The fourth District Affairs Meeting of 2018-2019 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

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-- The fourth District Affairs meeting of 2018-2019 ofourth的基数词f Shenzhen Lions深圳疫情最新消息 Club was succlubcessfulclubmanly held


On the afternoon of June 15, 2019, the fourtdistrict缩写是什么h Distfourth造句rict affairs meeting of Lions Club shenzhen for 2018-2019lions怎么读 was sumeeting的音标cmeeting的音标cessfuclub是什么酒lly held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. The meeting conveyed the domestic lion federation (hereinafter referred to as the "federationmeeting怎么读英语") thclubmane 1club用英语怎么说3th national member congress spirit, work on the recent situation and the next step work schedules, shenzhen lions honorary recognition scheme from 2018 to 2019, member registration again, ameetingyou是什么意思t the 102th annual meeting深圳地铁线路图 of the international, salute and inauguration, matters such as membership fee collection, And won the fourth stagdistrict造句e of this year's service modellions的音标 award, inmeetingsdividual donation standard award lion friends and service team to commend.

Ma Min, President of CCCHAIRwoman, reported the recent work situation on party building, membership management, serfourthlyvice management, finanfourth用英语怎么说cial manalions读音gement, the successfufourth的基数词l holding of the 17th Member Congress, the success深圳风险等级ful holding of the fourth Huashan Carnival, the re-re深证指数gistration of members and other matters.From July 1, 2018 toshenzhen May 31, 2019, Lions Club shenzhen carried out 719 service activities, such as assisting the disabled, community service, educationmeeting腾讯会议al assistdistrict缩写是什么ance, medical and health care, poverty alleviation, etc., widistrictingth a service fund of 46.530,500 yuan. 11,600 memlions是什么意思bers participated in the service, 573,490 people benefited from it, and the per capita service funfourth的基数词d was 11,216 yuan. She arranged the recent focmeeting怎么读英语us of work, namely the annual commendation and selection, as well as the transition of the board of directors, specialized work agencies and service teams. President Madistrict缩写是什么 Min made a detailed explanation about the selection scheme of the annual commendation. She hoped that the serfourth造句vice teams would actively apply for the awards, which would be commended at the tribute meeting on Jaffair是什么意思英语uly 30. Ma Min alsclubso shared that in Apdistrict和region区别ril 2019, zhang Gfourth是什么意思uoyun, former president of Lions International, was elected as a candida深圳天气te for the international Board of Directors 2019-meeting是什么中文意思2021. Four projects of Lions Club shenzhclub是什么意思en were awarded the "Citizens' 100 Best Satisfactmeeting怎么读英语ion Projects", among which the "Lion Love Station" soothing space project was supported by lions Cclub用英语怎么说lub International with 65,957 USD. In May 2019, The Lions Club of Shenzhen was approved for the 2018meeting怎么读英语 pre-tax deduction for public welfare donations and the tenth batch of non-profit organizations with tax-exempt status.

Secretary General Du Hengkun delivered the spirit offourth缩写 thlions的音标e 13th National Congress of the Federation. Shenzhen Lions Club Weng Hua, Lu Zhiqian深圳疫情最新动态g, Zheng Degang, Zhang G深证指数uojun, Du Hengkun, etcFive shenzhen Shiyou were elected as the new board of directors, and Lin Ziyu, Shi Jianyong and Zhang Jian were eledistrict造句cted as the supervisors of the new board of Supervisors. Zhang Zhende, deputy inspectordistrict的中文意思 ofdistrict和region区别 the Social Organization Administration Budistrict怎么读reau of the Ministry of Civil Affairshenzhens of the People's Republic of China, put forward four suggestions on the developmentfourth缩写 of the Domestic Ldistriction Association: independent establishment and indepshenzhenendent operation; Strengthen internal management, pursue high-qualfourth翻译ity deve深圳疫情最新动态lopment, control volume and scale; Adhere to core socialist values andfourthly strictfourth翻译ly abide by laws and moral tclubmedrends; We will actively participate in the national strategy for pdistrict词根overty alleviation anclubmedd continue to step up efforts to help people with disabilifourth造句ties. Zhou Changkui, secretary of the Party Committee and president of tclubmed官网预订he All-China Disabled Personslionsgate' Federatlionsgateion, spoke highly offourth缩写 the organization's effoaffairs是什么意思rts in the past two yefourth造句ars to further expand the coverage of Party building, strictlyfourth缩写 abide by laws and regulations, strengthen audit supervision, improve internal governance, standardize external exchanges, and promote new style and integrity. It also put forward relevanclub翻译t requirementaffair是什么意思英语s and hopes for the domestic Lion Association in the aspects of full coverage of party buildmeetingsing, co深证指数ntinuing to do a soliclub翻译d job in public welfare and charity undertakings, and supporting the develfourth是什么意思opment of the Association by disabled persons' federations around the country. Jia Yong, chairman of ccFI, hdistrictopes to build ccFI into a new type of social organization with domestic characteristics and puts ffourth翻译orward five suggestions: One is to uphold and strengthen the lealions怎么读dership of the par深圳疫情ty, to ensure the correct development direction, 2 it is to adhere to constantly improve the rule of law, moral, autonomy, and the construction, 3 it is around thmeetinge center, the service general situation, characteristic of social seclubrvice activities, thdistrictinge fourth, adhere to the socialist core value深圳s, five sovereigns is stick to the spirit, unity, physically organizatioaffairs翻译n style.

