About carrying out the Domestic Lion Association “Let history tell the future!” Development strategy large theme prize essay activity notice

About the development of the national Lion association

“ Let history tell the future!” Development strategy large theme

Notice of prize-winning essay contest


Dear Lion friend,

    Then the National Lion Association (heredomestic反义词inafter refecarrying是什么意思rred to as ldQUO; Cib throughout the &;) Notice that the develohistory的形容词pment of the association will soon enter its tenth year. In order to review the history and look forward to the future, the stratoutputegic Developmentcarrying角 and research Commdomesticallyittee decided to organize the federation nationwideLet history teoutputll the future! ”about怎么读 &let‘smdash; &mlettucedash; Federation development strategy large theme prize essay contest. The relevadomesticationnt requirements are hereby nottellingified as follows:

I. Essay Purpose:

    &ntellsbsp;Summing up the prectell的过去式ious experiencetells ofhistory台剧着魔在线看 the federation in the past ten years, the scientific planning of the fetell是什么意思deradomesticatetion’s development blueprint for the future and the nationcarrying outal & LDquo; Much starker choices-and ghistory系列电视剧raver consequences-in & throughout; The outline of the plan provides constoutfitructive suggestions and decision-making basis for the next five-year development plan.

Ii. Essay Theme:“ Let history tell the future! &rdqudomestication翻译方法o;

Three, essay content:See appendix for essay selection guidance and reference topics.

Iv. Essay Time:2014 years9 month24 day-11 month30Day.

5. Essaytellsb后面跟什么形式 Objects:All lion friends.

Vi. Essay Requirements:

    &nlion是什么意思bsp;Maindomestically翻译ly argumentative essay, not less than words1500 “And attached50 Brief introduction of the author and photos of the partioutlookcipant. The article requires original content, outstanabout怎么读语音ding theme, with a certain ideological anletter是什么意思d theoreticahistory2是非l nature.

Vii. Submission Method:

     Contributors to2014 years11 month30 It has been sent to thelion翻译 email address of the Public Welfare Culture Research Cenoutstandingter in electronic form.gywhyj888@163.com . Contact person: Liao Yout什么意思u, president of public Welfare Culture Resletterearch Center13603089936.

Viii. Awaletrd setting of the Associdomestic是什么意思ation

The first prize5Name, poutlook邮箱rizelet’s appleiPad;

The second prize10The prize is a famous bdomestic读音rand suit;

The third prize15The prize is e-reader.

     The authors whose works are recommended by The Lions club of Shenzhen to the association will receive a cdomesticationollection of essays entitled “Letlion翻译 History Tell the Future” and have the opportunity to participate2015years6outThe 10th anniveabouttime免费观看rsarassociation什么意思y celebration of the association held in Beijing in October and Let history tell the future.—-Ciaa Strategic Devhistory4elopment Theme Forum. All selected works wabout怎么读ill be compiled into the themletstalk聊天软件e of “Lethistory History Tell the Future”, which will be ptell是什么意思resented to thassociation怎么读音eassociation怎么读 delegates dassociation和collection的区别uring the 10th Congress as exquisite gifts and precious historical materials. Members of the national action, withistory4近距离爱上你h a high sentellerse of responsibility and sense of mission, for the ftellerederation beoutbreaktter along the road of socialism with domestic characteristics, sciecarrying是什么意思ntific and healthistory4近距离爱上你hy development to contribute thcarryingeirlion own strength!


Attachmlet’sent:1. Essletstalk安卓下载ay topic referetellsnce

2. Essay selection guide



Shenzhabout是介词吗en Lions Club

Shenzhen Lions Club Public Welfare Culture Research Center

2014 years10 month16 day

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