Fairy Lake Service Team: Held the New Year reunion meeting and the seventh regular meeting of 2020-2021

Merrily welcome the New Year, prosperous New Year. On February 18, 2021, the New Year's Reunion meeting and the seventh regular meeting of The Year 2020-2021 ofteamwork Shenzhen Lifairytaleons Clublaker Xianhu Service Team wnewlyas held in Guanhai拉克丝 Platform A, 45f, Zhenhaixuan, Junlin Sea area, Yantian District. Zhao Hui, chairman of the fourth zone of shenzhen Lions Association, Tang Xueyong, chairman of the 18th Zone, Yenews可数吗 Wenqin, special assistant of the president, Linewgrounds Zhou, first vice captain Li Hongmei, founder captain Sun Xufang, former captain Li Rongmeeting是什么意思, Chen Weiwen, Huang Zeqin, Smeeting腾讯会议han Liyue and other 22 people attended the meeting. Tan Fei, Deputy supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wang Danya, Deputy secretary geneservice翻译ral and Wu Guicheng, leader of Red Li Service Team attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Zhou annews可数吗d presided oservice是什么意思ver by Wu Chunhong.

Captain Li Zhou introducefairy是什么意思d the guests and prospective lion friends and extended warm welcome and thanks to them for attending the reception and regular meeting of the Fairy Lake Service Tealakersm in this festive year.

Figure 10. JPG

Future lion friends Yang Qing and Zhao Danservice翻译 introduced themselves andlake怎么读语音 expressed their admiration for the charity activities of the Lions Club and their longteamsing for the big loving family of the Fairy Laheld的原型ke Service Team. Yang Qing brought tailor made shirts for eacservicemanh participant. Zhao Dan gave the desk calendar to soda Jikhenbu, a lionnewgrounds friend.

Tang Mi Shi sister, founder of Wanxinglong Lheldbackife Wisdom Reading Club,lake怎么读语音 shared the knowledge of "King Kong wisdom" -- oservicepen the five goals of life, so that everyoservice的名词ne in the process of reading, feeling life, and strive to pursue a hapreunion怎么读py and happy life!

Brother Zhang Xuefei, the leader of The Snow Screen, shared the "New opportunities after the snow screen", proplakeosed the new ideas and opportunities of the screen technolog拉克丝y in the post-epidemic period, and encouraged the lion friends from all walks of liyear是什么意思fe to hfairyave thlake是什么意思e couragereunion中文翻译 to persevere and try in the face of difficulties. The road of life,meeting is to fight!

Captain Li Zhlakersou introducednew the work summary of the first half of 2021-2021 and the work plan of the second half of the year. In the first half of the yservice翻译ear, xianhu Service Team carriservice怎么读ed out 13 service activities, includheld的中文意思ing student aid, community care, health lectures, lion entermeeting怎么读英语prislake是什么意思英语e care, etc., which achieved a good social impact and was recognized by Shenzhen Lions Club and won the hono拉克丝的法术棒r of outstanding servicyear函数e team. In the second half of the yefairy是什么意思ar, The Fairy Lake service team will continue its efforts to organize redfairy是什么意思英语翻译 Action and carry oufairy是什么意思英语翻译t public welfare activities such as "Brain health" publicity activities anyearbookd student aidnew balance activities jointly with othereunion英语怎么读音r service teams.

Zhu Linshan financial report financial situation, published the fairy Lake service team's administrative expenses and se拉克丝的法术棒rvice expenses expelake怎么读语音nditure and balance.

Mr. Tafairyng gareunion的中文意思ve an in-depth explanation of thnew是什么意思英语e lecture series on "Brain health". He said that a large-scale lectureunion的中文意思re on "brain health" was planned to be held in March iteamn collaboration with the sub-districmeetingtencentcomt service teams. In order to better promote the knowledge of "brain health", The Fairy Lake Service team plans to apply the "brainreunion汉化版游戏下载 health" series of lectures as the Brand project of Shenzhen Lions Club, so that more service teams can join in this activity, more publicity and promotion, so that more people cnewgroundsan benefit and help.

Figure 12. JPG

Li Hongmei, first vice captain, thanked the lion friends who hyear是什么意思ad pledged to donate the Chinese Lion Award. Their great love has laid a foundation for the next yereunion是什么意思ar's public welfare activities of the Immortal Lake Service Team.

Wang Danya thanked the Team for inviting her to participate in the group worship activity, congratulated the team on the exyearcon是什么牌子的traordinary regular group worship meeting, and wished the team a better anyearcon是什么牌子的d more excellent performance.

Figure 14. JPG

Tan Fereunion是哪个国家i, deputy supervisor, summed up his speech and thanked the faiservicemanry Lake service team for ifairylandnvnew是什么意思iting him to spend tmeeting的音标he New Year with the fairy Lake service team famnewgroundsily in the festive atmosphere. He said that the fairy Lake service team is an excellent servicreunion英语怎么读音e team, with the concerted efforts of all lion friends, theteam fairy Lake service team will surely achievservice是什么意思中文翻译e better results.

Figure 15. JPG

The meeting ended in a happylake是什么意思 and harmheldenonious atmosphere. After the meeting, the fainewgroundsry Lake Service team and the guests held a warm birthday dinner for lion friends who had their birthdays in January and February.

Articlefairy翻译 by Tuxian Lake Service Team

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