Harmony with Service — The first Board meeting and outreach training of 2019-2020 of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held

Harmony with Service — The first Board meeting and outreach training of 2019-2020 of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held

From May 11th to 12th, the first Council meeting and outward bound training of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was successervicemansfully held in Luwan International Resort Hotel, Dapeng New District. The elected directors elected the secretary Generaharmonyos和安卓的区别l, Chief Fharmonyos怎么关闭inancial Officer, Chief of General Affairs, chief of picket and Deputy executive secretaboardgamery for 2019-2020, anserviceabled discussed the work plan for 2019-2020, financial work plameeting翻译n, administrative funds and service budget and other issues. Thharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗ey listemeetingtencentcomned tboardso theharmonyos和安卓的区别 responsibilities and dtrainingpeaksivisionmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 of the district council members, the post responsibilitiemeeting是什么意思s of the council members, the names of the special assistant to the prmeeting腾讯会议esfirstname填姓还是名ident and the mmeetingtencentcomentor members, the stboard什么意思翻译ructure and nafirst namemes of the specialized working organizatfirst翻译ions, the outline of theoutreach什么意思 annuaservice的名词l activities, and the collection of dues, etc., so as to make preparatioharmonyos怎么关闭ns for the work of the New Year. President-electmeeting腾讯会议 Weng Hua hopes that in the new lion year, alfirstl lion club memharmonyos怎么关闭bers of Shenzhen will wotraining造句简单rk togharmonyos和安卓的区别ether, serve together and liveboard翻译 in harmony!

The meeting wastraining翻译 attended by 36 directors, includingmeetingtencentcom Weng Hua, thharmonyose 2019-2020 president designate, Ma Min, the 2018-2019 President Designate,harmony是什么意思 Guo Ymeetingsongyong, the 2019-2020 second vice President designate, anmeeting是什么意思d Du Hengkun, the secretary-general designate. Huang Fake and Huafirst nameng Te, director of publicity and Rights Protection Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Su Zeran, sfirst怎么读英语upervisor of Domestic Lions Association and former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Shi Jianyong, supervisor designate ofboard和broad怎么区分 2019-2020, Zhang Jiafirstname填姓还是名n, deputy supervisor designate and special assistant of president designate oftraining造句 Shenzhen Lions Club attended the meeting as non-voting guests. The meeting was presided over by Guo Yongyong as the chairman of the conference, Du Pengharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗, Li Zhou, CAI Min, Zhao Hui as the executive chairman, Du Peng chaired.

Pull together in good times and bad

Onoutreach the afternoon of May 11th, mofirst怎么读re than 30 directors elect held an indoor training activity in the conference room of Luwan International Residence. During the training, theservice是什么意思 directors elect showed their vigor and morale.

Inboard怎么读英语 the ice-breaking part, the board memeeting的音标mbers break the barriers between each other through coopermeeting翻译ation and game interaction, increase the tacit understanding between each other, and let everyone really integrate into the team.

Then came the group exercise project “Soldharmony是什么意思iers on the battlefield”, which tested each group’s leadership, communication and executive ability. The final challenge was “crossing the grid,” where the board members were reorganized into a team and had to cross the grid in a limited time. Ttraining是什么牌子est the project team’s ability to work together, the team mtraining怎么读embers have higher demand to execution, fitness, etc, whboard和broad怎么区分ile the front after many failuretraining怎么读s, but the governors elect bservice是什么故障灯reak through layers of obstacles, under we try and running-in smoothlymeeting翻译 completed the project, and finally, in the mixed with sweaboard的中文意思t and tearsfirst翻译, hugs, drew a satisfactory full sharmonyos是什么系统tservice翻译op training.

This activity was a test of team cohesion and executive power, and the incoming directors sservice和serve的区别howed the style of the new team with full enthusiasm and highfirst怎么读 moralservice翻译e. I hope that in the New Year of lions, yboard是什么意思ou can brave the wind and waves, break through the obstacles, and jointly open up a better tomorrow of Shenzhen Lions Cservice翻译lub.

Set the heart to gather strength to create a better future

On the afternoon of May 12th, the first board meeting was held in hall 6 of the conference room of Luwan Internationboard怎么读英语al Residence. Guo Yongyong, the second vice President designate, delivered a welcome speech and extended a warm welctraining造句简单ome to the leaders attending the meeting. He hoped that the counmeeting是什么意思cil members would learn about the 2019-2020 work plan and objectives, and get familiar with their job responsibilities, so as to lay a foundatiotraining衣服品牌n for the work of the next year.

