Notice | about shenzhen lions, 2020-2021 annual membership fee collection notice

Dear Lion friend,

In accordance with the Charter of Lions Club Shenzhen, in accordance with the relevant regulationfeel的过去式s on the collectmembership翻译ion of m深圳embership dues of liannual英语怎么读ons Cannualslubs international and Lions Clubs in China, in order to make the work of the year 2020-2021 run smoothly, Lions Club Shenzlions怎么读hen will collect membership dues of the year 2020-2021 from the current members of the year 2019-2020. The detailsfee are a深圳s follows:


I. Membership fee standard:

(I) Annual membership fee of RMB 1,500 flions的音标or current members in深圳疫情最新消息 2019-2020.

(2) For family members who are registered in 2019-lions的音标2020, the annual membership fee shall be halved and the amembership和member的区别nnual membership fee shalmembership怎么读l be 750 YUAN per year.


Ii. Work arrangement for collection of membership dues

(I) The collection time of membership dues is from now to June 20. Each service team collects the membershiabout是介词吗p feeannual英语怎么读 from its members and pays it to theannual怎么读 financial settlement center of the district council深圳疫情最新消息.

(2) By June 20, membefeeblers who have not paannuallyidabout翻译 the membership dufeel是什么意思es for 2020-2021 will be reaboutgarded as automatic withdrawal, and the DISTRICTabout-face Coulion是什么意思中文翻译ncil will handle the withdrawal procedures for them.

(3) From June 21 to 30, shenzhen Lions club officlions读音e will collect the list of members w深圳市最新疫情ho have not pa深圳市最新疫情id the fee according to the payment status of each service team,about reporannualt to the domestic Lions club, and handle the withdrawal procedures of the international club.


Rewards for collection and payment of membership dues

1. All service teams thmembershipat hfeedbackave p深圳疫情aidabouttime免费观看 their dues before May 1st will receive the award of Excellence in dues collection;

2. Outstanding award of fee collection will be awarded to servicmembership是什么意思英语e teams that have paid their dues before May 20.

3. All servlions是什么意思icabouttime免费观看e teams that have paid all their dues before June 10 will receifeel怎么读ve the award of Excellence in dues collection.


Iv. Payment method

Payment can be made by transfer, credit card or cash.

Transfer Information:

Accolion是什么意思unt name: Shenzhen Lions Club;

Bank: Shanghai Pudong De深证指数velopment Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch;

Account number: 79130155260000178

Please indlions是什么意思icate the service team, number or limembershipst in the postscmembership翻译ript when transferlion是什么意思ring, and send the bank receipt to the office after transferring for financial reconciliation.


5. Special notes

(I) Members who fail to renew will automatically lose their membershannualsip of Shenzhen Lions Club.

(2) Non-members shall not serve in the service team an深圳风险等级d shall not enjoy themembership怎么读 rights and obligations due tolions怎么读 membfeebleers.


Vi.feed翻译 Contact Infeebleformation

If you have any questions, please contact the office directly.

(I) Area Contact person:

Zone 1 to Zone 4: Hu Lei 25689756

District深圳疫情最新消息 5, 6, 9 to 12: Li Jiang Ping 25688576&NBsp;  

Zones 7, 8, 13 to 16: Huangshenran 25689752

District 17 to 20: chow man kwong 25688930

(II) Financial Contact person:

Peshenzhenng Li 25688519

(3) Emailnotice作文: szliabout怎么读语音


It is the responsibility and obligation of evannualery member to pay membership dueslions怎么读 on time and in full.

The payment of membership femembership什么意思啊e be深圳疫情fore June 20th will be one of the necessary conditions for the annual outstanding service team selection.深圳市最新疫情 We hope that all service teams can attach great impomembership什么意思啊rtance to the collecabouttime免费观看tion of membership fee and actively strive for the award.

Thank you for深圳市最新疫情 your supp深圳天气ort and cooperation!


Shenzhen Lions Club

9 April 2020

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