Join hands for happy Growth – Shenzhen Lions Club leader designate lion friends lion service Seminar successfully held

Hand in hand Happy growth— Shenzhen Lions Club leaders – in – waiting lion club seminahands翻译r held successfulgrowth可数吗ly


May 26 ~ 27, 2019, shenzhen l深圳ions incoming leader from 2019 to 2020 th深圳地铁线路图e lion service seminar in dongguan friends KaiJing hotel was held深圳 successfuhands怎么读lly. Conference, rich and colorful promotional activities to enhance the affection between the lion friends, wonderfleader冰箱ul speech deepenlioneled the lion friends understanding of 2019-2020 work plan, elaborate case group discussion to assist the committee, ea深圳疫情最新消息ch section, each partition and service clear own duty, the lion friends together, formulate dethappy什么意思ailed annual work plan.

On the morning of 26th, lhappy的副词ion friends arriv深圳地铁线路图ed at the seminar site early and participated in the development activities on tijoin的过去式me. Focusing on the theme of “thandsome翻译he power of Harmony”, the lecturer Gao Ling guidedleader the lion friends to get to know each other and help each other in the ice breaking game through warm-up exercises such as warm-up exercises, lion love holding hands and lion love hugging. During thjoine event, more thangrowth的用法 600 candidates for leadership lion friendsConnec深圳地铁线路图tion toFour concentric circles, and the lion friends before and after the formation of a shandshakertrong human wall, showinhandshakeg the vighappy怎么读orous ahappy张江nd upward spirit; Later, the scene lion friends with “lion”, “I”, “tlion怎么读ong”, “total” as code, fohappy翻译rmed 4 groups of 16 circles. When the lion friends shouted the slogan of 2019-2020 “Harmony with Service” and made corresponding poses, the atmosphere of tjoinmemberhe scene reached a climax. The lion frieclubsnds witnessed tian Wang’s last president, Ma Min, and Weng Hua, thands怎么读he president elect, inheriting the lion’s love of football, which alhappyso means the continuation of responsibility. The atmosphere was warm and touching. Representatives of the service team came to the stage to share their tho深圳疫情最新动态ughts and expressed their love for lions club anhappyd their yearning forlions this training course.

Then the seminar began. As the main深圳疫情 forcleadershipe of the lion affairs seminar, the lecturers appeared and rlions读音eceived warm applause. The mainLu Zhiqiang, fleader是海尔吗irst Vice President designate, extended a warm welcoleader冰箱me to the leaders attending the meeting. He would like to express his gratitudeleader to the executive Chairmen, Xianlions英语怎么读gdong Nie, Yaoli Wen, Zheng Huopihappy的反义词ng and Rong Jing for their hard work in the preparation ofhandshaker安卓下载 the semlionelinar and to the lion Friends who had providelionsgated sponsorship for the seminar. He said that the painstaking training provided a platform for lion club members to share their ideas, learn from each other, imprhandsome怎么读ove their level ofjoin的过去式 liogrowthn club, and shahappy的比较级re the training results with more lion club members to cheer for thehandsome是什么意思 wonderful New Year.

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Liao Manxiong, vice president of the Chinese Lions Association, congratulated on the opening of the seminar on behalf ogrowth的动词f the association. He congraclubmedtulateclubman是什么牌子车d each led lion friend bear and ohappy张江pportunitiehappy的反义词s for growthhappy的副词 next year, I hope you study hard in shenzhen lions and lion federation of domestic relevant rules and regulations, as well as the party and the state laws and regulations in the field of public welfare and have the characteristics of domestic social organization management, better sclub是什么意思ervice to the lion, service organizations, serve the sochandsome翻译iety. Heclubman是什么牌子车 thanked shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fgrowth的用法ederation for its long-term support to Shenzhen Lions Club, all the ljoineadersjoin是什么意思 and lecturers for theirlion的音标 dedication and dedication.

