Shenzhen Lions Club held the fourth district council meeting for 2020-2021

On June 5, 2021, the fourth District Affairs meeting of Lions Club shenzhen 2020-2021 was held at lions Club office in shenzhen in the form of "online + offline". The participants listened to the recent work situation and the next work arrangement, the 2020-2021 annual honor and award scheme of Shenzhen Lions Club and the maintenanc深圳市最新疫情e of the conference roomfourth-grade of the office, and sharedclub the wheldonderful annual worheld的原型k of the foreign Exchange Committee, teachers' group adistrict缩写是什么nd lion guide Group.


Shenzhen lions club Presclub是什么意思ident zhi-qiang lu, first vice President Guo Yongyong, chimeetingtencentcomef financial officer深圳疫情最新消息 NieXiangDong, deanmeeting怎么读英语 of general affair Deng Yi, deputy secreta深圳大学ry-general Wangfourth缩写 Danya, zhi-hui zhou, chairman of the zone 6, 17 chun-ping li, chaclub是什么酒irman of tcouncilman小体he partition, partition, chairman of the 18 soup Huang Shaofang Xue Yong and supervisors, foreign exchange and cclub怎么读ooperation, clionshairman of the committee Ye Ning, guide JiKeLin, directorclubmed官网预订 of the lion of honor award committee executive director Kenheld是hold的什么形式 tin a total of 12 People attended the conmeeting怎么读英语ference on site, and theclub翻译 online conference was watched by 833 people. The meeting was presided over by Zhou Zhihui as the chairmanclub翻译, Li Chunping, Tang Xueyong as the executive chairman of the conference.

Lu Zhidistrict词根qiang, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen briefed the party building, organizationclub怎么读al construction and social services. By May 31, 2021, Lions Club shenzhen had carried out 716 service activities, including assisting the disabled, providlions读音ing community services, helping students, pclubmed官网预订roviding medical and health services, helping the poor, and providing disaster relief and reconstruction, with a total service fundfourthly of RMB 43.7676 million.district翻译 Members particicouncilpfourth-gradeated in 11,807 times of servilions是什么意思ce, benefited 525,625 people, and the per capita service fund was RMB 11,297.78. Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of ccPIT Xiammeeting的音标en also introduced the 2020-2021 second phase of honor and Recognition program, encourcouncilsaging all service teams to actively apply for ilion是什么意思t.


Deng Yi,council什么意思 director of general Affairs, introduced the details of the maintenance of the confereclub用英语怎么说nce room of the office深证指数, and proposed to the service tea深圳疫情最新动态ms to support the maintenance and renovation of the office, hopincouncil读音g to do something practiclions翻译中文al for the homes of lion friends.

Deng Yi JPG.

Ye Ning, chairman of the Foclubman是什么牌子车reign Exchange and Cooperation Committee, shared the work of the committee. This yedistrict是什么意思英语ar, shenzhemeetingsn Lions Club foreign Exchaclub用英语怎么说nge Committee actively strengthened communication and liaison withclub是什么意思 the friends of the district, participated in the ameeting腾讯会议ssociation's foheldenreign exchange work meeting, and established good relations with the district. Organizmeeting腾讯会议ed and received lion friends from Sichuan and Zhejiang representative offices, carried out lion affairs exchange activitieclubss, ameeting是什么中文意思nd carried out in-depth exchanges on member managementdistrict什么意思, service projects, lion affairs construction and other aspects. Organize lion friends to xi 'an to carry out educational activities and communicate with Shaclub用英语怎么说anxi representative office about lion affairs. An exchange with the Dalian representative Oclubsffice was cancelled due to the epidemic. Through lion business exchange, learn brand service prheld的中文意思ojects from different places, further improve the brand service level, expand the vision of lion friends, learn the experience of brheld的意思是什么others lion club, enhance the friendship betweemeeting怎么读英语n lion friendmeeting是什么意思s.

Ye Ning JPG.

