The Lions Club will continue to raise money for two sisters who suffered severe burns from a gas leak

Gas leak severely burns college student sisters
Lions came to the rescue and will continmoney怎么读英语ue to raise money for thmoneygram什么意思e sisters.  

            Shenzhen Evening News (reporter wang Xiaofaraise过去式ng intern Zhu Xinlin) For 25-year-olraise怎么读d Huang Mei and her cousin Chen Dan, this July should have been full of expectations, they just stepped out of the ivory towerwho怎么读 officially into twholehe society, to start a new llions英语怎么读ife. But their dream ttwo翻译urned into a nightmare when a gas leak triggered alions是什么意思 blowout accident on July 12. On July 12, the two sisters suffered severe burnlions翻译s when they were ssistersurfing the Internet due to a gas leak. The two sisters suffraise是什么意思ered second – and third-degwhoseree burnraise ups on their faces, limbs anmoneytalksd other parts of the body. Huang Mei suffered burns on 50 percent of the body, while Chen Dan suffeclubman是什么牌子车red burns on 62 percent of the body.who是什么组织

Expensive medical bills ruin a family

        &nbspwho怎么读;   The reporter saw Huang Mei and Chen Dan in the intensive care unit of the second hospital in the city, and the two sisters have recovered, but their limbs are slightly more severely burned.

    &nbraise是什么意思sp;       According to their bed nurse, ttwo翻译hey both suffered burns and similar injuries. “ The face, limbs and other different patwofoldrts of the second – and thilion是什么意思rd-degree burns, burns to 50% of the area. Now each person daily treatment cost about several thousclubman是什么牌子车and yuan, the face is also burned, if you want to carry out skin grafting surgery, it is estimated that one pemoneyrson will cost 300,000 or 400,000 yuan. ” His family in Yiyang, Hunan province, immediately rushed to Shenzhen aftertwodots hsisters怎么读earing the news. Despite pulling out all their saraise翻译vings and borrowing money from relatives and friends, the two sisters’ family felt desperate as they faced medical bills of nearly 10,000 yuwhoo后an a day.

The Lions club raisedcontinue语句的作用是 money for the sisters

&nbsclubp;           Huang Mei is a graduate stcontinuedudent majoring in geographic Infsister什么意思中文翻译ormation System of Central South University in 2014, and Chen Dan is a fresh graduate majoring icontinue翻译n Business English of Hunan Security Technology Vowhoevercational Colclubmanlege. Before the acontinueccident, Huang Mei had already found a jclubmed官网预订ob in Shenzhen, and Chen Dan also received an inwillterview invitatilion是什么意思on from the company.

            The story of Huang Mei’s burns spread in central South University, wheresister什么意思中文翻译 she studied. Her teachers and classmates also raised donations for huang Mei, and many caring citizetwoons rushed to the hospital to visit hraise和rise区别er. Recently, shenzhen Lions club color field service team lmoney图片ion friends learned of the situation, immediately in the service team for the sisters launched a donation. In less than two dayswhole, the team raiseraise翻译d 20,000 yuan for charity. Cao Renzhong, president of the Shenzhtwodotsen Lions Club Caitian Service Team, handed the check for 20,000 yuan to Husister是什么意思ang Mei’s brother last Friday.

            “ Traise翻译here is so little we can do and hopefully this will bring more attention to the sisters and more people to help them. . Cao told reporters that because the rescue of the two sisters is urgent, they will raise 20,000 yuan to the hospital, the subsequentlions是什么意思 lions club will conwho是什么组织tinue to raise money for the two ssisters怎么读isters, as much as possible totwo翻译 help them out of the plight.

  Lion friends to Huang Mei brother to deliver the cheque for chawillpowerrity

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   two怎么读     &nbspraise怎么读英语;         &willnbsp;             Lions will continue to raise money for the burn sisters

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