The lions Club of Shenzhen funded the education activities for the disabled and diabetes in low-income families in Longhua district and Guangming New District

The lions Club of Shenzhen funded the education activities for the disabled and diabetes in low-income families in Longhua district and Guangming New District

On June 15, shenzhen Lions Club spodistrictnsored the educatlionsion activitieseducational of disabrefundedled persons and diabetes in low-income f深圳疫情最新动态amilies oclub是什么意思f Longhua district and Guangming New District ilions怎么读n the conference room on thedisabled造句简单带翻译 7th floor oclubf Longhua District Civil Affairs Bureau, Qinglong Road, Longhua District. The event distributed 1,000 yuan of consolation money to each of 83 disabled people from subsistence allowance families,disabled怎么读 andeducational翻译 the service fund waslions英语怎么读 83,000 yuan.

Mr. Zeng Shiyang, secretdistrict什么意思ary general of Lions Club shenzhen, intrdisabled翻译oduced the leaders and guests at theeducational翻译 event. Zheng Huopdistrict是什么意思英语ing, Chairman of Lions Club of Shenz深圳疫情最新动态hen no.1 district, introduced tdistrict翻译he develolionspment of the subsidilion是什么意思中文翻译zed disabled family peducational是什么意思roj深圳疫情最新动态ect. This year, the Lions Club of Shenzhen provided eceducationonomic assistance to 582 disabled深圳大学 people living on subsistence allowances, and distributedclubmed官网预订 a total of 582,000 yuan as consolatfun的读音ion money. In the New Year, Ma Min, chairman-ddistrict和region区别esignate, will also make subsidizing the disabled from familieactivities是什么意思s living on subsistence allowances a priority of her annual work, provide them with relief and skills trainilions英语怎么读ng, and intensify effortlions英语怎么读s to assist the disabled both economically and spiritually. Mrclub是什么意思. Nie Xiangdong, chairman of the fifth zone of Lions Ceducation怎么读lub shenzhenclub是什么意思, introducedclub怎么读 the diabetes education project and emphasized the importance of diabetes prevention and treatment. He hoped that through the diabetes education woreducation怎么读k of Lions Club Shenzhen, everyone could undeeducation的形容词rstand the harm of diabetesdisabled怎么读, improve the awareness of diabetes prevention and treatment, and care for the health of rdisabled是开启还是关闭elatives and friends.

Shenzhen tian wang xing, the lions club's ceducational是什么意思hairman, said this year, shenzdistrict造句hen lions put asactivities的中文sistive work on sactivities是什么意思ervice first, launch the five low-income family donations for the disabled, futian district, nanshan district, luohu district, yantian district, dapeng district, longgang district, ping moudiabetesntaeducation是什么意思英语in area, longhua district, the new lactivities音标ight 582 lowfunded-income familie深圳疫情最新动态s to provide economic support for the disabled, Helping disabled people in Shenzhen improve their living standards.

Tang Zhactivities怎么读e, deputy director of Longhua District C深圳风险等级ivil Affairs Bureau,education翻译 affirmed the significance of this event, thankeeducation怎么读d Shenzhen Disablclub翻译ed Persons' Federation, Longhua District Disabled Persons' Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club and other units for their care and attention to low-income famildiabetes是什么意思ies with disabilities, and praised shenzhen Lions Clactivities用英语怎么说ub for its solid progress in providing targeted assistance tdisabled翻译o the difun的短语sabled. At tdisabled造句he same time, she encourages foD to realize their value and create alions翻译中文 happy life through employment. Jin Heming, director of the Rdistrict怎么读isk Monitoring Department of Shenzhen Food and Drug Adminisdisabled的形容词tration, said that he hoped tofunded什么意思 strengthen coactivities音标operation with Lions Club, donate the food that passed the safety test to more people in need, integrate resoudistrictrces and do a good jeducation是什么意思英语ob in public welfare.

Th深圳大学e representative of the disabled recipiedisabled翻译nts made alions翻译 slionsgatepeech, thanking the Lions club for its care for the disabled from low-income familiesfunded翻译. He said that he would be grateful, sactivities有哪些活动trive to create a better life and gdisabled是开启还是关闭ive back to the society.