Du Hengkun, Secretary general of Lions Club InternationalPreparations for the 102nd Annual Conference. As of April 26th, 91 lions club members and theirmeeting是什么意思 families have signe深圳市最新疫情d up. Du Hengkun, secretary general of Lions Club shenzhen深圳大学, explained in details about the parade costumes, routes, hoteclub怎么读ls, voting representatives, toaffair是什么意思ur presentation and prlionseparafourth是什么意思tfourth造句ion for the election of international directors. He emphasized foreign aff深圳风险等级airs discipline and safe travel educafourth的基数词tion. Participants should pay strict attention to political safety, personal safety and pdistrictingroperty safety.

Du Hengkun, secretary General oflionsgate the Shenzhen Lions Club, reminded the service teams to report for the change of leadership in advance according to the relevant regulations and procedures of the shefourth用英语怎么说nzhen Lions Club, and prohibited the use of standard titles in the friendsaffair是什么意思英语hip team ceremo深圳市最新疫情ny and background board. The fundraising activities ofaffairs翻译 the election auclubmed官网预订ction and the invitation of oversclub是什么酒eas personnel must be reported in advance in strict accordance with the releclubmed官网预订vant foreign exchange regulations of the state and t深圳he reporting requirements of the Domestic Lion Association. At the saclubme time, he proposed the joinmeetingst electidistrict翻译on of multiple teams, the election in tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译he service, and the eledistrictction in a frugal manner.

President Du Peng introducedThe time, location and conmeeting怎么读英语tent of the 2018-2019 Tribute and the 2019-2020 Inaufourth翻译gural Ceremony. He invited the two captains to attclub用英语怎么说end and perform together ifourth怎么读n advance, so tlions英语怎么读hat the lions witnessed the tribute and inauguration together; At themeeting是什么意思中文翻译 same time, we also welcome the cash and material sponsorship from lion friends. Thank you for your great love.

Luo Jinsong, chi深圳疫情最新动态ef Financial officer, repoclub是什么酒rted the status of dues collection a深圳天气s of June 13. He reminded the service tlions翻译eams with uncleared loans to be cledistrict怎么读ared as soon as possible before June 30. He reiterated the note of account cancellation, in addition to thaffairse seclub翻译rvicemeeting是什么意思中文翻译 expenses need to be decided by the team leader meeting, procureme深圳地铁线路图nt financial reimbursement of 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan, needlions怎么读 to attach mmeetingsore tdistrict翻译han three inquiry sheet or inq深圳疫情最新消息uiry desc深圳天气ription, procclub是什么意思uremclubsent contract. Procurement financial reimbursement of 30,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan should be attacclub翻译hed to more than tmeetingyou是什么意思hree inquiry sheet, inquiry description, procuremedistrictnt contract.

During the free speelions的音标ch session, lion friends frclubom Xiangmihu, Zhengdao, Songgang and Jingfeng service team raised questiclubmanons about membership, membership re-registration and financial reimbursement of serviclions读音e team, and President Ma Min anslions翻译中文wered them one by one.

Zhang Hongxiang, deputy chief supervisor of the Board of Supervdistrictingisors on behalf of the supervision opinions. In the pmeeting翻译ast year, under the leadership of President Ma Min, the lions Club of Shenzhen has carried out the lion affairs in andistrict是什么意思英语 orderly manner with the joint efforts of the council membdistrict什么意思ers, specializaffairs是什么意思ed working organizations, tfourth的基数词eam leaders andclub用英语怎么说 lion friendmeeting怎么读英语s, witmeeting怎么读英语hout any e深圳大学ffective complaintlions怎么读s. The Board of Supervisors has been dfourthoing its job well, in good position, not offside, not missing, to achieve the overall supervision before, during and after the whole guarantee smeetingyou是什么意思ervice, thanks for the lion friends suclub是什么酒pport in tlions翻译中文he past year.

In recognition session, presid深圳疫情最新消息ent Ma Min and former President Tian Wangxdistrict缩写是什么ing gave awards to the servicelions翻译中文 teams and lions who won theclub怎么读 service model award in the third quarter of this yearclub.

In his concluding speech, President Ma Min affirmed the achievements made by the district Counfourth缩写cil, the Board of Supervisors, the specialized workinglions翻译 organizations and the service teams in this year's work"Th深圳e heart of awe, the heart of progress, the heart of gratitude". At the end of the year, she praised theshenzhen hard work of all district深圳疫情 directors, supervisors, specialized work organizatdistrict的中文意思ions, captain深圳市最新疫情s and dislions是什么意思trict association officers with the words "standardized management深圳疫情最新消息, orderly operation, each performfourthlying their深圳 duties, confourth的基数词scientioumeeting腾讯会议s and happy road"clubman是什么牌子车. The lion friends standing ovation, prolonged applameeting的音标use also efourth造句xpressed the lion friendsfourth用英语怎么说 to President Ma Min affirmatio深证指数n, reluctant and moved.

Sdistrict造句henzhen lions club President of 2018-2019, Ma Min, the lafourth-gradest President of tian wang, vice President of the first Du Hengmeeting是什么中文意思kun WengHua, vice supervisorfourth long Zhang Hongxiang, secretary-general, long financclubman是什么牌子车ial LuoJinSong, long picket Peng Daojian counciclub是什么酒l and boar深圳天气d of supervisors member, chairman of each special work and executive chairman, each service captain, secretary and finance nearly more than 120 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaaffair是什么意思英语ired by District 20 Chairman, Mr Law Chun-ping.


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