Notice | about shenzhen lions in 2021-2022 the President, vice President, directors and supervisors, vice supervisor, a supervisor candidate registration notice

Dear Lion friend,

In accordance with the laws and regulations of China's Societies, the Charter of Lionsupervisor是什么职位s Club Shenzhen, the relevant regulations of Lions Club China (hlions是什么意思ereinafter referred to as "Lions Club") and Lions Club International, anpresidentiald inabout翻译 combination with the guidance of Shenzhen Social Organization Administration Bureau anaboutcgd Shsupervisor什么职务enzhen Disabled Persons' Federation on the general election, Shenzhen Lions Csupervisorylub now startspresident翻译 the registration of candidates for president, Vice President, directors anabout翻译d S深圳大学upervisor, Vice Supervisor and Supervisor for the year 2021-2022. The relevant matters are herebabout是什么意思y notifiabout怎么读ed as followslions的音标:

I. Electoral work structure

The elections of lions Club shenzhen in 2021vice中国-2022 will be organized and implemented by the e深圳疫情lection Prepaaboutratory Committee. Prepnotice过去式aratory committee for the elesupervisor教程ction work as a consultant by a reprpresident和chairman区别esentative of the competent business unit, the association of 2020-2021, ren, chairman of the standinoticeableng director of a domestic lion federatshenzhenioabout-facen members became above post member representatives, supervisor flions的音标rom 2020 to 2021, the last President of the association, vice President, treasurer, secretary-gevicenneral, reabout是什么意思presentative, chairman of the advisory committee, the district conference committee represelion是什么意思ntative, There are 1about怎么读3 memb深圳风险等级erabout怎么读语音 representatives.

(1) List of the preparatory Committee for the election

Consultants: Hou Yisha, Li Weihua

Chairman: Lo Chi-keung (Chairman)


Lin Ziyu (cib), Zheng Degang (cvicenib), XiaoXingPing (supervisor), WengHua (the previopresidentialus President), Guo Yongyong (the first vice President), Peng Daojian (second deputy chairman), Laipresident是什么意思中文 Zhuoni (secretary), wu xm (district conference committee chairnoticedman), Su Zeran (chairman, chairman of the advisnoticeableory committee), wen-qin ye (representative深圳市最新疫情)

During the 19th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen, members of the preparatory Committee were elected to the proposed list olions翻译中文f the chairman. The general assembly shall be presided over by its chairman or executive chairmavicer34n.

(2) Functions of the Election Preparatorypresidential是什么意思 Cabouttime免费观看ommittee

1. Formulate the electiolionsgaten plan and submit it to the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and the Federation for approval;

2. To formulate epresident前面加the吗le深圳ction methods and submit them to the general Assembly for approval;

3. To organize and implement election work;

4. Presiding over and holding general meetings of members;

5. Handlilion是什么意思中文翻译ng of election-related issues.

(3) Election offices and qualification examination panels

Thenoticed preparatory Comsupervisor教程mittee for the election shall have an electiolionsn office and a qualification reabout后面动词什么形式view group, whose members shalabout是什么意思l be appointed by the Preparatory Committee.

Direnotice用法ctor of the election office by the secretary general Lai Zhuoni, msupervisor教程embers of the council, special committee, servicnotice翻译e team and other member representatiabout是什么意思ves and office personnelabout怎么读语音, under the voting monitoring group, picketing group, secretary groupabout是什么意思 and conference affairs group;

The qualificativice翻译on review group is headed by weng Hua, the former president, and the members are composed of the council, the advisory committee of the president,aboutcg网站 the special committee and the member representativenoticeds of the serviaboutcgce team.

1. Election office duties

(1) Formulate the Wolions英语怎么读rk Plan for E深圳风险等级lection and submit it tnotice的形容词o深圳 the Council for approval;

(2) Formulate the Annual Election Measuvice-presidentres and snotice的形容词ubmit them to the Council and the g深圳天气eneral Assembly for approval aabout后面动词什么形式fter being approvedsupervisor什么职务 by the Preparatory Committee for election work;

(supervisory3) Organize and carry out the registration of candidates, pu深圳天气blicity of candidates' qlionsgateualifisupervisor是什么级别cations, and publish the list of candidates (candidates) in accordance with relevant regulations;

(4) According to relevant regulations, allocate the quota of each service team to participate in the general meeting of member representative深圳s, organize thlion是什么意思中文翻译e registration of the list of member representatives;

(5) Make good preparations and on-site organi深圳天气zation for the holding of the general Assembly;

(6) Drafting and issuing documents and notices related to election work;

(7) tally thenotice过去式 electishenzhenon results and publish the list of candidates after approval by the presidium of the csupervisor翻译ongress;

(8) Acclions英语怎么读ept real-name objections or complaints raised by mem深圳市最新疫情berspresidential on election issues, and make decisions by the preparapresident翻译tory Committee for election work and the presidium of the congress;

(9) To guide the electoral work of the service teams.

2. Responsibilities of the Qualification Panel

(1) Review the qualifications of member representatives according to relevant regulations;

(2) To examine candidates and their quaaboutcg网站lifications in accordance with relepresidentvant regulations;

(3)about是什么意思 Acviceroycept the opinions received during the publicity of candidates' qualifications, verify them and give feedback; if necessary, the opinlion是什么意思中文翻译ions shall beabout怎么读 decided by the election preparatory Committee. More than the publicity period of the complaint is not accepresidentpted in principle.



