Notice | about service held annual general need to pay attention to problems of the ceremony

Notice | about service held annual general need to pay attention to problems of the ceremony

Dear fellow lioaboutcg网站ns,

Recently, it is theldenhe peak ofserviceman the annual transitioannual是什么意思n ceremongeneraly of eaattention翻译ch servicpayoneere team. In order to further standardizattention的形容词e the transitionotice的固定搭配n processerviceables of the service team and do a good job in related work, and eliminate some irregularities and even irregularities, we hereby remind the following mattgeneralizeers:

First, do a goabout后面动词什么形式od job of repnoticeorting for the change of leneedsadership.Please reporaboutt tonotice的固定搭配 the regional officer 7 ~ 15 days befannual的名词ore the chaabout是介词吗nge of sgenerallyervice team. The report mainly includes the time, placeneeds, agenda, sservice是什么意思cale and method of the transition.

Second, it is strictly forbidden to holdpay是什么意思 friendship team closing ceremony among the servicpayoneere teams of Shenzhen Lions Club.As far as the 140 or so service teams of Shenzhen Lions club are concerned, they are all brothers and friendly teams, and there is no problem of establishpay的用法ing friendpayly teams. We advocate more interactions and exchanges between the service teams within Shenzhen Lions club in termsaboutcg网站 of meeting activities and service activities, but no agreements such as friendship teams can be signannual是什么意思ed. Some of the service teams have previously signed the so-called friendship tannual的名词eam (sister teaattention是什么意思m), please do noannualstaboutcg hang or appear in the scene oannual英语怎么读f the transition ceremony "friendship teagenerally翻译m" (pay的用法sister team) related flaservice是什么意思中文翻译gs.

Third, background plate, large screen must use standard appellation.Make background board, big screen and other documents, please in accheld的原型ordance with the "Shenzhen Lions club name and job standard use method" relegeneralistvant requirements, correct uservice怎么读se of shenzhen Lions Club name and job standard appellation. Tserviceablehe standard naannual是什么意思me oannual同义词f each service team is: "Shheld怎么读的enzhen Lions Club Service Team".needs Non-standard titles such as "notice用法Shenzhen Lions Club Club" and "Shenzhen () Lions Club" are prohibited.

Fourth, do a good job onoticedf mutual support between the district and the service team.In order to support the change of the service team, it is required in principle that the chairman opay是什么意思f the region where the service team is located and the chairman of the region shopayoneeruld attend to support; The attendance of executive dirnotice过去式ectors shall be uniformly aheldenrraabouttime免费观看nged by the district council, and other directors shall voluntarily attend and support according to the apay的过去式ctual situation. When introducing guests at the changing ceremony, the directors and supervisors are geannuallynerally introduced one by one aneedsccording to the lion etiqservicebiouette.generally翻译 It is recabout翻译ommended to arrange seats at the main table 1, 2 or near thenotice作文 main tablattentione.

Fifth, onotice的固定搭配verseas personnel invited to participate in the cerabout怎么读emony must go to the district office in advance to handle the aupheldpplication procedures.Report to the office twgeneralbutcho months in advance in accordancpaymente with the relevattention简谱ant national laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the Domestic Lion Association, fill in the "Domestic Lion Association Foreign Exchange Activities Report Form", "Domestic Lion Association Foreign Exchange Activities Review and Approval Form", after the approval of the relevant procedures can be carried out. It is not allowed to invite the personnel of oattention的形容词verseas lions clubs and other social organizations to participate in the service team changing ceremony or feneedsllowship exchange activitienotice用法s at home and abroad without approval.

Sneed是情态动词吗ixth, do a good job in the report of the succession auction fund-raising activities.If fundraiservice是什么故障灯sing aabout怎么读ctivities such as charity auction areneedy held at the samheldene time, please fill in the Approval Form for Fundraabout怎么读ising Activities of Shenzhen Lions Club 8 working days before tattention的用法和搭配he event. At the same time, the administrative expenses should not be higher than the service fundsattention的形容词 raised.

Seventh, we need to promote frugal leadership transitheld过去式和过去分词ion.Advocate the joint change of service teams, or change of segeneral什么意思中文rvice actiannualizedvities. The change of service team will not be held in five-star hotels, so the budget should be well pgenerallyrepared and the per capita bupaypal下载dget should be controlled within 200 yuan as far as possible. Advocateneedy "cleapaypal登录n action", eliminate extravagance and waste. After the event, if there is any food left, try to pack.

Eighth,paycheck notes for dneed怎么读istrict counaboutcil leadenotice同义词rs attending the service team reshuffservice和serve的区别le.

If the leadership of the district council is invited to attend the changing of the service team, it is suggested that the number of council members sservicemanhould be controlled within 10, so as not to add pressure to the service team. Unless specially invited by the service team.

When there is a hegeneralavy turnover of service teams, district club leaders have no time to participate in the turnover activitipaypal登录es of each service team. The office will make overall arrangements and try tonoticed arrangepay的用法 at least one member of the district club president team to attend the activities on that day.


Dear frinotice同义词ends, we are all mattention舞蹈embeaboutrs of the shenzhhelden Lions Club family. We allheld怎么读的 love this organizapay的过去式tion and wish shenzhen Lions Club a healthy, stable and harmonious development.service是什么意思 We hope that everattention歌曲yone can make joint efforts, especially the distriabout后面动词什么形式ct chairmen, district chairmen and service team leaders, to supervise and remind each other, and jointly promote the sabout翻译teady development of Shenzhen Lions Club and the service teams.


Sneedn'thenzhen Lions Club

June 18, 2019

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