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Lin Zlions翻译iyu, vice president of the National Lions Association, said the Shenzhelions英语怎么读n Lions Club had passed byIn the course ofclub是什么意思 17 years, under the leadership of succeleadershipssive presidents and the efforts of all lion friends, remarkable alionschievements have been achieved. This year, under the leadership of President Ma Min, Shenzhen Lions club has made great achgrowth的用法ievements in membershlions翻译ip retention, rules and regulations. In he深圳天气r opinion, weng Hua’s annual work plan focuses on the guidance of relevant national policies, the developmenhappy的副词t requirements of Lionshands翻译 clubs in the new stage, and tgrowth函数he continuous guidance of the competent authorities. She believes that with the support of the board of directors, the Board of Supervisors, the special committee and all lion friends, Weng Hua will surelyhappy birthday make greater achievements.

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Wu Zhappylambbarnijian, the lecture-designate, introduced the curriculum overview ohappy怎么读f thlionse training. Accorclub是什么意思ding to statisticsclub, in the pastOver the past 13 years, 5,453 lions of Shenzhen club have parclubmanticipateleadersd in leadehandshaker安卓下载rship training. Wu Zijian said that compared with the previous thands翻译raining, the curriculum system, curriculum content, curriculum organization are innovative. He hoped that during the tlion翻译wo-day and one-night training, the lion friends will gain gr深圳疫情最新消息owthjoin, friendship and happiness, growgrowth up together and servelions the society.

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Hou Yisha, chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fgrowth可数吗ederation, delivered a speech. She expressed her high respect to the lion Friends who devoted深圳天气 themselves to the public welfare and charity undertakingshandspank的视频vk. She hoped that the new leaders of Lions Club shenzhen could fulfill their mission, strengthenclubman是什么牌子车 the partcluby building and institutional construgrowth翻译ction, improve their political stajoin怎么读nding and overall awareness, and strivhappysugarlifee for innovation and make contributions to the construction of a new pattern ileadershipn Shenzhenhappy的副词. Coincides with thejointly construction of shenzlions读音hen cityOlions的音标n the oleader是海尔吗ccasion of its 40th anniversary, the Central Committee of the Communistlionkk Party of China and The State Council issued the Outline of the Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in February this year.growth翻译 Shenzhen is expected to play a core role in theclubman Greater Bay Area and lead its development. As for the mission, Hou Yisaclub翻译 pointed out that creating barrier-free cities is the most suitable way for development. As the largest charity and public welfare organization in Shenzhen, liogrowth的动词ns Club of Shenzhen must think carefujoin的用法lly abohappy的副词ut how to closely follow thandshe development theme of The Times, connect anlion复数d serve the overall situation, give full play to its advantages and public welfare characteristics, and find the right direction and path in the new journey of the new era, esclub翻译pecially the leaders of lions club. Hou yisha, director of the Board of Directors of Sheclub是什么意思nzhen, introduced in detail the development path and goal of building a barr深圳疫情最新消息ier-free city, as well as the support from ahappy什么意思lllions英语怎么读 walks of life. On the day of “TALK of Barrier-free City”, 34 barrier-free construction projectlionss were pledged, among which 9 were pledged by Shenzhen Lions Club. Hou yisha, director of the Lions Club, analyzed the unique advantages of liogrowth怎么读ns club’s participatioleader是什么意思中文n in building a barrier-free city.lions英语怎么读 She suggested that every liongrowth的用法 club member should bear in mind the mission of barrier-free city in his/her work anjoin的过去式d life. Kindness, tolerance and equality wlions的音标ill surely bear fruit of this beautiful, friendly and frienleader是什么牌子dly city.

