Lions Club of Shenzhen guangdong Flood Relief Newsletter (2)

Lions Club of Shenzhen guangdong Flood Relief Newsletter (2)

            On August 19, 2013, Lions Crelief和relieve区别lub she深圳大学nzhen held a departure ceremony for the chrelief动词aonan flood refloodedlief vanguard team in its office, and promptly purchased supplies to carry out emergency relief services in Chaonan district, Shantou city. The 2013-2014 director wu Xiaoming, the first deputy director Lin Ziyu, the second deputy director Lin Tao, the General Dinewsletter翻译rector Shi Jianyong, the chairman of the second distric深证指数t Zhou T深圳疫情最新消息ing, the GMT executive chairman of the Member Development Committee Zhou Xiaoyang and the service team lions from Tai ‘an, Lin MAO and charity collection attended the departure ceremony.
            Chaonan area recently suffered a 50 years of heavy rainfall, Lianjiang burst inewsletter是什么意思tnewsletter翻译s bankrelief动词s, Qiufengling resrelief翻译ervoirguangdong over the warning linerelief翻译 wlion是什么意思中文翻译as forced to open floodgates to release flood, the Hong Kong dike appeared more than 60 meters wide gap, Simafloodplainpu Harbor zhou section of the dike burst dangerous situation. … The failure of dikes has directly lfloodinge广东地图d to severe waterlogging in villages and towns along chaonan coast.深圳天气
            Disaster merciless, lion friends have love. As of 20:00 on The 19th, n深圳疫情最新动态ine servicenewsletter是什么意思 teams, including Tai ‘an, Linmao, Charity Corelief给挚爱的你llection, Longcheng, Silver Lake, Futian, Binhe, Gaofeng and Bao ‘an, had donated 374,000 yuan to the disrelief给挚爱的你aster area in Chaonan, Guangdong.
&nbsplions翻译中文;    lions怎么读       On th广东地图e 19th, Wu Xiaoming, director of shantou Chafloodplainonan District erelief翻译成中文mergency flood relief vanguard meeting. The meeting decided tnewsletter模板oflood翻译 set up the Shantou Chaonan Flood relief Vanguard team (the second vanguard team of Shenzhen Lions Cclubmedlub guangdong Flood relief) led by Zhou Xiaoyang shi Brother of Tai ‘an Service Teafloodedm, and immediately purchase emergeclub是什么意思ncy relief materials and send them to the disaster area; Evacuate the disaster area immedianewsletter是什么意思tely after understandinclub是什么酒g the situation, to ensuflood翻译re the personal safety of the vanguard members.
  &n广东工业大学bsp;   &club是什么意思nbsp;     Flood ruthless, lion friends have love. Shenzhen Lionslions翻译中文 Club’s flood relief activities in Guangdong continue. …

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