Praying for Heyuan — Shenzhen Lions Association launched heyuan relief activities

The situation of the disaster area praying heyuan

— The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched relief activities in Heyuan


The rain is merciless,activities是什么意思翻译成中文 the lion friends are loving. Recently, heyuan city of Guangdong province was hit by the worst flood in 100 years, which has aroused wilions读音despread concerelief用法及搭配rn and touched the hearts of shenzhen lion friends. Therelaunched heyuan charity disaster relief campaign, sponsored by the Shenzhen Lions Club and co-orga深圳疫情nized by pingshan Service Team, star深圳疫情最新动态ted quicreliefkly. The campaign donatelionsd mineral water,河源晚报 bread, instant noodles, biscuits and other food as well河源 as emergency supplies and service funds to the disaster area80000 yuan.

On the night of June 10, Shenzhen Lions Club learned from the news and local lion friends that heyuan city had been severely affected by the heavypraying rain for days. Villages were flooded, landslides and communications were interrupted. 63 trelief翻译owns and townships wererelief动词 affected to varying degrees, with more than 110,000 people affected and even casualties. On the morning of 11th, Huang Huishalion是什么意思n, the 2018-2activities有哪些活动019 leader of Pingshan Service Team, held an emergency team meeting and深圳天气 quickly raised 50,000 yuan (among which Chen Yuanxiang, the founding leader of Pingshan Selaunched怎么读的rvice team, personally donated 20,000 yuan) for thlions怎么读e purchase of food and emergency supplies for disaster relief.

At 8:30am on The 12th, when heyuan local rainstorm warning camerelaunched into effect, Captain Huang Huishan led 17 lion frie河源市人民医院nds to drive out despite the rainstorm to deliver disaster relief materials to the affected arelief和relieve区别rea. When they arrived in Shangping Town, Heyuan City, there was a possibilityassociation用法及搭配 of another flood due to the impact of heavy rainfall. After consultation with the local authorities, the Pingshan service team sactivities的中文ent the supplies to a safe gathering place, and then s河源装饰公司ent them to the affected villages by local pickurelief动词p truc河源第一大镇ks and distributed them to the aactivities的中文ffected villagers. Brother Xie Rupactivities用英语怎么说eishi of pingshan Service team led a team of team members to work hard for three days and nights. They not only sent relief materials to Fengshukeng Village of Xiapingfeng, the most dangerous vill河源第一大镇age, but allions的音标so delivered them to the homes of several local disabled people. Xie Rupeishi’s homelions的音标 is also in the di河源职业技术学院saster area深圳疫情最新动态, houses and ve深圳疫情最新动态hicles were flooded, fish pond was also destroyed, he has no time to care, gave up his small home for everyone, the first深圳疫情 time into the rescue work after the disrelief和relieve区别aster. Brother Chen Yuanxiang,relief用法及搭配 Brother Xie Jinfu and other lions from Heyuan arlaunchede also fighting on the front line. Other lions of Shenzhen have been paying close attention to the disaster and are ready to make their ownlions怎么读 contributions.

On thlions的音标e evening of 12thassociation可数吗, Ma Min, the 2018-2019 presiassociation怎么读音dent of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, listened to the secretary o深圳风险等级f Pingshan Service Team Zhang Canmassociation和collection的区别u’s report on lianping charity disaster reliefassociation怎么读音 activities, and gave full recognit深圳疫情最新动态ion and sup深圳风险等级port to pingshan Serlaunched怎么读的vicerelief用法及搭配 team. On 13thassociation造句, he entrustedlaunched是什么意思 pactivities怎么读ingshan Service team to purchase another 20,000 yuan charity disaster relief goods aassociation造句nd河源职业技术学院 sent them to Lianping heyuan.

On The 17th, Ma Min, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, donated 10,000 yuan to shenzhen Women and Children Development Foundation on behallions怎么读f of Shenzhen Lions Club, and prlions翻译中文o深圳疫情最新动态vidactivities的中文ed assistance to local women and children organizationlions英语怎么读s through the foundation.

Flood rut深圳天气hlessactivities用英语怎么说, lion friends hassociation翻译ave loveactivities音标; When one party is in trouble, eight partiesrelief形容词 help. In trelief和relieve区别he face of the disaster, The Lions Club of Shenzhen responded quickly and acted quickly, devo河源市人民医院ting itself to the flshenzhenood relief work, demonstrating its responsibility, responsibility and social care, and contributinassociation和collection的区别g to河源晚报 the rescue and reconstrucactivities用英语怎么说tion of the disaster area. I sincerely wish the people of heyuan disasteactivities思维导图r areas an early victory in disaster relief work and rebuild their homes as soon as possible!


[Text] Zhang Canmu, Pingshan Service Team

[Photo] Pingshan Service Team

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan河源晚报 & NBSP; Hu & have spent grey

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSassociation用法及搭配P; hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lrelief翻译ions Club Office

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