Lions Club of Shenzhen launches fundraising campaign for premature babies (Source: B15, Shenzhen Evening News, July 29, 2014)

The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched a fundraising campaign for premature babies. 

    &source翻译nbsp;     &nbssource车上按键什么意思p; Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang corresprematurelypondent Sun Xiaohong) & LDquo; The boy is too young and I thank you kind people for him. . This is the scene in Shenzhen Children’s Hospital. He Jindong, the f深圳疫情ather of the child, is receiving the charity money from Yang Qualauncher启动器n of The Shenzhen Lioncampaign什么意思中文s Club Hualei Service Team.

 launcherios15中文版   &nbsshenzhenp;  launcher翻译     On March 6, Tang Lianying, suffering fsource insightrom pregnancy-induced hypertension, gave birth to her son at Bao ‘an People’s Hospital before he reached full term. As the baby was born prematurely and weighed only 1.28Kg, she was translions的音标ferred to NICU (neonatal intenslions翻译中文ive care unit) immediately after birth. In order to save the premature baprematurelyby, the couple spent their only savings of more than 100,000 yuan, but also borrowed nearly 100,000 yuan from relatives and friends for medical expensepremature翻译s, but tlauncher翻译he follow-up surgery is still out of mofundraising什么意思ney.

      &nblions英语怎么读sp;     Afclub翻译ter hearing the news, the Shen深圳zhen Lions Club Hua Lei Service team decided to help the ucampaign广告nfortunate family. The team mababies是什么意思de special proposals to discuss in tprematurehelauncheros15 council, planned and launched fundraising activities and issued fundraising prprematureoposals, which attracted the attention of lion friends and caring people. In just a few days, the lion brothersfundraising什么意思 and sisters and caring people donated genero深圳天气usly, and finally raised 20,500 yuan.

Shenzhen Liocampaignerns Club Guizhou Anlong send light

           Shenzhencampaigner Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang correspondent Xu Fei) recently, sponsorlauncher什么意思ed by the Shenzcampaign什么意思hen Lions Club pingdi service team, Shenzhen Lions Club East China Sea service team, Hong Kong lsources是什么文件夹ion heart Bright line charity fund co-ocampaign翻译rganized & LDquo; Shenzhen-hong Kong Restoration love, Guizhou Anlong Guangming Line ” Anlong County, Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefcampaign翻译ecture, Guizhou provinlauncher什么意思ce, has provided free surgeries for 150 poor cataract patients, enabling them to see again.

            This bright line activity got anlong county polaunchessitive response. In early June, enron county organization ophthalmic medical team inprematureto the county 13 villfundraising翻译ages and towns (street) attended activities, free for mass screening for 15 days of cataract, explained the common eye diseases and eye doctor cataract because the hair cause of disease popular science knowledge, detailed registrat深圳疫情最新消息ion for cataract patients. A total ofundraisingf 987 free exababies是什么意思minaticlubsons wersource车上按键什么意思e conducted, and 171 cataract patients were confirmed. Led by professor Sima Jing, a faprematurelymous ophthalclub怎么读mologist from Shenzhen, a medical team of ophthalmologist深圳疫情最新动态s performed free cataract restoration operations for 150 poor cpremature什么意思atarac深圳市最新疫情t plions的音标atients from all ethnic groups who met the surgical conditions within two days.

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