Notice | shenzhen lion about COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control of international aid work instructions

Service teams:  

Since the Novel coronavirus infection pneumonia was declared an “international public health emergency” by the World Health Orglionelanization (WHO), COVID-19 hepidemic是什么意思as so far spread in mocovid翻译re than 200 countries andcontrol什么意思 regions around the world, with a sharp increase in the number of cases, and has become a major infectious disease. Against the grim backdrop of COVID-19 affecting many countries, China’s foreign assistanceepidemic has demonstrated its sense of responsibility as a major country and made the recipienabout怎么读t countries feel true love in times of adversity.  

In order to support and cooperepidemic是什么意思ate with the international assispreventiontance work of epidemiccovid prevention and contabout后面动词什么形式rol, Lions Club Shenzhen has formulated the following guidelines in acnotice作文cordance with the spirit and document requirements of Domestic Lions Association and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federaepidemicstion, as well as the regepidemic品牌ulations on management of Service activinotice同义词ties and external exchanges of Lions Club Shenzhen and the actual situation of epidemic prevention services:

A, & have spent All service teams are requested to abide by shenzhen‘s of深圳疫情最新动态ficial policies on overseas donations and carry out international assistance for epidecontrolsmic prevention and coabout怎么读ntrol in accordance with laws and regulations.

Second, & have spent All service teams shall report for approval in accordance with procedures beforlion是什么意思e carepidemic和pandemicrying out overseas epidemic pprevention翻译revention services. Any service activities that have not been approvnotice的形容词ed shall not be carried out in the name ofprevention Shepidemic品牌enzhen Lions Club or its internal or subordinate organizations. The approval procedures are as follows:

7 working days beforcovid-19英语怎么读e activities, are required tepidemic怎么读音o submit: shenzhen lions service application form (appendix a), service team captalion怎么读in resolution (attachment 2), the purchase contract and renotice作文lacovid-19英语怎么读ted accessoriesnotice是什么意思, domestic lionlion的音标 federation foreign service activities form and rep深圳大学orted to the table (attachmenliont 3), approved by the shenzhen lion approved and submitted to the shenzhen disabled persons’ federation, the domestic lions in cib reporte深圳大学d to the rear.

Three, & have spent Donations should be voluntary, and it is recommended to buy masks, protective suits an深圳风险等级d other epidemic prevention materiaabout-facels and donate them to countries and r深圳大学egions hit hard by the eepidemic和pandemic的区别pidemic. The procurement of epidemic prevention materials must comply with the relevant official requirements of the recipient party.

Four, & have spent For overseas donation projects implemented by each service team, documents and materials required for the entry and exit of thcontrol游戏e donated supplies into the recipient country, aepidemic品牌nd transportation, etc., should comply with the renotice过去式quirements of the domestic and recipient countries for the entry and exit oprevention怎么读f the epidemic prevention supplies, and thelionel service team should prepare by itself. Please apply 3 working days in anotice的形容词dvepidemic是什么意思中文翻译ance for stamp of Shenzhen Lio深圳市最新疫情ns Club.

Five, & have spent After the completcontrollingion of overseas donation activities, eabout是介词吗ach service team shoulionld complete the reimburselion翻译ment procedures as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Management System of Shenzhen Lionscovid Club and other relevant documents. Reimcontrolledbursement mateaboutcgrials mainly inclucovid-19英文全称怎么读de: finaepidemic和pandemic的区别ncial approval form of thlion翻译e service team, procurement contrcontrolsacnotice同义词tcontrol歌曲 anepidemic是什么意思中文翻译d related attachments, remittacontrolnce proof, purchase a深证指数nlion翻译d sale invoice, donation proof, etc.

Six, & habout-faceave spent Important points to note during the activity:

1. Eepidemic怎么记忆nsuring the quality an深圳天气d safety olion是什么意思f donated materials for enoticedxport

1. When purchasing medical sucovid怎么读音发音pplies, the donor should sign a purchase agreement with the supplier, requirepidemic品牌i深圳疫情ng the following qualification documents: product certificate, quality iepidemic和pandemic的区别nspection report, medical device registcovid怎么读rationepidemic是什么意思 certificate, production license, business record certificate, company business license and so on.

2. Provide FDA, CE and other certification documents as required by recipient.

3. According to the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs state drug administration announced in 2020 5, about order to carry oucovid怎么读t the announcement of the export of medical supplies, since April 1, the export will be coronavirus detection reagent, snoticeurgical masks, medical protective clothing, breathing machine, infrared thermometer enterprise declare to the customs, sepidemic怎么读音hall provide a written or electronic statement, The promised export products have obtained China深证指数‘s medical device product registration certificatcontrollablee, in line with tabout-facehe quality standard requirements of the impolion复数rting country (regabout翻译ion). The customlionkks shall chec深圳k and release the medical devices upon the registration certificate approved by the drug regulatory department.

(II) Conf深圳大学irm the recipient’s needs and donation channels

In order to ensure that the donated materialpreventions can be used in the recipient’s location, the specific needs and requirements for product specifications and standardprevention怎么读s should be communicated with the local hospital, Lions Club organization or its official office in China in advance.

3. Clarifying tprevention是什么意思he rights and obligationscontrol翻译 of all parties

For donations of large amounts of money and goods (RMB 10,000 or more), an agreement shall be signed with the recipient t深圳疫情最新动态o clarify the rights and oblionelligations oabout怎么读f all parties, such ascontrollable how to share the freight of donated matepidemic是什么意思erials aepidemic situation翻译nd who scovid-19英文全称怎么读hall bear the customs declaration and clearance; Whether the spelion的中文意思cifications and standards of donated materials meet the requirements of use, whether the outer packaging is complete, and whether the materials are contaminated during transportation. If necessary, a tripartite agreement canlion是什么意思 be signed, in which the recipient and the manufcontrollableacturer sign a sales contract. As深圳地铁线路图 the donor, Shiyou only pays the expenses and does not bear any product liability.

After the donation, the recipient is required to issue a letter of acceptance of the donated materials, and indicate on the letcontrolster that the specifications and standards of the donatedepidemic品牌 matcovid怎么读音发音erials meet thlion复数e use requirements.

Seven, & have spent Shenzhen Lions Club office will providcovid19是什么意思e follow-up sernotice的形容词vices, collect relevant data, and apply for relecovid-19英文全称怎么读vant awards to深圳疫情 the Lion Fund Management Committ深圳ee of the Liocontrol翻译ns Club in China.

Eight,Contact: Su Zhuangbin 15915444117.


Thousands of maboutcginotice翻译les remain near each other. No country is immune from the global pandemic. We hope that all the serepidemic怎么读音vic深圳市最新疫情e teams will caepidemic是什么意思中文翻译rry out international assistaepidemic是什么意思中文翻译nce services in accordance with laws and regulations and provide assistance to countries in need within their capacity. We hope that with the concerted efforts of people around the world, the global epidemic prevention and control深圳地铁线路图 will usher in an early “spring”.



Notice | shenzhen lion about COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control of international aid work instructions news 图1张Appendix 1: Application form for Shenzhen Lions Club Service Activities

Notice | shenzhen lion about COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control of international aid work instructions news 图1张Appendix 2: Decision of shenzhen Lions Club Captain team

Notice | shenzhen lion about COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control of international aid work instructions news 图1张Annex III: Examination and approval form and report form of external seepidemic situation翻译rvice activities of Domestic Liocovid-19英文全称怎么读ns Association


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