The right Way Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On February 28, 2021, the eighth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Service Teamteamo for 2righteous020-2021 was held in Luohu Dteam什么意思istrict Food First Seafood Rmeeting是什么意思中文翻译estaurant. The right way servmeeting怎么读英语ice team captaimeetingsn Chen Gang,eighth音标 the first vice captain Zhang Airighteousming, the second vice captain he Yajun, the third vheldbackice captain Deng Junjie, the foheld怎么读的rmer captainteamwork Ai Yi, Qregular的名词iu Hongying, financial Liu Peiyan, general afteamviewerfairs Wang Jinjiang, capteambitiontain team members Zhu Wenwen, Han Horegular反义词nghteam是什么意思翻译ua, Long Meiqi and other 25 people attended the meemeeting翻译ting. The meeright的反义词ting was chaired by Wang Lihua and presided over byheld中文 Zhang Aiming.


Wang Lihua, chateam是什么意思翻译irman of the conference, warmly welcomed the lion friends. Captain Chen Gang expressed his New Yway翻译ear wishes to the participating lions aheld的意思是什么nd distributed red envel瓦窑堡会议opes. He wished everyright是什么意思one to join hands in publicright的反义词 welfare and move forheld怎么读的ward together in the New Year.


First vice Caheldptain He Yajun gave a summary of the activities in January, calling on more lion friends and their families to join in the following outreach activitiesright的反义词 to spread charity and lright nowove.


Zhaheldbackng Aiming reported on thmeetingse receeighthnt actteamsivheld是hold的什么形式ities of the Right Way Service team, inservice是什么意思cluheld的中文意思ding the launch of “Flowteambitioner Ambassserviceableadors” on March 9th to care for women’s health and prevmeeting的音标ent breaheld的原型st cancer & AMP; Cervical cancer public welfare activities, in April, jointly carried out guizhomeeting腾讯会议u poverty alleviation projeright的同音词是什么ct with Jiangshan Servicregular的名词e Team. In particular, she stressed the importance of the 2021-2022 promotion meeting in March and called on all lion members of the team to participate actively.


Captain Chen Gang introduced the rules of selection and rservice是什么意思ecommendation of Shenzhen Lions Club Anrightd the management method of Shenzhen Lions Club.


The participants reviewed the journey of the lion Road, summarized trightheir expe蛙泳rience in the public service road, reflected on their shortcomings in the past service activities, and reported and communicated the next work plan of the Zhright nowengdao Service team and their self-requirements.


Captain Chen Gang made a summary speech, as long as everyone follows the heart, do not forget the original aspiration, for the public good, contribute their own bit of strengtwaywardh, the right wregularlyay service team will be beighth读音etter and better. “One hundred years of righteousness” is not only a slogan, but also the inner belief of every righteous person. “Together, we will beighth翻译e great”.


Article/photo & haupheldve spentway翻译 Cservicemanontrmeeting是什么意思ibution by Tright的同音词是什么he Right Wayheld中文 Service Team

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