Shenzhen Lions Football Club won the first prize of the “Kang Cheng Cup” charity invitational tournament

Shenzhen Lions Football Club won the first prize of the “Kang Cheng Cup” charity invitational tournament

  &football翻译nbsp;       On the evening of November 22nd, the second “Kangchenglion是什么意思中文翻译 Cup” charity football invi抗日战争tational award ceremony and charity evening party was held in the banquet hall of Silver Lake hotel. Shenzhen Lions Folions是什么意思otball Clubfirst翻译成中文 successfully ranked among the top eight and won the firstlions翻译中文 prize ifootball音标n this competition.


          The organizers of yesfootball和soccer区别terday’s party awarded trophies and MEDALS to all the winning teams, and conducted a char抗美援朝ity auction f抗原检测or the purpose of “public welfare, lofootball英语怎么读ve, respofirst怎么读英语nsibility”, more than 560 caring people fprize和price怎么区分r抗日战争om all wal抗疫ks of life participated in the auction. The auction pr深圳天气oceeds for poor primary school students in Longli, Guizhou totaled more thanfootballs 100,000 yuaprizesn, and one to one claimed and helped 10 poor primary school students for three years, living expenses totaled morefirst是什么意思 than 72,000 yuan.
          Zeng Xuelin, the former head coach of the national football team, delivered a speech at the scene in a wheelchair. He said that charity football needfootball是橄榄球还是足球s everyone’s active participation. Only good hefootballeralth can lead to good appetite, only good appetite cafirsthandn lead to good spirit, only good spirit can lead to prosperity, and only prosperity can contribute more to the s成毅ociety!


    &nbs我娘子天下第一p;     Mr. Gao Ling, c康师傅方便面中发现老鼠屎hai我能无限顿悟rman of Shenzheclubmedn Lions Football Club,football造句 made a speech on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club. He said that shenzhen Lions Football Club would continu我能提取熟练度e to support the “Kang Cheng Cup” charity football match and guizhou Longli’s educational program, and “contribute, contribute, show heaclubman是什么牌子车rt and attend” to do a good job in public welfare and charity activities togethe成毅r with the strength of love from all walks of life.
          Mr. Xie Bin, chairman of Shenzhen Kangcheng Culture Company and the organizer, advocated to provide services for those who need help and make a contribu深圳天气tion to charfootballsity, singing the song of charity深圳市最新疫情 together, addin深圳g more color to “charity, love and responsibilclubmed官网预订ity” and makinlions的音标g a contri成都天气buticlubmed官网预订on!
        &nbspshenzhen; Mr. Zhu Bo, former main defender of the national team and former leader of Shenzhen Football Team, and Mr. Guo Huclubi, the pioneer of shenzhen campus football anprize怎么读d famous youth football coach, also presented awards and dellionsivered speeches to the winners抗疫. The 80-year-old veteran Zengfootball和soccer区别 Xuelin and Mr. Zhu Bo signed shirts and soccer balls on the spot, and raised 1,800 yuan for poor students. Zeng Lao and Zhu Bo signed the football, ffootball翻译中文lag and cheerleading uniforms of Shenzhen Lions Football Club and took photos with 20 players.




[Shenshi News Agency]

[Text reporter] Wang Wenjun

[Photojournalist] Wang Wenjun

[Responsible Editor] Tang Haozfirstlyhi



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