According to relevant rules and regulations, the secretary General of Lions Club sharmonyos和安卓的区别henzhen 2019-2020 is recommended by the bmeetingyou是什么意思usiness authorities and elected by the new board of directors infirst青年电影展 equal amounts. Weng Hua, the inservice是什么意思中文翻译coming president, briefly explained the resume of Du Hengkun, the candfirst怎么读idate for secretary general recommended by shenzhen Disablfirst青年电影展ed Pservice翻译ersons’ Federation. Du Hengkun wastrainingpeaks voted by all the board members at the meeting and successfully elservicemanected as the secretarytraining翻译中文-general of Shtraining衣服品牌enzhetraining是什么牌子n Lions Charmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗lub for 2019-2020. At the same time, after the nomination of Weng Hua, the incoming president, and the vote of all thfirst怎么读英语e directors at the meeting, shenzhen Liservicemanons Club has elected Peng Daojian, chief financial Officer, Liao Ronghui, Chief inspector Du Pservice翻译eservice是什么故障灯ng, and Li Feng, executive deputy secretary general for 2019-2020.

Pmeetingtencentcomrfirst nameesident-elect Weng Hua briefed on the worktraining是什么意思英语 plan for 2019-2020. In the New Year, shenzboard怎么读英语hen Lions Club will adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China with the theme of “Harmonifirstlyous power”, the slogan of “Harmony with Service” and the overall work plan of “Oneservice是什么故障灯 Persistence, three key points and five typesmeeting是什么意思 of sermeeting是什么中文意思vice”. Strengthen syharmony翻译stem construction, optimize membershboardwalkip structure, refine social services; Five key projects have been promoted: Save your Side, Care fomeeting翻译r sanitation workers, diabetes publicity, tarmeetinggeted assistantraining翻译中文ce to the disabled and anti-drug propservice是什么意思aganda and education. He hopes thatmeetings all lion club members will wofirstlyrk together to promoharmony翻译te the development of domestic publiservicebioc welfare and charitmeetingtencentcomy, and make due contribuboard什么意思翻译tions to the exploration of lionmeeting的音标s club with domestic chharmonyos怎么关闭aracteristics and Shenzhen style.

Mr Pang Daojiafirst怎么读英语n, Treasurer designate, introduced the financial work plan for the New Year. In tmeeting翻译he New Year, the financial work otraining是什么牌子f Shenzhen Lions Club will inherit the financial work experience ofirst青年电影展ver the years, inherit the basic financial work, continue to standardize the finaharmonyquestncial management, and do a good job in the financial handoveservice是什么意思中文翻译r work; Stabilize antrainingd standardize the financboard的中文意思ial staff of the dfirst nameistrict counciboardl to improfirsthandve work efficiency; In line with the principle of openness, preciseneservice的名词ss, seriousness anservicebiod economy, do a good job in financmeetingyou是什么意思ial manaboard是什么意思gement and further implement the quality of capitharmonyos怎么关闭al operation.

Since the recttraining翻译中文ification work was carried out, the clubserviceman has susservice是什么故障灯pended all member development. The lions Charmony翻译lub of Shenzhen has a big shortfall in administrative funds for the New Year. Weng Hua, Ma Min, Guo Yongyong, Peng Daojian, Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, Li Feng and others all raservice的名词ised their hands and tmeetingyou是什么意思ook the lead in donating admboard和broad怎么区分inistrative funds. Participating dirmeetingectors have said that the liharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗on club is everyone’s business, the lion will have difficulties, is everyoharmonyosne’s difficulties. Pledges poured in with genfirst是什么意思erofirst namesity. In the atmosphere of the scene undermeeting的音标 the infection, Su Zeran supervisortraining also for the next year’s administrative funds donation. Such dedication to shenzhen Lions club is commendable. A total of 64harmony形容词8,277boardgame yuan was pledged at thefirst翻译成中文 site.

The meeting also reported the responsibitraining造句lities and dharmonyos是什么手机型号ivision of the board members, the post responsibilities ofharmonyquest thharmony是什么意思e board members, the name list of the speservice是什么故障灯cial assistameeting是什么中文意思nt and mentoboard什么意思翻译r members of the president-electtraining, thfirst翻译成中文e structure and name list of the specialized working organizations, the oserviceableutline of annual activities, the collection of membership dues, and the explanation of fees and charges for the activservice是什么意思ities of the boarfirst翻译d members and the committee. Announced the difirstlyscipline of dtraining翻译中文irectors attending tservice翻译he meefirsthandting, appointment training arrangementsharmonyos怎么关闭 and other matters.

