Notice on the selection and commendation activities of “Outstanding Member of Lions Association in China” organized by Shenzhen Lions Club

Fellow lions:

      In order to encourage members to be enthusiastic about soassociation是什么意思英语cial welfarechina undertakings, help the disadvantaged groups, carry forward the spirit of charity, and set up a modmembers markel of service to the society, the Domestic Lioutstanding翻译ons Assoclions翻译中文iation will commend the outstanding memmember怎么读bers, outstanding service teams and outstanding service activities during the third member Congress. In accordance with the spirit ooutstanding什么意思中文foutstanding同义词 “Notice on carrying out aassociation什么意思中文翻译成wards and commendation activities for outstanding Members of domestic Lions Assocassociation是什么意思英语iation”, Shennotice怎么读英语zhen Lions Club will organize and carry out awards and commselectionproject动漫endations for outstanding members of Domestic Lions Association. Outstanding Member of National Lion Association & RDquo; Award selectioutstanding什么意思on and recoglions读音nition activities. The reactivities音标levant matters are hereby notiassociation什么意思中文翻译成fied as follows:

      A, & have spent award

      The awards of this year’s selection and recoutstandinglyognition activities are: excellent member award of the Domestic Lion Association, outstandinoutstanding什么意思中文g service team award of the Domestic Lion Association, outstanding service activity award of the Domestic Lion Association.

      Second, & have spent Scope and conditions of participation

      (I) Thenoticed evaluation scope of this evaluation activity includes the excellemember怎么读nt members, exceactivitiesllent serviselectionproject动漫ce teams and excellent service projects in recent years, especially in 2007-2008.

      (2) Individual participants should be full members who have joined the National Lions Assocoutstandingiation for mselectionproject樱花动漫ore than three years.

        1.   Love the motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party, and set an example in abiding by nationactivities音标al laws and regulations;

        2.   Self-taught to implement the constitution of the Domestilions读音c Lions Associatioselectionn and fulfill the rights and obligations of members, pay membershiselectionp dues on timechina, and actively develop membeselectionrs.

        3.   Enthuactivities怎么读siastic public welfare, actively participate in the conference and service activities, remarkable achievements.

  &nboutstanding翻译sp;   (c) Eactivitiesxcelleselection中文意思nt semember翻译rvice teams should be established for more than two years.

    &nbscommendation翻译p;   1.   The leading group is sound, the term of office is changed on schedassociation造句ule and elected democratically. The captain and vice captains set an example and the council gives full play to their exemplary role.

        2.   Sound working system, open and transparent financial, timely payment of membership dues, memassociation造句bership fee collection rate of 100%, do a gnotice作文oodnoticeable job in organizatlions读音ional developmenmembershipt, pay attention to the development of new massociationembers;

      3.   In the publicmembership welfarnotice翻译e undenotice作文rtakings and social services outstanoutstanding同义词ding contribution, caoutstandinglyn adhere to thelions读音 long-term development of service activities, has a good social impact.

    (4) Excellent service activities shall be evaluated for completed service activities;

      1.   Practical benefits – to bring practical benefits to the beneficiary, benefit a wide range;

  &nmemberbsp;   2.   Sustainability – ability to continue activities and generate benefactivities和activity的区别its after completion;

&nboutstanding中文翻译sp;     3.   Reselectionproject动漫alistic – Activities are planned and budgeted to achieve maximum valulion是什么意思e for money.

    Three, & have spent places

   outstanding翻译   2 outstanding members, 1 outstanding service team and 1 outstanding service activity will be selected.

  &lions翻译中文nbsp; Attached is the declaration form of oucommendationtstanding member award, outstanding Seselection中文意思rvice Team award and outstanding Service activrecommendationity award. Please complete the declaration work according to relevant requirements and report the declaration fassociation用法及搭配orm to the district office before May 14th. Contact person: Ma Hulion是什么意思ijuan, Chen Luoyi.

    Tel: 0755-2568 8567,2568 8990. Fax: 0755-2568 8900.

    Notice is hereby given.




      Shenzhen Lions Club

    2007-2008 Director & NBSP; Wei-xian zhang

    May 8, 2008

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