Wang Danya, deputy Secretary General and head of the lecture Group, shared the annual work of the lecture group. This year, the leheld怎么读的cturers' Group organized 4 largmeetingyou是什么意思e-scale training activities for the district, including lion selions翻译中文rvice seminar,club是什么酒 leadership training, lecturer training and lion fri深圳地铁线路图ends training,district是什么意思英语 which benefited 7119 people in total. Strengthen the internal conlions怎么读struction and training of tmeetingtencentcomhe lecturing league, hold regular meetings, strengthen team building, prepare lessons for the district meeting traini深圳地铁线路图ng for 11 times; T深圳疫情he training program was carefully planned and scientifically formulated, and vlions读音arious measures were taken to improve the overall quality of the member team. The service team taughmeeting腾讯会议t 90 times, benefiting 1,939 person-times. Support the t深圳疫情raining work of the Domestic Lion Association and representative office. 9 lecturers in Shenzhen supheld的原型port theld过去式和过去分词he traininfourth是什么意思g of t深圳he national chief lecturer of the Domestic Lion Association, the lion guide training of the Hainan represeclubntative Officecouncilman小体 and the cadre traininlionsg of the Yunnan Representative Office.

Wang Danya JPG.

Guide lion group leader Qi Kelin guide lion group this year's work report. This year, guide Lion Group (GMT)district翻译 held regular team meetings to ffourthlyormulate the annual work focus and anndistrict和region区别ual wocouncil词根rk plan and summarize the teamdistricting work; Attend the work meeting of the Organization and Construction Committee of the Federheld的意思是什么ation to discuss the regional lion work; Certification lion guide training and re-training, 23 people participated in the training and successfufourth造句lly completed the course, expanding the lion guide team and improving the level of the lion guide; Discuss the stacouncil词根tus quo olions怎么读f each service team, coach the weak team, and play an active rdistrictingole in the construction of health service team.

JiKeLin JPG.

In order to guide the service team to do a good job in the chaheld怎么读的nge of leadership, Guo Yongyong, first Vice President of CCFA, reminded the servicedistricting team to comply with the epidemic prevention and eight-point regulations, do a good job in epidemic prevention and contro深圳疫情最新动态l, control the scale, simplify the process; It is strictly forbiddheld过去式和过去分词en tofourth的音标 use the standard title between the service teams, such as friendship team and backgrounlions翻译中文d board, etcclubs., afourth-gradend the changmeeting是什么中文意思ing auction fundraising activities must be repcouncilororted in advance; At the same time, district clubs and service teams should do aclub是什么酒 goodlionsgate job in supporting eafourth缩写ch other.


Supervisor Huang Shaofang, on behalf of the Boameeting的音标rd of Supervisors, praised tcouncilhe work of this year's bdistrict是什么意思英语oard of supervisors for their hard work and achievements. Affirmed that the districtupheld affairs meeting is efficient, standardized and orderly, she said, the Board of Supervisors will continue to do their own work, stclub是什么意思ick to theheldir posts, fulfill their du深圳疫情最新消息ties, ensure the orderly development of lion affairs, stand the last post.

Huang Shaofang JPG.

In his concluding speech, President Lu Zhiqiang thanked all lions club mmeetingembers for their strong support and hard work for the work of shenzhen Lions Club in 2020-2021, and affirmed the touching moments and commendable achievemen深圳风险等级ts left by the district council, the Board of Supervmeeting腾讯会议isors, specialized深圳市最新疫情 working organizations andcouncil翻译 service teams in this year's work. He said thatclubman是什么牌子车 in the New Year, he wiheldenll do a good job as a follower, supporting Gufourthlyo Yongyong, the president-elect of the 2021-council读音2022 board of directors, specialized work organizations and service teams, and do not offside. In the enmeeting怎么读英语d, Prfourth的音标esident Lu zhiqiang sincerely wishes the lion friends a healthy Dragon Boat Festmeetingsival and lion Yun Chang long.

Ke Wuyue

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Malions的音标 Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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