳风险等级s, wegalaxyre donated by lion friends and social caring people without reserve pr深圳市最新疫情ice. After a fierce auction, the items were sold and a total of 3.89 million yuaclubmed官网预订n was raised. In addition, lion friends donated 2,348,388 million yuan to shenewlynzhen Lions Club brawaspnd sernew balancevice projects such as poor children, vision, education, targeted assistalions英语怎么读nce to the disabled, and so on, inheriting the spirit of public welfare with the brand concept. Brother Chshenzhenen Qingfeng, the lion with the highest individunewayear函数l auction amount, was awarded "Mr. Charity" and sister Wen Yaoli, the lion with the highest individual auction amount, was awarded "Lady Charity".

Auctioneer Cao Yan. JPG

Auctioneer Liang Xin 2. JPG

Assistive JPG.

Vision project donation.jpg

Donations for student programs

Auction 1. PNG

Auction 2. PNG

Auction 3. PNG

4 auction PNG

Auction 5. PNG

Star of Charity. JPG

The leaders of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Lions Club International, Domestic Lions Association and other units, the president team of Shenzhen Lwasteions Club, the former pres深圳疫情最新消息ident and the executive chairman of the party jointly raised their glasses on thclubmed官网预订e stage, wishing Shenzhen Lions Club to contiyear怎么读nue to spread tcharity和love区别he dream of public welfare, splions怎么读read the love olionsgatefyear函数 lions and create a better future in the New Year.

A toast. PNG

There were joyyearningful laugnewgroundshterwashed, touching teagalakurs, applause and auction sound, which fully showed the lion spirit of happy service and dedication. "Glove Dance", "Walk A Walk", "Shanghai Beach" and other programs dicharity翻译rected and performed by lion friends are wonderful and fascinating.

Performance. The PNG

Fingers dance. JPG

Take a walk

Shanghai. JPG

General manager of the conference Nie Xiangdong reported the party funclub翻译draising situation. On begalaxy是什么牌子half of all the staff of the organizing committegala乐队e, The vice President of thwas是什么意思e con深圳疫情最新消息ference, Zhao Hu深圳i, gave a speech of thanks to the leaders at all levels, guests and district committee officers who attended the dinner. I would like to express my gratitude to all the lion friends, caring people, caringcharity的内涵意义 enterprises and a深证指数ll the lion friends who have paid quietly for this evening party.

Nie Xiangdong announced the fundraising results

Kevinbales JPG.

It is understood thatnewspaper on the basis of inheriting the essence of past years, the partyclub是什么意思 will clclubmed官网预订oselyyearly focus onnew the requirements of thrift and epidemic prevention anwashd control based on the actual situation. Adopt measures such as controlling dishes, packing after meals, reducing guests' corsage, and not drinking spirigalats, so as to ensur旮旯怎么读e a good meeting without extravagclubmanance and waste. Congress made the epidemic prevention and controgala是什么意思lnew是什么意思 plan and emergency plan, and strictly enforce participants provide peyear造句rsonal "I shenzhen green code and the State Council" the client applet epidemic preventionyearn green card code, wearing a mask, and upon the measuring temperature, usnew的反义词ing the dining-table and ten epidcharity音标emic prevention measures such as the combination of dining and five wnew的反义词ith the emergency plan, ensure the safety of the participants.

Unity of knowledge and action, end in perfection. Lion friends, let us shine on the stagecharity翻译 of public welfare, with colgalaxy是什么牌子lelion是什么意思ctive and social interests as the starting point to do something meaningful! Let us strive to live ourselves as a beam of light, while illclubmedugalaminating ourselves, warm others, and show the vitality of love together.

 Group photo of Huashi Award. PNG

A group photo. JPG

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