The 2013 New Year charity party of Shenzhen Lions Club was held

“ Star Yaohua Lion & RDQUO; — — Shenzhen Lions Club 2013 New Year chariparty是派对的意思吗ty gala was h深圳eld

&nbspcharity的内涵意义;          club   Decelions怎么读mber 29, 2012, Shenzhcharity怎么读en Lions Club annual gala & LDQUO; Star flare liparty模式on & Mdash; &mdparty英文意思ash; Shenzhen Lions Cwash怎么读lub 2013 Nlionsew Year Charity Gcharity形容词ala & RDQUO; Held at Futian Shanyear造句gri-La Hotel shenzhen. More than 500 leaders from Lions Clubs International,深圳天气 Lions Cllions翻译ubs in China, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Management Bcharity翻译ureau of Civic organizations, Municipal Charity, And S深圳大学henzhen Care and Care Office, as well as lion friends from Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, Qingda深圳疫情最新动态o and ot深圳地铁线路图her placesyear怎么读 gathered together to welions读音lcome the New Year.
    &nbs深圳疫情p; &nbsclub是什么酒p;       Wu Xiaoming, presidennew是什么意思英语t and first Deputy director of the cyearonference, dparty模式elivered a welcome speech. Hyearninge thanked tclub用英语怎么说he participants for coming and wished everyone a wclub翻译arm and unforgettable evening here.
&yearcon是什么牌子的nbsp;           Shenzhen lion深圳疫情 director Su Zeran s深圳疫情peech, he talked about the annual New Year’s charity is enhance mutual understanding and friendship between lions around the stage, let everyone remember the dalions翻译y of today, remembparty是什么意思er this happlionsy and auspicious night, shenzhen lions will cont深圳inue to do service in the future days, help more in need of a friend, will carry forward the spirit ofwassup lion.
    &yearcon是什么牌子的nbsp; &ncharitybsp;     Chen Ya ‘an, secretary general of The Lions Association of China,new的反义词 and Zu Yuqin, chief rep深圳风险等级resentclubmedative of the Lions Association in Shenzhen and President of the Shenzhen Disabled Personnews可数吗s’ Federation,club用英语怎么说 spoke at the party respectively. They affirmed the outstanding contributions made by the Lions Club of Shenzhen to the chparty复数arity causwastee and expressed hiclubmangh hopes for the future development of tclubman是什么牌子车he Lions Club ofyear造句 Shenzhen.
            In support of lions club service activities in Shenzhen, lions club members actively pledged money & LDquo; China llion是什么意思ion prize & throughout; And & other; Mervyn Chparty复数essman Award & RDquo; “And received a commendatyearlyion at the gala.
              In thparty英文意思e evening, 8 new service teams ofcharity的动词 Lions Club shenzhen were established. Director Su Zeralions读音n presented the flag to the new service team. Vice Presiden深圳风险等级twaste Zhang Guojun, Secretary General Chen Ya ‘an and Deputy Secretary General Fu Rong witnessed thparty是我家e solemn moment.
      &nbsclubsp;     The main asyearlysociation, Yitian,news可数吗 Shangbu and Tai ‘an service team donated a total of 7.1 million yuan to The Shenzhen Lions Club, which was used for charitable service projects such as Bright walk and education.
 charity翻译           In the witness of all guestsyear是什么意思 and lion friends, the evening was also & LDquo; Red Action Love gas station ” Opening ceremony was held, Chairman Feng Qijiang reparty是什么意思ad & LDquo; Red Actilion是什么意思中文翻译on Love gaparty是派对的意思吗s station ” Initiative; At tclubmedhe same time, Director Su Zeran is in & LDquo; 12• 3” Brother Liayear怎么读o Mao-hua, the outstanding service team on the Inclub是什么意思ternational Day for The Disnewabled. Outstanding Award for Community Service & RDQUO; And so on.
  &nbspartynextdoorp;         On the pnew是什么意思英语arty, people from all walks of life enthusiastically donate money andnew的反义词 lonew怎么读ve. There was a chariwashedty auction of calligraphy and pain深圳疫情最新动态ti深圳大学ng worwashedks, collections and other items donated by lion friends and caring people. The auction site is extremely hot, loving people frclubmedequently mov深证指数e, competing for the card. The live auction raisnew是什么意思英语ed 7charity翻译89,000 yuan.
&深圳疫情nbsp;   &nbspnew是什么意思英语;       The gala raisedwas是什么意思 8.616 million yuan. All funnewgroundsds raised will be used for the charity projects of Slions怎么读henzhen Lions Club.
            Over the yeclub是什么酒ars, Shenzhen Lions Club has been adhering to the We serve ” Under the care and guwasidance of深圳市最新疫情 the Domestic Disabled Persons’ Federatyear怎么读ion, the Domestic Lions Association and the shenzhen municipal authorities, the municipal civil affairs department, the Municipacharity和love区别lwas怎么读 Disabled personlions英语怎么读s’ Federation, Independent opelions翻译ration, indepeyear是什么意思ndent creation ” Actively participating inyearcon是什么牌子的 disaster relief, poverty alleviation, health care, social welfare, education, rehabcharity翻译ilitatclubsion of the disabled, environmental protection, community services and other pucharity宽容的爱blic welfare activities,new是什么意思 helping the深圳 poor and the disablecharity是什么意思d, helpwashing the weak and poverty alleviation. It has carrieparty怎么读英语d out深圳市最新疫情 more than 6,000 service activities, and the service funds are about 130 million yuan. Among them, more than 16,000 cases of cataract surgery were performed free of cost. Donationsnews for disasparty英文意思ter relief and reconstruction amounted to more than 53 million yuan, donat深圳疫情ions for thlions是什么意思e disabled and orphans amounted to more than 6 million yuan, and donations were made to build more than 40 lion schools, benefiparty是我家ti深圳大学ng 40 million pepartynextdoorople.

By Zhang Li-chen & NBSP; Photo/Li Jiangping, Lin Zeyun

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