Long-term service Team: Hold the seventh regular meeting of 2020-2021 and the recommendation meeting of 2021-2022

On February 28, 2021, the seventh regular meeting of 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 Promotion Meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club long-term Service Team was held in Beihai Fishing Village, 4th floor, Xiseventhepeoplenhua Insurance Building, Mintian Road, Futian District. Long-term service team captain Zhen Yongqian, last captain Zhengregular翻译 Jianhai, the second vice captain Guo Qiang, secretary Wu Yiying, financhold翻译ial fan Liangming, general affairs Ma Xiujie, picket Zhou Jun, captain team members Huang Tingyin, Ytermang Weisong, Yan Zhuzhuserviceable, Jiang Ling an龙王医婿d other 21 people attended the meeting. Thteamproe meeting was chaired by Huang Tingyin and presided over by Yang Weiterminal什么意思song.

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Aftermeeting是什么意思中文翻译 the process of self-recommendation and democratic selectiteamson, the conference elected the membe龙王医婿rs of the long Term Service Teamtermux in 2021-2022.

Former captain Zhen yong introduced and reviewed the activities carried out by the long Term Service team this year to the participants. The photterminalos of each activity recorded the shining poinmeeting是什么意思ts of the lion friends, showing that the lion friends have been working hard on the road of public welfare activities.meeting怎么读英语

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Fan Liangming fiterm是什么意思nancial reported tmeeting是什么中文意思he financial situation of the service team. Each item of financiahold onl expenditure iseventh翻译s listed in a table, which is clearmeeting and transparent. All the lioterm怎么读n friends present are deeply impressed by the pragmatic spmeeting怎么读英语irit of the long-term service team.

Former Captain Zhen Yong introduseventh怎么读ced the 2021 service activity pseventh怎么读lan. The first one is the Student tmeetingsravel in Honghseventh翻译e County, Yunnan province, with the theme tentathold翻译ively determined as "Love honghe Dream Fulfillmentmeeting是什么意思 Student Travel". The specific activity arrangement will be further diteamworkscussed by the team leader. The second item is the long Term Service team's acholdingtivity plan for March this year, including "Help by Your Side" first aid training activity, Redteam什么意思 Action, the oseventhepeoplepteambitionening ceremony of THE DAY Someetingothing Space of HKU Hospital and the March 8th International Women's Day condolance activity.

Former Captain Yan yong expressed his New Year wishes to all lion club members. He thanked all lion club members for their hard work and active participation in the activities. He also conveyed the leader's praise for the cohesion and cohesivism of the long Term Service Team in the service activities. On tterm是什么意思he occasion of theteams手机版 Spring Festival, Captain Zhen brought a red envelope of blessing to everyone. Everyone held a red enveloregular的所有形式pe sy龙王殿mbolizing "prospehold onrity and happiness" and was full of joy.

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Huang Ti龙蛇演义ngyin congratulateteamprod the members of the new team leader successfully elected at this meeting. Zheng Jianhai, the former tservice是什么故障灯eam leader, hopes that you will grow up with the long Term Service team, and wishes you a better and better 2021, a happy family and a prosp龙王殿erous Lion Sport.


Article/photo &hold的过去形式 have spent Long term service team contributions

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