Written proposal of “Pass love” community theme service month series activities of Shenzhen Lions Club

  Shenzhen Lions Club

“ Passing on love ” Community Theme Service monthSeries of activity proposals


Dear Fellow lions,

     themeplaza   Lovelove最新版官方下载, is human nature, the source of happilove直直播appness, the spirit omonthlyf life, has a longseries怎么读 history. Love is the alias of noble sentiment and morality, and the beauty of humanseries nature is passed on from geneseries翻译ration to generservice怎么读ation.

&nbspproposal怎么读;    community英语   “ Be a powerhouse in community and humanitarian servimonths中文意思ce. , is the beautheme动词用法tiful visionmonth怎么读英语单词 of Shenzhen Lipassword什么意思ons Club; Dedicating love and spreading love are tmonths中文意思he common pursuit of Shenzhseries函数用法en Lion Friends.

   written怎么读     Inmonth读音 2014-2015, Shenzhen Lions Club plans to hold four events in Shenzhen under the banner of & LDquo; Passing on love ” Community Service Month serieswritten怎么读 opasserbyn the themonthme. The four community Theme Service Month actiseries函数vities include:

“ The Transmission of Love & Bull; Light up hope &rdquopassport;

     &nbspthemed翻译;   “ The Transmserviceableission of Love & Bull; Light up hope &rdwritten翻译quo;— — In September 2014, Shenzhen Lions Club will launch a series of service activities to help the poor. Love station ” , & otthemelyher Assistive standing throughout the &; We call on the service teams and lion friends to provide help to the communities around and the disadvantaged groups, and provide material, spiritual and legal assistance to the disadvantaged families in the community, so as to light up twritten是什么意思he hope of lifemonth/year是什么意思 and share a blue sky.



“ The Transmission of Love & Bull; Embrace angels ”


        “ The Transmission of Love & Bull; Embrace awritten怎么修复ngels &rdcommunity是什么意思quo; — — In December 2014, Shenzhen Lions Club will organize service telove直播手机版app下载ams to 56 locations. Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughpasserby对应情侣网名out the &; To carry ouservicet a series of activities to support the disabled. We provide materials for the disabled community and so on to help at the same timethemely主题官网, also provide the appropriate skillthemes trainthemeplazaing, and conpass是什么意思sultation with rewritten怎么读levant departments, to the official purchasing service, lion friends provide employproposal造句ment opportunity, solve tthemeplazahe employment problovelylem, help the disabled group caring communityservice和serve的区别 of autistic childrenservice和serve的区别 at the same time, through the activities to hcommunity怎么读音elp the development of mental health, for the angels with wings of love.



“ The Transmission of Lovcommunity collegee & Bull; Guard the sunsseries什么意思et ”


    &nbspmonths是什么中文翻译;   “ The Traserviceablensmission of Love & Bull; Guard the sunset ” — — In February 2015, Shenzhenmonthly Lions Club will launch aseries翻译 series of service activities to care for empty nesters. Thelove直播破解版 empty-nesters in the community can feel the warmth and joy ofwritten by the Spring Festivwritten是write的什么形式al by visiting them duriseries7手表ng thewritten by Spring Festival and organizwritten是write的什么形式ing social activitlovely什么意思ies during the Sprproposal英语inlove直播破解版g Festival, providing them with financial or material help and enriching their spiritual and cultural life.



“ The Transmission of Love & Bull; Grateful mother &months是什么中文翻译rdquo;


        “ The Transmission of Love & Bull; Grateful mother ” — — In Mamonthsy 2015, shenzhen Lions Club will be around & LDquo; The earth & bull; Mocommunity是什么意思ther & throughout; To carry out a series owritten怎么修复f service activities. By improwritteninthestars什么意思ving the Phoenix Mountain Lion Folove直播手机版app下载rest project and affolove直播破解版restation environment, it provides a leisure and comfortable place for citizens. At the same time, by organizing lion Forest hiking and Caring for singlemonth是什么意思 mothers service activities, it aservice和serve的区别ctively propagandisethemes green and environmental protection modes of travel to citizens and calls for soccommunity翻译ial attention to single and poor mothers. It is planned to hold the third Domestic Public welfare and charity Project Exchange exhibition in September 2014, awritteninthestars什么意思nd jointly inservice怎么读vest with relevant units to launch the service projectpassword of caring for poor mothers with single parents, providing them with funds, materials, employment trainproposal写作格式ing athemend other assistance.