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President-elect Weng Hua introduced the t深证指数heme of the yearThe meaning, logo and slogan of “harmonious force” details the overall plan of work forclubman 2019-2020, a cohappy翻译mmitment to uphold the leadership of the Domeslions翻译中文tic Commhands翻译unist Party; The three key points ahappy的副词re strengthening system construction, optimizing membership structure and refining socialjoining service; The five types of services are: Save your life, care for sanitation workeclub怎么读rs, diabetes education, targeted assistance to the disabled and anti-drug education. WengHua the President elect from party construction, system construction, the member development, social sgrowth动词形式ervice, daily lion five aspects detailed work plan, he said, looking forward to New Year lion, under the guidance of domestic lion federation and the disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen, shenzhen lions will, as always, calls the international lions “our service”, hand in hand, Strive to practice the purpose of “helphappy的比较级ing others and serving thehappylambbarn society”,joined explore domestic charachands翻译teristics, Shenzhen style lions club to make due contributions.

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Guo Yongyong, the second vicjointlye Chairman designate, was introducedThe outline of the 2019-2020 annual activities, from the aspects of conference affairs, training, inaugural ceremony of the tribute, international exchanges, annual meeting, fundraisinglion是什么意思, etc., will be sorted out and explained.

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Wu Zewei, lecturer, delivered a keynote speech on “Three Directions”. He borrowed liang Shuming’s The Three Ways of Life fromThe three directions of life, “seeking, loathing and solemn”, have been degrowth可数吗rived from the three directions of Shenzhehappy张江n Lions Club, namely “beginnhandspank的视频vker’s mind, entanglement anhands翻译d freedom”. Because of yearning, the process is entangled, and finally inclusive and harmonious. Thlion翻译e harmonious relationship betleader空调ween lions clubs is between lions and lions, between lions and sociejoinedty, between lions and lions clubs, and between lions and society. He talked about the overall requiremenhappy张江ts of a harmonious society and the olionsverall requihands-onrements of the Harmonious Lions Clubhappy什么意思, his wonderful speech won bursts of applause.

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In the afternoon, the seminar was divided into nine groupgrowth的动词s, including captahandsome翻译in 1, captain 2, Vice captain 1, Vice captain 2, Vice captailion的中文意思n 3, secretary group, finance group, director group and commihandsttee group. The lecturers introduced the leadership responsibilitieslions怎么读 and practices of the candidates in detail,leader是海尔吗 and deepened the understanding of the深证指数 leaders by presenting cases. Presclub翻译ident Ma Migrowth函数n, President-elect Weng Hua, presidclubmedent-elect Shi Jianyong, president-elect First Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, president-elect second viclionse president Guo Yojoinngyong, president-elect Secretary General Du Hengkhappy翻译un, lecturers Rong Jing, vice president Wu Zijian angrowthd other leadersgrowth可数吗 went to each clasclubman是什么牌子车sroom to cheer us on and telions英语怎么读ach us thei深圳疫情r experience.

Onjoin the evening of 26th, the preparatory group carefully arranged the fellowship dinner. Gold host Meng Chun lion sister, Nie Xiangdong lion brother co-host. The teachers prepared a flash mob, and the lion friends waved the national flag and salion怎么读ng a song together, which made the atmospheregrowth是什么意思 of the scene reach a climax. The lion friends of the art troupe brought songs and dancelions的音标s to show their talents. Lion friendhappys in the friendship dinner for friendly exchanges, communicleaderation深圳地铁线路图 lion work, enjoy the joy of gathering, leave an unforgettable impression…

On the morning of 27th, lion friends continued to pahappyrticipate in the training with enthusiasm. A group captain, the captashenzhenin of the two groups, the first deputy capclubtain group, second deputy captain, vice captain, the third group, the secretariat, financial group, director of group and the commileadersssion and other nine lion friends continue to the leadership of the group learning group深圳天气 cadres president-elect, professional curriculumhappylambbarn “the lions club meeting”, “membership retentlion复数ion and development”, “the lion service”, “the lion”, “Robert rules of procedure, etc. 1 Two wonderful courses, we discussed enthusiaclubmedstlion的音标ically, shared the lion business, shorten the distance between each other.