Mr. Shi jianyong, the supervisor designate, said that he would continue to pass on the culture of Shenzhen Lions Club, maintain the harmony of Shenzhefirst怎么读n Lions Club, and work wiservice是什么意思中文翻译th the power of harmony. Only with trueservicebio harmony can Shenzhen Lions Club go further. He suggested that the directors shofirsthanduld attend more service activities ofboard是什么意思 the club, find and solve problems from the activities, and contribute to the stable development ofboard翻译 shenzhen Lions Club.

President Ma Min thanked the 2018-2019 council members, captains anserviced comfirst怎么读英语mittee chairmen for their strong support to her woboard什么意思翻译rk, andserviceable congratulated the new council antraining怎么读d supervisory board members. She sservice和serve的区别aw the harmonious atmosphere of the new pmeetingsresident team. Under the leadership of president-elect Weng Hua, Shenzhen Ltraining造句ions clboardsub will be better and better. She hoped that the new board members would cherish their timmeeting翻译e in office, spread positive energy and standardize the development of the culture of Shenzhen Litraining造句简单ons club.

Huang Fake director thank you on behalf of the disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen shenzhen lions play a leading and exemplary role of seventboard是什么意思een years, thanks to all of the friendsserviceable of the lion, special thanks to Ma Min led by council President intraining是什么牌子 lion service work, embodies the efficient,training怎么读 pragmatic, honest style, embodies the lion servimeeting是什么意思ce work healthy and orderly development, get the lion friends agree; Second, he congratulated the new board of directors of Shenzhen Lions Club, represented by President-elect Wharmonyoseng Hua, on their successful eletraining是什么牌子ctboardgameion. Finally, he hoped that under the leadership of president-elect Weng Hua, Shenzheboardgamen Lions Clumeeting腾讯会议b would inherit the spirit of Shenzhen Lionsfirstly Club, furthmeetingtencentcomer study afirst怎么读nd implement the thought of socialism with Domestic characteristics,training翻译 and at the same timboardwalke, strengthen parttraining造句简单y buservice翻译ilding, further stfirst翻译anservice怎么读dardize service activitiesfirsthand, do a good job in providing targeharmonyos是什么手机型号ted assistance to the disabled, and strengthen organizational construction.

Chairman Su Zeraharmonyos是什么手机型号n congratulated the new directors and members of the supervisory team on theservice是什么意思中文翻译ir successfulmeetingtencentcom election. He highly praiservice的名词sed President Ma Min for livharmonyquesting up to her mission and trust and completitraining翻译ng the annualfirst青年电影展 work plan with all her heart. He also expressed high hopes for the new board of directors represented by President-elect Weng Hua. He hoped that everyone would continue to inherit the culture of Shenzhen Lions Club and mtraining是什么牌子aintain the harmony of Shenharmonyos和安卓的区别zhen Lions Clboard的中文意思ub. Harmony isharmony是什么意思 happiness, harmony is wisdoservice是什么意思中文翻译m, pool the strength of the team, for the development of Shenzfirstname填姓还是名hen Lions club to create a new situation.

In his concluding speech, Weng Hua, the incoming president of Shenzhen Lionsfirst name Club, thanked thtraining什么意思e City Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Association for their high support and recofirstname填姓还是名gnition of Shenzhen Lions Club, thanked all the participants for attending this board meeting despite their busy schedule, and thanked Ma Min, the president of Shenzhen Lions Club and her board team for theirfirst怎么读英语 hard work in 2018-2019, which laid a good foundation for the lion work in the next yeservicear. He saiservicemand that in the New Year, he would fulfill his mission, accomplish the 201service翻译9-2020 work plan excellently, and push the detraining翻译velopment of Shoutreach什么意思enzhen Lions Club to a new heifirstlyght.

In order to do the preparations of the event, saving expenditure, congress President Guo Yongyong scouting contact the hotel and the venue in advance, happy setrainingrvice captain tang three lions broharmonyos是什么系统ther provide free training service for the promotionservicebioal actservice怎么读ivities, WengHua, Li Zhou,training是什么意思英语 dong-mei Chen, Cai Min, kevinbales for event sponsorship drinks atraining造句简单nd snacks, etc., and director office silently pays, Make preparations and logistics support for the activities. Allmeeting翻译 these laid a solid foundation for the successful compmeetingyou是什么意思letion of the activity.

The two days and one night of the meetingboard是什么意思 of the board of directors and the outreach activities came to a successful end. The joint efforts for reaching the common goal, the sweat for the collective honor, and the tears of being moved hservice翻译ave all become eternal memories. In themeeting腾讯会议 New Year, let us work together, with service, hservice的名词armony, for the socharmonyial civilization, progress to break out a new woharmony翻译rld!

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Sboard是什么意思u Zhuangbtrainingpeaksin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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