Secovice versand, & have spent The schedule

(I) January 25, 2021 to February 22, 2021 is the self-recommendation and nomination recommendation time. When fillabout-faceing in the "Candidateposition", plesupervisor教程ase specify the candidateposition. The application for membership of the board of directorsabout是什么意思 shall be recommended by a fonoticeablermer director and a current director; the application for membership of the board of supervisors shall be recommended by a former supervisor and a currabout怎么读语音ent directorpresident是什么意思中文. Application materials should be sent to shenzhen Lions Club office beflions英语怎么读o深圳疫情最新消息re 4pm on February 22;

(notice2) At 2:30 PM on February 24, a working meeting ofnotice作文 the qualification Examination Group will be held to examine the qualifications of candidates for president, vice president and director of the board and candidates for chief, deputy chief of the board of supervisors;

(III) At 2:30 p.m. on February 26, the Party Committee (Branch) of Lions Club shenzhen will review the preliminary results of the qualificatinotice用法on examination group;

(4) The fourth council meeting will be held at 2:30 PM on March 6, and the qualification examination reports submitted by the qualification examination group for tabout是什么意思he candidates of president, vice psupervisor翻译resident and director, and the qualification examination reports for the candidates of supervisor, deputy supervisor and supervisor will be reviewed;

(4) From March 8 tosupervisor翻译 12, publicize the candidates for president, vice chairmen and directors, and the candidates forvice什么意思 chief, deputy chief and chief of supervis深证指数ors;

(5) From March 15 to 19, the materials onoticef the candidates for paboutcgresident, vice president and director and the cavice中国ndidates for supervisor, deputy supervisor and supervisor shall be submitted to Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation for examination and approval, and to The Municipal Social Organization Administration Bureau and China Lions Association for the record. To be submilions英语怎么读tted to tlions读音he general assembly election after approval;

(vi) The 19th Mabout后面动词什么形式ember's Congress will be held on April 24 to elabout-faceect the president, vice presvicenidents, directors, and chief, deputy chief anvice中国d Chief supervisors for the year 2021-2022;

(7) Submit the nlions的音标ames of the president, vice president, secretary General and counc深证指数il member flions的音标or the year 2021-2022 to Shenzhen Disabled Perlions是什么意思sons' Federation, Municipal Administration of Social Organizations, Lions Aaboutcg网站ssociation of Chipresident和chairman区别na and Lions Clubs International for the r深圳地铁线路图ecord before May 23.


Three, & have spent Materials submitted

1.lion是什么意思中文翻译  Self-recommendation and nomination recommendation form (registerevicetone的歌曲d board members: recommvice翻译ended by a former director and a current director, registered board membeabout怎么读语音rs: recommend深圳疫情最新动态ed by a former supervlion是什么意思中文翻译isor and a currenpresidential是什么意思t supervisor)lion是什么意思中文翻译;

2.  One copy of id card and household register;

3.  Proof of no criminal record;

4.  Party organization identification; Civil servan深圳风险等级ts and staff of enterprises and public institutions shall provide proof of tenure by their work units; The businlions翻译ess olions是什么意思wner must provvice什么意思ide a copy of the business license; Members of the community are required to pr深圳大学ovide proof from their respective streets;

5.  Tax payment certificate of the previous深圳大学 year of thlion是什么意思中文翻译e enterprise; Personal tax payment certificate of the previous year; (Director/S深圳疫情最新动态upervisor candidates need not provide)

6.  Recommendatnoticeableion letter of t深圳大学he service team;

7.  Letter of election promise and performalions的音标nce of dpresident是什么意思uty;

8.  It is recommended that you provide additional information aboutsupervisor your work in the lions club fpresident造句ield that will bnotice翻译e helpful for the election.


Four, & have spent contact

Council i深圳nformation collection Contact person: Hu Lei, tel: 0755-25689756

Bnotice的固定搭配oardvicetone的歌曲 of Supervisors information coshenzhenllection contact person: Zhou Wenguang, tel: 0755-25688930

Fax: 0755-25688900

Email address:




Annex 1. Election plan foabout是介词吗r the 19th General Assembly深圳大学

Appendix 2. Shenzhen Lions Club 19th Congress Eleclionsgatetion Preparati深圳大学on Schedule (20210109)

Annex 3. Election Method for Prepresidentsident, Vice President and Director of Shenshi 2021-2022 (20210109)

Annex 4. Election Method for Chief supervisor, Deputy Chief Supervisor and Chief Supaboutcg网站ervisor of Shenshi In 2021-2022 (20210109presidential)

Appendix 5: Self-supervisor中文意思recommendation and nomination of President, Vice Presilions翻译dent and Director of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022

Appendix 6: Self-recommendation and nomination form of Supervisor, Deputy Supervisor and Supervi深圳sor of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022

Attachment 7: Sample service team recommendation letters

Attachment 8: Sample Letter of Commitment



Preparatory Committee for the election of the 19th General Assembly of the Lions Club of Shenzhen

          January 25, 2021 & NBSP;           &nlions怎么读bsp;            noticeable &nvice-presidentbsp;

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