Witness, Discuss and Grow together — “Stepping into the New Shiji • Huashi Public Welfare Forum” was successfully held

Witness, Discuss and Grow together — “Stepping into the New Shiji • Huashi Public Welfare Forum” was succediscuss的意思ssfully held

On the afternoon of March 26th, the 15th anniversary celebration of shenzhen Lions Club and the 2nd China Lions Festival “Stepping into the new Era of Liondiscuss怎么读s China Lions Public Welfarenewspaper Forum” was successfully held in spring Cocoon Gymnasium of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. Domestiintolerablecnew balance lion federation vice-chairmandiscussing Liu Lianteng,shiji domestic and international lions clubnew是什么意思英语 inter石家庄天气nationalstepping director candidate before the liogrowingn federation vice-chairman Liu Xiaogang, dalian member managemtogetherbnb怎么绅士ent cowitness软件mmittee chairman Huang Gang, shenzhen charity secretary-general tao, President of shenzhen lions in 2016-2017, ShiJianYong, supervisors, changsha, sea), the last Presiden世界上已知最大的蛇t Lin Tao, secon滑石d deputogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动ty chairman tian wang, A former President of XiaoXingPgrowsing, Zhang Guojun, wtogetherbnb游戏下载安卓ear with xin, vidiscussion是什么意思ce supervisor long Chen Shijun, secretary-general Zeng Shi breeding, dean of general affair LuoJinSong, long picket Zheng Hehuinto1超话社区a, deputy sectogether翻译retary-general Lu Jin lion friends of superior leadership and from shendiscussionzhen, dalian, Qingdaotogetherbnb攻略, Beijing, zhejiang, shaanxi, hainan, yunnan, jilin committee linto是什么意思eadershipinto lions, friends, etc. A total of more than 300 people were present at the BBS. The forum was monewspaperderated by Liu Yilin, exdiscuss的意思ecutive chairm华氏度an of the Public Welfare Culture Researcdiscussh Center.

Shi Jianyong, president of The Shenwitness6拆解zhen Lions Ctogether怎么读lub, saidwitness用法 in his wegrowthlcome speediscuss怎么读ch that shenzhen Lions Club has gone through 15 years of fruitful achievements. Thanks to everyone’s support, Shenzhen Lions Club is now in its present day. Thanks to all guests and lions friends, I hope we can still serve together happily inshiji the future. Liu Liantogetherbnbteng, vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, congratulated on the 15th anew是什么意思英语nnivetogetherbnb攻略rsary of the founding of shenzhen Lions Club and the 2nd China Lion Festival on behalf of China Lions Assgrowingociation. He said that the establishment of Lions Club shenzhen hasnewspaper laid the foundation for the development of lions club in China, andnewspaper has provigrowingded valuable experience for the development of lions club and its districts in the past 15 years, and cultivated many outstanding lion leaders.

This public welfare fodiscuss怎么读rum is entitled “Stepping into the new Lion era”, and invited five guestwitness用法s zhang Guojun, Liu Xiaogang, Fang Tao, Wu Zewei, Lu Zhiqiang and leading lion friends to make special spgroweeches.

Brother Zhang Guoyun: Thoughts and suggestionewgroundsns on the devetogetherbnb攻略lopment of ldiscuss的用法及短语ions clubs in China

Brother Zhang Guojun took “Thoughts and Sugginto1小跟班estions on the Development of Lions Cdiscuss的用法及短语lub滑石粉s in China” as the theme, made a comprehensive analysis from the national laws and regulations to thshijie problems and challenges faced by lions clubs in China under the new situation, summarized experience and discussed development apstepping翻译proaches. Therefore, the probletogetherbnbms anddiscuss翻译 challenges of the management system, the comprehensive implemeninto1超话社区tatishijion of the guidance program, the contradiction between the number of members and the quality of public service, the sustainable brand effect of publinew的反义词c servgrow是什么意思ice and other issues of new thinking, and put forward the active development of civil diplomacy, public charity development suggestions.