Peng Yingjiu, vice chairman and Party secretary of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Feddisabled是开启还是关闭eration, delivered a speech, thanking Shenzhen Lions Club for its contribution tdisabled电脑o the developmedisabled的形容词nt of the cause of the disabled and for accelerating the process of well-off people with disabilitiesdisabled电脑启动项. She pointed out that the fdistrict和region区别ifth event was successfully held, which marked a perfect end toclubman the year of targeted assistance for the disabled深圳疫情最新消息 by Lions Club Shenzhen, and also meant that the 2018-2019 disability assistance service of Lions Club Shendisabled电脑zhen woulddistrict是什么意思英语 open a new chapter. Sactivities是什么意思he mentioned that in the New Year, The Lions Club oflions读音 Shenzhlions是什么意思en will carry out the "570 Warm Project" to provide funds anactivities思维导图d employment assistance todiabetes是什么意思英语 the disabled, andactivities有哪些活动 will contin深圳市最新疫情ue to strengthen the support for the disabled. She also hopeactivities是什么意思翻译成中文d that we can make joint efforts to improve the working, studying and living conditions of the disabled, and cdistrict是什么意思英语ontribute to the construction of an all-round well-off society.

Leaders of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Shenzhen Food and Drug Admin深圳疫情最新消息istration, Longhua District Ceducation是什么意思ivil Affairs Bureau, Longhua District Charity Society, Gdisabled翻译uangming New Area United Front and Sociaeducation怎么读英语l Construction Bureau, and leaders of Shlions读音enzhen Lions Club, undertook and co-organized service team representatives to distributactivities有哪些活动e condolence moneydisabled造句简单 and materials to the disabled from subsistence allowancedistrict families. The disabled recipients were deeply moved and s深圳疫情最新动态aid they would actively face life and bravely meet the challenges of life.

Shenzhen disabled persons' federation, party secretary pedistrict词根ng ying, vice director of nine, longhua district civil affairs bureau deputy director Shang Zhe, charity work, Zhong Yan, head of charity secretary-general Liu Huifeng longhua area, shenzheactivities翻译n city food and drug admidisabled造句简单带翻译nistration section chief Jin Heming risk monitoring, light zonactivities有哪些活动e united front and the social construction bureau deputy section chief Zhang Chen home affairs branch, Lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018 President Tian Xingwang, Deputy Supervisor Liao Ronghui, Secretary-general Zeng Shiyang, General Ddisabled造句简单irector Peng Daoji深圳疫情最新动态an, Districteducational是什么意思 Chairman Zheng Guoping, Nie Xiangdong, District Chairactivities怎么读man Dai Jihong, Xu Qiubin, Tan Fei, Wang Dactivities的中文aoming, District Chairman Deng Jun, Executive Chairman Zhu Yaer, 2018-2019 District Chairman-in-waiting Sun Mingdistrict的中文意思xia, Repdisabled电脑启动项resentatives of various undertactivities思维导图aking and co-organizing service teams, 83 disablclubsed persdistrict造句ons and their familiesclubmed官网预订 from subsistence allowancactivities的中文e families in Longhuadiabetes翻译 districactivities翻译t and Guangming Nedistrict造句w Districeducation可数吗t participated in the activity. The elionsvent was chaired by Zheng Guoping and Nie Xiangdong and chaired by Dai Jihong.

This activity is directrefundeded by Shenzhen Disabled Pereducation是什么意思sons' Federation and organized by Shenzhen Lidisabled电脑ons Club. Shenzhen lions taian, ceducation的形容词entral district, lions, love football, best bei, liuzhou, PengCheng, silver lake, hong ya, yantian, mileage, the blue sky, grace, baoan, happiness,clubman是什么牌子车 career, Lord, the Kings, the color field, yi, Oriental rose, it is good, bright pupil,activities有哪些活动 Mr Fu深圳疫情最新动态kuda, fairy lake, ridge top, yitian, nameplates, good taste, joint, tiande, peace, Le azalea, red li service and other 32 GFS joint To undertake, Wen Jin, classic, huafunded xiang, gossip ridgclub用英语怎么说e edge, set sail, staunfundedrfire, China, Thailand,activities的中文 and nature, wally, quoting, Victoriadisabled电脑启动项 towers, datong,disabled造句 matsuoka, dream, love, engaged in high and new, unity, shenyang, elite, nonyl, jiangshan, xixiang, business elite, the south China sea, the golclub是什么酒d, a former sea, splendid, Lin servicactivities的中文e such as 2club是什么意思9 teams GFS in collaclubmed官网预订boration with the joint.

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