Guangdong flood shenzhen Lions club in action

Guangdong flood shenzhen Lions club in action
(Briefing Note 1)

      &nbspflood;     At noon on August 18,flooded 2013, during the dongguan trainiactionsng meeting, the diactionsrector team of Shenzhen Lions Club learned about the severe flood in Zijfloodsin, Heyuan, Guangdong province. They quickly understood the disaster situation, held a temporary rescue meeting, and dep广东财经大学loyed the disaster relief plan. After consultation with 2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaoming, first Deputy Director Lin Ziyu and second deputy director Lin Tao, The Zijin Disaster Reliefguangdong Pioneer Team was established immediately. Mr. Liao Ronghui, chairman of the fifth Districlions的音标t of Shenzhen Laction是什么意思英语ions Club, was appointed as the leader of the pioneer team. Zheng Anping, liao Yingwu, Chen Wei, Shenzhen Bay Pan Zhiping, Hua Lin Yu Wei ‘an, Hong Boclub翻译 and Dailin formed the vanguard team and went to tshenzhenhe front line of the disaster area. Meanwhile, The Hua Lin Service team was responsible for org广东东莞天气anizing the first batch of disaster relief materials in Longgangflood翻译, Shenzhen.                    
&nbspclub是什么酒; &lions读音nbsp; &nbsp深圳风险等级;   &guangdongnbsp;   Thefloodplain firs深圳疫情t batch of suppclubman是什么牌子车lies worth 100,000 yuan was delivered to the disaster aguangdongrea on the even广东海洋大学ing of The 18th, and the second batch of suppl深圳疫情ies, 5 tons of rice, was delivered to the diflood翻译saster area on the morning of the 19th of August!
 clubman      floods     In the next step, shenzhen Lions Club wil广东疫情最新情况l make a unified arrangement according to the situation reported by the vanguard!
&n深圳bsp;           Let’s bless the lion friends who rushed to the disaster area!flooding Pray for the people in the disaster area!

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