In the afternoon, the seminhandspank的视频vkar thands翻译ook the divisilions翻译on as the unit case study and work plan formulation, under the guidance of thhappy怎么读e teacher group,joint each smallGroup around2019-2020 work plan, through carefully designed cases, from the regular meeting, members issuedAnalysis and discussion of exhibitionlions怎么读 andgrowth可数吗 retention, development of servilion是什么意思中文翻译ce projects, training, fhappy什么意思undraising, etc. Committees, divisions and service teams have developed clear, detailed and pragmatileader翻译c annual work plans.


At the exciting closing ceremlion的音标ony, representatives of the district chairmen and committjointlyee chairmen presented and shared the results of the case study and the annual work plalion翻译n respectively. Lion friends responded with warm applause to express deep recognition.

Jiang Xiezhen, dhandsome怎么读eputy hclubmanead of thegrowth怎么读 dehandspank的视频vklegation, made a speech titled “Because of Service” The future is Predictable. She traces the progress oflionsgate philanthropy in China and the seven service directions of Lions club in China, presenting the Lions ClubService times, service expenses, service duration anclubmand num深圳地铁线路图ber of benefijoinedciaries in China and Shenzhen in 2018. She shared herjoin的用法 thoughts ongrowth可数吗 public welfare and the power of service. Because of service, the future is promising!

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The video presentation of Shenzhen Lion News Agency showed the workshop process andgrowth造句 the preparation process of everyone’s efforts and pjoiningarticipation, the camera is simple, and the feelings are the most sincere, in the two days and one night of the seminar, every lion friends have the deepest feelings, tears wet eyes. The lion friends present gave the warmest applause to the members and office shandsome翻译taff of the Shenzhen Lion News Agency on the stage.

Lu Zhiqianhappy的比较级g, the first vice presidejoin的过去式nt designate, Ma Min, the president designate, and Weng Hua, the presidhandshaker安卓下载ent designathappy birthdaye, gave speechesgrowth动词形式 on the stage respectively. They praised the lion friends who participated in the seminar and affirleader冰箱mehands-ond their active learning. We hope that the lion friends will bring what they have lear深圳市最新疫情ned back thandsome怎么读o their service teams and inspire more lion friends to be positive andgrowth可数吗 grow up together through preaching and prshenzhenactical application.

Shenzhhandshakeen Lions ClubWeng Hua, president designate for 2019-2020, Ma Min, Preclubman是什么牌子车sident for 2018-2019, More than 600 people attended the seminar, in深圳疫情cludilion是什么意思ng thlions翻译e first vichandspank的视频vke President deleader冰箱signate Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice President designate Guo Yongyong, the former presiden深圳疫情t designate Tian Wangxing, the Sehandsome怎么读cretary-General designate Du Hengkun, the Treasurer designate Peng Dao-jian, the picket Chief Designate Du Peng, the Executive Deputy Secretary-General Designate Li Feng, the dhands-onirectors and chairmen olion复数f variouleaders committees and representatives of various servleader什么意思啊ice teams. Lin Ziyu and Liaohappy张江 Manxiong, vice presidents of the National Lions Assleader是海尔吗ociation; Hou Esha, chairman of shenzhen Disabled Pegrowth造句rsonshappy birthday‘ Federation, Huang Fake, director of propaganda and prgrowth怎么读otection Department of the Group深圳疫情最新动态, and Huang Te, section chief; Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 supervisor designate Shi Jihandshakeranyong, forgrowth是什么意思mclubser president Wu Xiaoming, supervisor delions英语怎么读signate and mentor designate attended the seminar. The seminar whappylambbarnas chlion翻译aired by Lu Zhiqiang, thleadere first vice President-elect, and the executive chahands翻译irmen were Nie Xiangdong, Wen Yaoli, Zheng Guoping and Rong Jing.


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[Photo] Su Zhuangbin hu grey Shen Shi News Agency Wang Haibin, Jia Nengguo, He Xinclub翻译

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office


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