Liu Xiaogang: The combination of enew是什么意思nterprise and public welfare

Liu Xiaogangtogether怎么读 lion elder sister in the speech mentioned in the combination of enterprise and public welfare, most of domestic lions club members are entrepreneurs, enterprises and the charity of the complex sogrowcial relations, is not a bad check, donation school or make a charity show, first of all, it is a kind of idea, how to position and qualitative the relatioshijins between and amongwitness6拆解 enterprises, social and public welfare, Different relationships bring different business values and business visionswitness造句. Let enterprises playnews their social responsibility, lead the industry, through their own changes to drive people around, and promote the construcsteppingtion of a harmonious society.

Ms. Fang Tao: How to supptogetherbnb怎么绅士ort the sustainatogether怎么读ble developmentogetherbnb游戏下载安卓t of ent画师联盟erprises througgrow是什么意思h stogetherbnbocial innovation and strateg诗经ic philanthropy

Ms. Fang Tao, secretary gtogetherbnb游戏下载安卓eneral of Switness用法heninto1成员zhen CCF, delivered a speech with the theme of “How to Support sustainable Developdiscuss的意思menwitness用法t of Enterprises with Social Innovatwitness6代ion and Strategic Philanthropy”, and introduced the interestinto1超话s between the Charity Law and the “good economy” with the concept of “newsgood economy era” put forward by Mr. Wang Zhenyao. And f世界上已知最大的蛇rom the global per capita GDP, the proportion of the tertiary ingrow怎么读语音dustry, the value of social enterprises and philanthropy three characteristics of the an十九届六中全会alnew是什么意思ysis, elaborated with the developme石家庄天气nt of time and the transformagrow过去式tion of the relationship, China will usher in a new “good econom诗经ic era” theo世界上已知最大的蛇ry.

Brother Wu Zewei世界疫情: A brief history of Shediscuss的用法及短语nzhen Lions Club

Brothe画世界r Wu Zewei, sharigrowthng the theme of “A Britogether翻译ef Historyinto1超话 of Shenzhen Lions Club”, pointed out that it wa化石s the se世界疫情lfldiscuss的意思ess dedication of all the lions members that created the glodiscuss的名词形式rious history of Shenzhen Lions Club for 15 years. The history of Lions club is tnewshe embodiment of the spirit of “fogrow是什么意思ur out”, the improvement of the leadership of litogetherbnb补丁ons club, and the procgrow怎么读语音ess of “we serve”. He inspires lion friends to work hard and meet the challenges ahead.

Lu Zhiqianghuashi: Shenzhen Lions Club public welfar世纪佳缘e map

“Where does the money go?” “, “Where are the footprints of lion fdiscuss名词riends? “, “Who got help? … Brother zhi-qiang lu lion with诗经 a series of questions raises the topic of “shenzhen lions public map”, thought at pnews可数吗resent the phenomenon of repeated public areas of charity, hope to draw reasonable public map to set resource sharing, rational distribution, to avoid repetition and public welfare, to pass logrow翻译ve to areas in need of hwitness翻译elp, family and individual, deepening public service brand.

It wastogetherbnb补丁 a feast of ideanewss and a wwitness用法及搭配onderful public welfare forum, with forward-looking suggestions and service-oriented conew是什么意思mments. Ttogetherbnb娜娜两人互动he 1witness6代5 years of history and culture of Shenzhen Lions Club and the interpretation of its public welfare ideology came to an end in rounds of applause. Although the forum is over, the roadgrows to public welfare will never stop exploring. Thanks to all th化石e lion friends who have made great efforts for the preparation of this forum! With passion for ptogether翻译ublic welfare and charity and love for lions Club, we believe tdiscuss的用法及短语hat石家庄疫情 the smart, hardworking and kind-hearted shenzhen Lions Club members will start a “new era of lions” and write a better future for Shenzhen Lions Club with their actions.

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency reporter Peng Jiaming

[Photo] Lin Zeyun, Office

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan Cheng Zhaohua

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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