Shenzhen Lions Club’s low vision rehabilitation program has settled in Longgang

Shenzhen Lions Club’s low vision rehabilitation program has settled in Longgang
“ One for two stations Provivision什么意思de advanlion是什么意思ced services.


    &n深圳天气bsclub是什么酒p;       Reporter Yin Meng and correspondenprogramme怎么读t Weng Tingting relionsgateport: Yesterday afternoon, Pingdi anclubman是什么牌子车d Longcheng Street Occupational Health Center respectively held the opening ceremony of lio龙岗ns Club low vision rehabilitation primary service station, and Longgang Central Hospital otolaryngology Hospital was officially listed asvision软件 the secondary visual ev深证指数aluation Department of Lions Club low vision rehabilitation. Th泷冈阡表is & other; One for two stations Longgang district rehabilitation services for the disabled opened a new chapter.

      &龙港市nbsp;     Until nsettledown意思ow, Shenzhen has not set up a special service program for people with low visisettled翻译on, which cannot ensure that people with low vision can receive comprehe深圳疫情最新动态nsive services, from accurate assessment, appropriate AIDS to effectivesettle的用法与搭配 training. The introduction of shenzhen Lio深圳疫情ns Club’s low vision rehabilitation program by Longgang District Disabled Persons’ Federation will strenvisionary翻译gthen the service intensitsettled翻译y and cover more widely. With the support of the pprogramroject, Shenzhen is gradually building rehabilitation prograprogrammedms fprogram filesor low vision. The streets & ndalions翻译sh; Area & ndash; Throughout the city &; The three-levprogram翻译el service network strengthens the close connection between municipal rehabilitation centers for low vision, district-level clinics for low vision and street service centers for low vision, and provides advanced a深圳地铁线路图nd complete rehaclubman是什么牌子车bilitation services for persons with low vision based on their actual situation.

            The listing & LDquo; One for two stations As a pilot project of shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation project, the pro龙港市ject will be accepsettle的形容词ted by Lio龙岗区邮政编码ns Club International i龙岗区邮政编码n Octoblow的比较级eclubsr this year. After the acceptance, it iclub翻译s expected to achieve full coverage in Longgang Districsettle的形容词t and even the whole city.

The above picture shows handicrafts at the in-service recreatisettle的意思on center for people with low vision.

Photo by Our reporter Yin Meng

        &nbspclub怎么读; Related links:low Shenzhen Lions Cl泷冈阡表ub low visio龙岗第一课培训证书n rehabilitation Pr深圳疫情最新消息ogram settled in Longgang & LDquo; One for two stations Provide advanced services.  

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