      &nbsptheme和topic; &ldqupasserby对应情侣网名o; Passing on love ” The series of activities of community themedproposal怎么读 Service month are organized by Shenzhen Lwritten翻译ions Club, and are planned and arranged centrally,series函数 organized orwritteninthestars什么意思 co-organized by various service teams andcommunity造句 sociawritten是什么意思英语l caring enterpripasserby对应情侣网名ses. The four activities will be held respectively with launcproposal写作格式hing ceremony and artistic performances to enwritten怎么读音rich the spiritual andseries的中文意思 cultural life of the recipients. In order to encourage the seseriesrvice teamswritten是write的什么形式 to actively participate in this activity, Shenzhen Lions Club will fund 1 million yuan forproposal是什么意思英语 supporting services to support each serviproposal的动词ce team to carry out tservice是什么意思中文翻译he activities. The problems related to materials, personnel and venues will also be coordinated anservice是什么意思中文翻译d solved by the whole district.

      &ncommunity collegebsp; Through this platform, Shenzhen Lions Club hopes to show the positive dedication and love of Shenzhseries的中文意思en lions. We serve ” At thcommunity是什么意思e same time, guide the caring citizens, caring enterprises and the media to participate in it, and build a social care system in which socmonthlyial organizalovealarmtions take the stage, the whole people partseries怎么读icipate and the medtheme的意思ia spread.

      &nbsseries函数p;   Under the unified arrangement of the district club, the lions Club of Shenzhen proposed that thelovely vast service teams and lions friends carrpass掉y out a series of community service activities in a standardized andpasserby对应情侣网名 aseries的中文意思ctive malovealarmnner, anwritteninthestars什么意思d actively encourage the caring personage and enterpcommunity怎么读rises around them to participate in this activity. In order to encourage lion friends enterprises, social caring enterprpassises and indlove is gone英文翻译ividuals to actively participate in this activity, Shenzhen Lionpassports Club will be named accseries7手表ording to the amount of their donation, among which: donate more than 100,000 yuan as the sponsor, donate 50,000 to 100,000 yuancommunity怎么读音 as the organizer, donate 20,000 to 50,000 yuan as the co-organizer. At the same time, the service teams that donate more than 50,000 yuan are the organizers, andservice是什么意思中文翻译 the participating service teams are the co-olove is gone英文翻译rganizers.

  &nbspseries什么意思;     We hope that through the joint efforts of the whole society, to help people around us in need ofproposal什么意思 help, to solve the tpassporthings around us can be solvpassword什么意思ed, so that the society iscommunity是什么意思 more harmpassonious, the city is more bepasswordapasserbyutiful, Pengcheng is full of laucommunity怎么读ghter, filleproposal翻译d with the sea of love.

        The love of liseries翻译on, bring warmth and hope, transmit confidence and strength, we unite because of love!

Transmission of love, need to have you; The transmissiolove直播软件安卓下载n of love, create miracles!


Attapass是什么意思chmentwritteninthestars什么意思: Community Service Organizing Commonthlymittee contact:

1. Chairman of the Communipasserbyty Services Committee & NBSP;           Lee & have spent Feng 13808832721

2. Executive Chairman, Community Services Committee & NBSP;   Chen Weiyang 1theme动词用法5818618918

3. Executive Chairman, Copassword什么意思mmunity Services Committee & Nlove直播破解版BSP;   Cai Yongwei 13332905230

4. Chairman of Poverty Alleviation and Disabiproposal写作格式lity Assistanceservice和serve的区别 Committee & NBSP;       Xiao-wei sun 13802578816

5. Executive Chairman, Poverty Alleviseries是什么牌子ation and Disability Assistance Committee & NBSP; Zengproposal写作格式 Xiuming 13902912576

6. Executive Chairman, Povermonth翻译ty Alleviation anservice是什么故障灯d Disability Assistance Committee & NBSP; Zhcommunity怎么读音ang Tengfang 13902962697

7. Executive Chairman, Poverty Alleviation and Disability Assistance Committee & NBSP; Zheng Xiaoshuang 13923705695

8. Offiservicebioce staff & NBSP;         &nbseries翻译sp;   &nbstheme的意思p;         Su Zwritten怎么修复huang hproposal是什么意思英语is 0755-25688257




Shenzhen Lions Club

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